Doli Armaanon Ki 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Urmi rushes to the rom and themn dashes out yet again. Susham and her husband follow, tensedly, as to what happened. urmi walks dishevelled and distraught on the road, carrying a bucket of water, and spills it on the poster to be able to wash it off, while sushma and her husband rush outside behind urmi, to find what she is frantic about. they are shocked to find the poster and urmi’s reaction to it. All passer by kep commenting on her lewdly. All are silenced as they find urmi distraughtedly washing down the psoetr completely. Samrat watches her from a distance, satisfied that he took her very self respect and esteem. inside the house, urmi is still crying and distraught, while sushma asks her to be quiet and say who did this. urmi says that its her husband how she got to know that she is staying here, and can go to any limits to irritate her, and trouble her. But they find it hard to believe and ask if she is saying the truth. urmi tells how samrat’s ego doesnt wish to accept that he has been rejected by her, and is trying to get her back, by any means. urmi explains her hard resolve. sushma says that definitely she must have been at fault too. urmi says that she is, and thats she refused to bear his torture and insults and having broken the relation, she has hurt his ego. Sushma tries to make her see sense, and asks her to go back to her husband’s house and resolve all matters, and give them the money. Urmi denies. sushma asks whats his fault. urmi relates everything right from the start. They both are shocked and surprised. urmi then asks sushma why should she be with this man, and asks them their opinion. They are left speechless. Sushma melts down a little, and then points out the time, having gone past, and urmi says that she isnt lying. Susham asks them all to gather for dinner. urmi sits dazed.

Later, sushma and her husband start getting calls for urmi, and she irritatedly shuts them down. sushma asks her husband not to feel empathy for that lady, as they have only heard her side of the story, and who knows the real truth. susham tries to make him realise that they shouldnt trust urmi, and maybe there’s something else. Urmi sits sadly, while shaurya tries to cheer her up. She caresses him and asks him to grow up soon. Shaurya says that when he grows up, he wont let anyone scold her, including Sushma and Tiwari Ji. He asks her to make him study. Urmi sits down to study with him.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
aditi comes back remembering amrit’s request and is tensed. She comes to shashi’s room, and finds her cleaning the almirah. Aditi starts talking about her jewellery, and shashi starts gloating as to how it used to look very good. aditi asks how would it look on her. shashi makes her try it on and then keeps it back and locks it in the safe, asking her o take it from her, whenever she wants to wear it on. Aditi eyes the jewellery remembering amrit’s request.

Later, shashi tries to make diwaker patch up and forget about the past and help samrat in the business. Diwaker says that he has made a resolve. rudra asks her not to pressurise, and then shashi gets back at him for trying to break the brothers. Kanchan tries to speak, asking shashi why doesnt she advise samrat. Kanchan is shut up by shashi. She again tries to make diwaker understand that samrat needs him, and he says that he is always there for him, but not in the way samrat wants. Diwaker and kanchan leave in a huff while shashi is perplexed and then scared as she finds samrat walking in, finding them leaving in a huff. Samrat tries to ask shashi about diwaker’s descision. Shashi hesitatingly tells samrat that diwaker refused to join him in his business, and asks him to let go, as he would get thousand other people. samrat is enraged and furious. he says that now he needs diwaker only, and that they may change his name if he doesnt get diawker to work for him. rudra and shashi are tensed. samrat asks rudra if he had a talk with him. He tells them that they should make diwaker understand that its decided that he would come back, and that noone says no to samrat, and threatens that he would have to be taught his limits.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s office
Samrat comes to his office the next morning, and is shocked to find urmi sitting in his cabin. she asks how is he surprised, as she knew that he was desperate and drying to meet her. she asks him to come and sit. He asks her to keep her confidence to himself, as she would fall flat on her face one day. Samrat asks what happened and if he got thrown out. Samrat starts taunting her that she must be recognised now. Urmi tells him how could he have no shame, that he does this to his own wife, and his own child’s mother, and if his conscience didnt warn him even once. samrat asks her to give this moral education somewhere else. urmi says that she isnt interested too, as she doesnt care what he does in his life. samrat hurriedly asks urmi whats she doing here. urmi tells samrat that she forgot to tell him, that she got his mother’s and his sister’s painting, with their name, numbers and even their rates, pasted on the wall outside his office. samrat is shell shocked. She says that what happened with her, would now happen to them too. He is shocked and rushes out, searching for the poster on each wall. He finds urmi facing him, asking what happened, as he got very tensed hearing about his mother and daughter, and where did the bravado go. urmi tells him that there’s nothing, and he can go to any limits and she can outsmart him. She reminds him that she too is someone’s sister and mother, and unfortunately she is the mother to his child. urmi reminds samrat that if his child grows up knowing what his father aka himdid to his mother, she hopes it doesnt come to the situation when he refuses to take his own father on his last journey and perform his last rites. samrat is shocked. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: samrat calls duwaker’s boss to his offifce and instructs him that tomorrow a big chunk of money would go missing from their account and would be found in diwaker’s drawer, implicating him of fraud, misappropriation and debauchery. The person is surprised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Dhanna Sarjoo

    What i low life. . This s too much now. Change the dam show or end it. Doing something so hideous ot his own brother now???? How game up with such a low class sorry line??? May this s what happen in your family.

    1. ya dhanna so true

  2. Dhanna Sarjoo

    Sorry. What a low life

  3. Dhanna Sarjoo

    Sorry jet again. 😀 .
    who came up

  4. We are tired of watching this inhuman Samrat and the crazy things he’s doing to his wife and even his brother. Pls end this show since there is no positive changes in all the crazy people in the show and instead they brought more crazier people who are demanding money from Urmi for their accident. Maybe this is the norm in the life of this writers but we viewers are not ready to spend our money to watch this kind of animalistick behavior.

  5. Come on time for Samrat to get his share now, I think the producer of this show is just like Samrat.

  6. Samrat’s obsession with Urmi will ruin him it seems. He already losing money in his business, and then spending it out to goons and now he trying to force his brother to work with him again…..he may lose his bro over this. He done lost Aditi to Amrit that she willing to steal for him. Samrat would end up alone with Shashi lol

  7. Hi all I have just sent email to spellbound productions who is making this show! I will keep u posted if I hear something! Hell with u mohit!

  8. Does anyone want to start a petition that we can sign demanding this show ends to ZeeTV? I do not think the writers/ producers are going to make the harassment of Urmi end any time soon. This show needs to be replaced with a quality show before I cancel my subscription to ZeeTV. No I don’t want to wait any longer for the storyline to change.

  9. Bravo Urmi! Bravo! Way to go!! Give Sam-the-rat a taste of his own medicine!! Way to go Urmi!!

  10. Guys, no need for to write a petition. We will see watch this drama to its logical conclusion. Urmi is strong and Sam-the-rat will definitely get his just reward!!

  11. Sam-the-rat is a worm, he has no shame and will crawl and eat mud!

  12. Somebody needs to hit Sam-the-rat on the head with something cos he believes he’s a god, when in reality he’s actually a DOG!!

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