Ek Boond Ishq 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
nandu says to adi that don’t come in consciousness otherwise I have to kill you as I promised my husband. adi thinks what should I do If I get up then she will take my life otherwise she will take my respect., nandu fills injection a
tara says is adi, if he runs then my paln will flop, she sees marks of wheel chair, nandu in her room says now I will see how you will not be mine, nandu starts kissing him, tara comes there and sees it from window, adi thinks now I cant bear it, he takes knife to attack her but tara comes and attacks her with vase, she gets unconscious, she says to adi that what were you doing you were killing her, adi says I couldn’t bear, he says you were right, rudra is kalavati, we should inform police, tara says its not so easy, he always changed game to his side so we have to make solid plan, he ask about nandu, tara says I will handle.

Scene 2
rudra is on call and says to bring nimmo, he sees someone running from villa, he says is tara alright? tara should be save for my property, he goes to see tara, tara lies down as unconscious, rudra comes there and makes her conscious, tara says someone came and attacked on my head, rudra says we should see nandu, they goes in room, tara says to rudra what adi is doing in room? he says long story, tara finds nandu on ground, and ask rudra to see her, rudra is about to get water but tara says make nandu conscious by making her smell shoes, he makes her smell, she gets up, tara and adi smiles. rudra scolds nandu, she says someone attacked her. rudra says who did it, tara shows him bansuri. rudra reads message in it which says I made you fool 2nd time, I took off color of your house, rudra says what he means with 2nd time? rudra gets call and says I am coming, he says to nandu that we will be gone with your foolishness, he ask tara to take adi to his room and gives him injection, tara says I will do as my jija says, rudra scolds nandu to learn from tara, tara thinks wow rudra is trusting me more than nandu.

Scene 3
mj is trying to call nimmo to warn her about rudra but call doesn’t connect, guru says I called her here but she couldn’t get message.
nimmo is tied up at rudra’s den, he says I told you to not play games as I can be very dangerous, PRECAP. he shows her cctv footage, nimmo says I went to jail to meet mj as I wanted to make him remember about his promise to save adi, rudra says the time shown in footage shows that it was not time to meet mj, nimmo says I didn’t want jairaj to know that I am going to meet mj so I went without entry, rudra says it can be like that you gave money to policeman and went to meet govind without entry. nimmo says I am not lying, PRECAP. nimmo thinks that’s why guruji was calling me to meet, that means mj know about me being in prison of rudra so he will definitely do something, I don’t have to be afraid, rudra is about to cut her fingers but his man comes and says it was fake footage, real footage is with me which I got now. he sees footage which shows nandu going in jail, he says same time same place but there is nandu instead of nimmo, man says there is one more footage, it shows rudra going in jail, he says how can this be possible, I didn’t know govind was there in jail, I never went in jail to meet him, man says this can be like this that all footages are fake and actually their leader came to meet govind, rudra recall how message says that leader made rudra fool two times, nimmo ask can I go? rudra allows her to go and ask his men to catch their leader.

Scene 4
nimmo is with guru and mj, nimmo says I knew it that you will save me, mj says I got you after many years so how can I not save you, I feel new passion in me as you are with me, nimmo says yes you get new belief when your own is with you, but why don’t you tell tara that you are alive, she still thinks that you are dead, she also wants her own to be with her. mj says no, she is having fire of revenge because of my death, if I come infront of her then she will be weak, nimmo says when you got me then did you felt weak? he says no, nimmo says then how can be tara weak seeing you when she loves you a lot, she says you know why jairaj made you marry tara vbecause you didn’t had will to live but only tara can bring ek boond ishq in your life and now she needs your ek boond ishq, guruji says she is right, I have seen your smile whenever tara’s name comes so you should give her that smile too, nimmo says your ek boond ishq is indebt of tara and you should give her back that, mj says you are right, now its time to tell her, I was wrong to think that love can make her weak. I will tell her that her mj is alive.

PRECAP- mj open his scarf infront of tara to make her see his face but tara turns so mj grabs her and hugs her tightly, tara is about to hug him but then pushes him and turns back, she says what I am doing, how can I come close to you when I only love mj, I can betray mj. mj looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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