Balika Vadhu 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 2nd May 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Meenu bringing tea for Buaji. Buaji says, I don’t want to drink. Meenu apologizes to her on Daddu’s behalf. Buaji says, this is your home. I don’t have right on your house. Meenu says, what are you talking and requests her to drink tea. She leaves. Basant, Anandi, Jagya, Ganga and Phulli are worried. Basant says, we have to do something as people are thinking you wrong. Anandi gets Shiv’s call. Anandi tells everyone that Shiv is coming to Jaitsar.

Anoop comes to have breakfast. Daddu asks Meenu, did she call Subhadra for breakfast. Meenu says yes and she wants to have breakfast in her room. Daddu says, she is still childish. He apologizes to his family on Subhadra’s behalf. Anoop says, we didn’t feel bad at all. Daddu says, she is always jovial and happy going girl, but circumstances changed her. Meenu says, we will do as she says. She says, Anandi will win Buaji too.

Het Singh supporters campaign for him and asks the villagers to know about Jagya and Anandi’s affair. Phulli and Anandi ask the villager to come there. Villagers say that mirror and photos can’t be wrong. Anandi says, I was brought up in this village. I want you to attend Het Singh’s sabha. Shiv is shown going to Jaitsar. Amol refuses to go to school. Meenu tries to convince him. Amol says, Papa also went to Jaitsar without me. Meenu says, he went in a hurry. Buaji thinks Anandi is a bad mother to leave her child like this. She pretends to mingle with him and promises to take him out for having icecream and chat.

All the supporters of Het Singh cheer for him. Het Singh comes and looks at the poster of Jagya and Anandi on the stage. He tells the villagers that this is Anandi and Jagya’s reality which have come in open now. Het Singh says, I am ashamed to fight the election against the characterless persons. If I take my name back and this characterless man can become the politician then who will save your daughters and wives. He badmouths about Anandi’s character.

Dadisaa, Bhairov and family see the live footage on TV. Dadisaa says, he is speaking too much. I am worried about Anandi. Bhairov says, we understand each other. Shiv is with Anandi and the truth will be out soon. Shiv will reach soon. Shiv comes there. Anandi calls Dadisaa and informs her about Shiv coming there. Dadisaa asks her family to come there to settle scores with Het Singh.

Het Singh says, Anandi was lucky to be accepted by collector Shiv, but what she gave him in return. Anandi hugs Shiv. Shiv asks someone to get the things out of the car. Het Singh goes on speak about them. Shiv comes and says this is not reality. Het Singh says, your anger is justified.

Shiv says, I won’t bear if you take my wife’s name once more. Police brings the culprit who helped Het Singh in the fake poster. Jagya, Anandi, Shiv, Ganga go on the stage. Shiv says, these posters was published by Het Singh with the help of this man. He shows the photos of some other couple and says he pasted Anandi and Jagya’s face on this poster. All the villagers look shocked.

Jagya says, we have published the poster of Het singh and shows him with someone else. Het Singh gets angry.Jagya asks, who is this woman? Het Singh says they are framing me and speaks badly about Anandi’s character. Dadisaa slaps him hard.

Update Credit to: nightqueen

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