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Beintehaa 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya worriedly wakes up from sleep and says her parents that something has happened to Zain and she has to meet him right now. Surayya and family eagerly wait for Zain. Zain comes with Rahman. She sees him injured and gets worried about him. Zain stops her, reminisces about goons asking to take care of his mother, says Surayya that goons could not do anything to him and her plans failed, promises her to unite with Aaliya and tries to walk out. Rahman asks him to talk to his mom. He says he will not and walks out. Zarina asks Surayya to come with her. Surayya says she is her mom and cannot see him in pain. Rahman says Surayya that he will stay with Zain and will take care of him. Surayya thanks him and gets into car. Rahman asks Zarina why did goons attack Zain. She says she does not know. He says if he finds proof, he will get her arrested and asks her to travel in car until her truth comes out.

Zain sits on his home sofa in pain. Rahman calls him and says he will bring his fever medicine, to rest till then. Zain says Aaliya is his medicine. Aaliya is seen running towards Zain’s house. Ishq ka jazba…… song plays in the background. Zain falls unconscious. Aaliya reaches Zain’s home and asks him to open door. He wakes up subconsciously and opens door with great difficulty. She holds him, but he falls on the floor and says he knew god would send her back. They both hug each other. She helps him and makes him sleep on bed. Dil me jaage ishq waali manmarziya……. song plays in the background. She checks his temperature and gets worried seeing it is high. She calls Rahman and tells him something.

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Shabana says Ghulam says Aaliya is trying to ruin their names and asks why did not he stop her. He says he will go and get her back. Rahman brings doctor. Doc gives him injection, says Zain will be alright soon and leaves. Rahman then says Aaliya he will drop her home. Zain calls Aaliya’s name in sleep. She goes and sits next to him. Rahman gets impressed about their love and leaves them alone. Ghulam reaches Zain’s home to take back Aaliya, but she sees her dad and locks door. She then sleeps on Zain’s chest looking at him and reminiscing their happier days. Man marziyaa…… song plays in the background. Ghulam sadly reaches home. Shabana gets message from Aaliya that Zain is unwell and she will take care of him and will come back in the morning.

Milkmnan sees Aaliya in Zain’s house and sees bed crumpled. He then to deliver milk to Ghulam. Shabana asks Ghulam about Aaliya. He says she is in her room. Milman says he saw her in Zain’s house and asks him to control the situation before people starts talking about her.

Rahman reaches Surayya’s house alone. Surayya asks why did he come alone. Rahman says Zain was calling Aaliya in his sleep and once Aaliya came there, he felt confident and left them there. Zarina who hears that says that means Zain and Aaliya spent whole night together.

Surayya reaches Zain’s home with Fahad. Aaliya opens door. Surayya looks at Zain and then angrily looks at Aaliya.

Precap: Aaliya wakes up Zain and says if they have to live together again, she will have to do halala nikah.

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  1. They are showing that there love is true but they have go by the Islamic way and aliya knows she has to do hala nikaah with some one eles

  2. Halaal nika with rehan. He is the best frnd of zaya.

  3. islam z perfect

    What a nonsense z dis!! No muslim shud call dis z an islamic drama. In dis drama many halaal things r made haraam n haraam things r made halaal. These producers r changng Allah’s sharee’ah in watevr way they want!! Shame on dem. They r playing with our religion. Giving rong infrmation abt islam. Y cant dese people 1st know da true knwlage of islam b4 doin such things. They dont mind cox they r not muslims.

  4. islam z perfect

    #Aliya can still marry zain n its a halaal nikaah. Cox number of devirce z not counted on number of times da husband utter da word talaq. Dere z only 1 divorce 4 ech nikah, no matter how many tyns da husband say da worf talaq. If he want 2 mahe her haraam 4 him by divorcing 3 tyms then he shud merry her 3 tyms. Only aftr da 3rd nikah’s divorce they both becum haraan 4 each othr. Zain n Aliya still have 2 chance. (2nd n 3 rd marriage) they both can hav 2nd nikaah.
    #in last nyt episode dis Aliya spend one nyt wit zain!!! Dis z again haraam in islam. Cox aftr da divorce once da 3 mnth z completed she becomes a “stranger” for her husband n she z not permissible 4 him except with a new marriage contract.
    #now in dis drama aliya z goin 2 have a “tahleel” merriage. This z again HARAAM in islam. In islam if her husband becum frbidden to her She has to merry another man in a serious marriage in which the new husband has intercourse with her and they only separate as a result of death or divorce, NOT a tahleel marriage (i.e., a marriage of convenience aimed at making it permissible for her to remarry her former husband). 

  5. islam z perfect

    Actually i dont watch dese hindi dramas nor read dis. I cam across dis becox of 1 of my frnd. I jst cudnt kyp quit or ingnore n left cox dese producrs r insulting islam n i wantd 2 defend my religion. I sees here in dis forum sum mulims. I advice dem 2 seek tru knwledge of islam. Cox its obligatory on every muslim. Prophet (s.a.w) commanded us to seek knowledge of the religion and to correct and enhance their understanding of its tenets. N 2 evry1 i advice watching dese dramas z just wasting of tym. It plays to people emotions, which z not gud 2 health. If any1 want to ask a qstn abt islam, s/he really wanna knw da truth my advice z 2 search from qur’aan n sunnah. Read english translation of quraan n saheeh books (saheehul bukhari o saheeh muslim). I will not reccomend dem 2 search frm intrnet. Cox dere r wrong infrmatn abt islm in intrnet too. Im a student doin bachlor degree in islamic studies in a Qatar university. I leav by here. Wishn u all all da best. Wassalam alaykum.

  6. What the hell is theirproblem now i will tell what might happen..

    Aliya will marry rehan for halala nikah.
    Then he will fall in love with her.
    His kids will make a more deeper relation with hr
    She will not give talaaq.
    Rehan will notgive talaaq willingly.
    ( Or )
    Zain will forget aliya
    Then she will do nikah
    Then he will remember about his past
    Then they will marry once again after halala nikah

  7. Whats gonna happen is after aliya’s marriage with rehaan, surayya and zarina will brainwash him and will make him selfish. So he will refuse 2 give talaaq

  8. Can we muslims sleep with our husbands??

  9. Yes anonymous we can cuz if you want children

  10. Can sm1 plz tell me abt this thing a little more

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