Beintehaa 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rizwan shows Zain sitting silently to Fahad and says he is sitting like this since morning. Surayya calls Zain’s friends to cheer Zain. His friend says Surayya that Zubair is not that kind of guy to kill anyone. Surayya says she brought her to cheer Zain and not to talk more than that. Girl agrees and goes in.

Aaliya and Zain talk on phone. They say they both miss each other. Zain says she must have eaten chole bhature without him, etc. Aaliya silently hears him and smiles.

Fahad asks Surayya why is she doing this to Zain and Aaliya. Surayya says Aaliya helped Zubair who tried to kill Usman. Fahad says she helped Zubair with Zain’s permission, so it is clear that Surayya is doing this as her ego is hurt.

Shaziya says Surayya that she tried to seduce Fahad, but he does not get seduced at all. Fahad comes with his children, Usman, and Zain and says he cannot see her injustice and is going from her house with his father, brother and children. He walks out with all of them. Nafisa this Surayya is losing her battle. She asks Surayya to stop them, but she does not. Nafisa and Shaziya also join Fahad. They all try to walk out. Surayya says Ramzan is starting in 2 days and they want to go out of house leaving their mother alone. Fahad says Aaliya is also a part of this house, when she cannot stay here, we all will not. Surayya apologizes them all and hugs her children but frowns behind.

Surayya says Zain that she will bring Aaliya back. Zain says her words are enough, he will bring them back. Fahad apologizes Surayya for going against her and says he cannot forget Aaliya’s help, so he did it.

Zain happily calls Aaliya and says he is coming there to bring her back home as Surayya herself permitted him. Aaliya happily informs her parents about it. They both get happy, Ghulam says nobody can be angry on his daughter for a long time and asks Aaliya to get ready. Aaliya says she did not bring her dresses. Aayath says she will give her dress.

Shaziya says Surayya she played her cards well at the end moment. Surayya asks her to go out from there. She remembers Usman’s words to forgive her children when they make any mistake. She also remembers apologizing her children.

Aaliya gets ready to go back with Zain. Zain is on his way in his car, but his car stops in the middle of road as it is raining. He calls Aaliya. Aaliya says she will come down if he has come. Zain says his car broke off, but he will come soon.

Zain gets out of his car and run towards Aaliya’s hotel. Aaliya also informs Aayath that she is going to meet Zain. She also comes out of hotel and starts running on street to meet Zain. They both see each other, get and hug. Beintehaaaa….song plays in the background. Aaliya says she cannot live without him. Zain puts his finger on her lips. They start romancing on the road in rain and perform a lip lock while Aaliya hides their faces with her saree..

Precap: Surayya sees Zain and Aaliya romancing and gets angry. She meets Zubair and says Usman’s accident happened due to hotel staff negligence and she freed him from to help her separate Zain and Aaliya.

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  1. Still suraiya is being wicked, episode seems intresting

  2. Kavitha Venkat

    Oh surraya changes to old ghost surraya

  3. Love this epi. Looking forward for tomorrow’s epi.. Consummation will take place.. Yuppiiee

  4. aaliya looking beautiful in pink saree

  5. Wait can somene explain the promo pls xxx

  6. xter : Precap is about usman’s incident was due to hotel issues, it was just hotel’s elevator problem. Suraya freed zubair from jail to SEPERATE zain and Aliya.

  7. But I don’t understand she freed him to seperate alliya and zain?? What does that mean?

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