Nadaan Parindey 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher coming out of her dream and thinks did Sameer hear her say anything. Sameer holds Meher’s hand and stops her. He suddenly leaves her hand and says I was not dreaming, you were dreaming, I did not hear anything, but understood everything, remember one thing, we are just friends. We stay together, work for the Dhaba, obey Bebe and nothing else. Pyaar hai ya saza…………. Ya rabba…………..plays…………… Meher cries and walks out of his room. She comes on the terrace. She says what did this happen. I love him and he regards me just a friend, he does not want to make me his wife, why did I do this, if Lord wanted to keep my love incomplete why did you give me hope. She says I did mistake, I should have not felt its love.

Iqbal/Sameer too feels bad. Bebe talks to the Baba ji’s pic. Channi comes and asks her to make Meher and Sameer married now. Bebe says even I can’t wait, just Sameer has to tell me. Channi asks whats his problem, does he not want to marry. Bebe says no, his wounds are fresh now. I can’t force him now. Channi says did he say what happened there with him. Bebe says no, but his eyes show it all. Channi says everything will be fine once he gets married. Bebe says you are right, I have to think about Meher too. Channi says its good if Sameer marries Meher soon.

Its morning, Sameer runs in the field. He looks at the border which divided the countries, the truth is this land is not his, and he is not Sameer, his fate is of that across land. He says I can’t cheat Meher and won’t let her come near me, not me and not my heart, my mission is my fate which I can’t risk. Meher hears some army men doing shayari sitting at the Dhaba. Sameer comes there. The shayaris are indirectly on Meher and Sameer. Sameer hears them about love.

Meher thinks about Sameer’s words and says I won’t face him, I told him many things, I should leave. She hides. Sameer sees her. He asks about Meher. Angrez says she is inside. Angrez says why did Meher come alone today, she did not tell me about Sameer, it means another fight. Meher turns and sees Sameer. They have an eyelock. Meher leaves.

Sameer talks to Angrez. He says call Meher and talk. Sameer asks who is this. Angrez says Subedaar Joginder Singh who does good shayari, come and meet him. He says glad to meet you, join us. Sameer says even I love shayari. Angrez is shocked. Sameer leaves. Minty looks for her phone. Balli has it. She scolds Balli. They promote life ok now awards. Purab meets Ashish and says I came here in this village to meet Sameer Atwal. Purab thinks its good chance to know Sameer’s identity, if the one who came back is not Sameer, then he will not identify Ashish. He says come with me, I will tell you what to do.

Sameer comes home. He looks for Meher. Meher sees him and hides. Ashish comes to meet him and asks whom are you finding, Bhabhi? Sameer turns and looks at him and Purab. Ashish says did you not identify me. Sameer thinks who is he now. Ashish says how can you forget me so soon. Bebe comes and asks who is he Sameer. Ashish says see Bebe, he is staring at me, as if I did not meet you. Ashish says he does not know me now, why so. Purab smiles looking at Sameer. Sameer gets tensed while Meher looks on. Sameer thinks now I m gone, I don’t know what happened with Sameer in army training.

Purab asks Ashish do you think he is Sameer or a imposter. Meher hears them and is shocked.

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