Beintehaa 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Zain takes Aaliya hand in sleep and says Aaliya I love you. Aaliya thinks he is telling it to her. He then says Aaliya Bhatt I love you. Aaliya gets angry and thinks he loves Aaliya Bhatt and thinks let him dream about Aaliya, once his dreams shatter, he will come back to me.

Surayya and her family participate in Cooking Queen competition. Host introduces contestants and intrduces Surayya and Barkath among contestants. Barkath is surprised to hear her name and asks who gave her name. Aaliya says she gave it. Barkath says she does not know cooking. Usman says she has Surayya’s blood in her and should participate. Fahad and Zain also encourage her to participate. Surayya says since her daughter is participating, she wants to withdraw her name. Host says contestants need an assistant and they can pick one. He asks Barkath who is her assistant. Aaliya and Surayya raise their hands simultaneously.

Aaliya asks Surayya to assist Barkath. Surayya tries to go, but another contestant says Surayya is a good cook and cannot assist. Surayya says she is right and asks Aaliya to assist. Host says they have to taste their international chef’s reciepe and and prepare same. Aaliya asks to try the cake carefully and guess its ingredients. Barkath tastes it nervously. She starts cooking and drops the ingredients. Aaliya asks her not to get nervous and to concentrate on the dish. Chef tries each participant’s dish and likes Barkath’s dish. Host announces Barkath as winner. Barkath and her whole family gets happy. Barkath hugs Aaliya and thanks her. She feeds her dish to her whole family. Zain looks at Aaliya and thanks her. Muskurane ki wajah tum ho…… song plays in the background. They look at each other romantically and remember the incidents happened between them recently.

Zain gets his secretary’s call who informs Aaliya Bhatt is coming in 1 hour. He says he will come there and cuts the calls. He then looks at Aaliya who looks jealous. Zain leaves saying Usman that he will go and check arrangements there. Aaliya says even she will go and check and leaves. Participants there say Barkath that she won because she is business tycoon Usman Abdullah’s daughter and Aaliya helped her. Everyone start accusing Barkath and say they don’t know if she is Usman’s daughter or not. Usman asks them to shut their mouth and says Barkath that it is not her mistake being born at Usman and Barkath’s house. He says the participants that Barkath is his daughter. Barkath picks trophy emotionally. Audiences clap for her. She then hugs her parents.

Usman prepares new property will and says he wants the whole city know that Barkath is Usman Abdullah’s daughter. He says Barkath that she is 51% owner of his property. Barkath cries emotionally and says she got her parents and family after many years and 51% property does not mean to her. She asks her parents to promise that they will not leave her. Usman says he and Surayya are proud to have a daughter like her.

Barkath goes near the well. Meer Khan comes there from behind. Usman sees Meer Khan behind Barkath and runs to catch Meer Khan. He asks Barkath to go inside the house. He then chases Meer Khan and calls his sons for his help. Barkath hits his head with a rod from behind and he falls down unconscious.

Precap: Zain gets unwell and shivers. Aaliya tries to help him and cries.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. They r locked in freezer.

  2. They r locked in freezer ,but hw? The best couple i have ever watched. LUV U ZAYA.

  3. Watch hd videos of any serial

  4. Omg..!! Barkath s fake.. Com on.. I ws loving her.. She was sooo sweet.. I loved her.. So sad to hear she is fake..

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