Beintehaa 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 7th April 2014 Written Update

Zain asks Aaliya how can they be sure if the caller is telling right. Usman comes and asks Zain to come with him. Shaziya calls begali baba to her room who starts his drama of finding bhoot. Fahad sees baba and asks Shaziya why did she call him in their bedroom. Baba says Fahad is having bhooth on him and starts acting. Fahad lifts him and kicks him out of his room. Gowhar sees baba and asks if he can help her get a guy under her control. He gives her something and asks her to give to the guy who will be get under her control. Gowhar gets happy and calls Rizwan to give it to him.

Usman is in hospital with doctor. Doctor praises him for helping the poor. Usman sees someone in the hospital, goes into flashback and identifies that person as Meer. Usman runs behind him. Zain sees Usman running behind a guy and asks who was he. Usman asks Zain to catch him. They come out of hospital searching for Meer. Meer hides behind the auto. Zain starts following Meer. Meer comes and catches his collar. He asks Zain if he asked Usman about Barkath’s secret and says Usman will not get Barkath. Zain asks if he made that call. Meer sees a tempo and pushes Zain to kill him under the tempo, but Aaliya saves him. Meer escapes.

Aayath is searching her diary. Shabana says good she lost it, now she can spend some time with her parents. She gets angry and goes out. Aayath thinks Rizwan must have taken the diary. She calls Rizwan and asks where is her diary. Rizwan is holding her diary and asks if the diary has cartoons. He says he saw it in her room when he came there. Aayath cuts the call. Rizwan asks sorry to Aayath for stealing her diary.

Zain comes home and asks Usman who is Barkath. Surayya hears that and goes near Usman. Usman says Meer. Zain says Meer knows everybody’s schedule and everybody in detail and says they will not get Barkath back. He asks Surayya and Usman who is Meer Khan and says he is grown up now and asks them to trust him. He asks whose clothes and toys are there in the well, if a murder happened. Surayya cries and says Barkath is her daughter and she is alive. Everybody is shocked to hear that. She says Meer cannot kill her daughter. Usman asks Surayya not to cry and says Barkath is safe.

Surayya shows chair and says Barkath used to play and listen stories with Usman on this chair. She says her smiles even echo in her ears. Usman consoles her. Her whole family come and hug her. Usman says Barkath was very mischievous and goes into flashback. He calls Barkath’s name.

Precap: Usman and Surayya run behind Meer who is running carrying Barkath.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Plz update fast

  2. i want to find out more

  3. Finally the truth reaveals.

  4. I hope barkat is alive

  5. The only serial in which things do not drag much

  6. Plz thousands of people wants to see romantic scenebtweenand liplockbtwn zain & aliya

  7. Plz dont nring big twist that harms zain and aliyas love stpry

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