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Beintehaa 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya informs Zain that she went to meet Zubair, Zain says he knows and says he keeps all the information. She touches his face and kisses on his forehead. Beinteha….. music plays in the background. Aaliya says she has thought something and for that, she needs his approval and help. He asks from when did she became so formal. He says someone taught me whenever one does not find answer, they should take help of Holy Quran. He gives her Holy Quran and asks her to find answer in it. He gets a call from his lawyer and goes out of room, he says Zain is a suspect till now and should not be released.

Shaziya and Nafisa forcefully ask driver to tell them where did Aaliya go. Driver hesitantly informs that Aaliya went to meet Zubair in police station.

Aaliya recites Holy Quran and thinks she got answer now and knows what to do, she thinks of informing about it to Zain.

Zubair informs Rehan that he did not do anything wrong and tells him the whole incidents happened. He says he went out to attend an important call and then Usman’s accident happened. Rehan says hope he is telling truth, many people are not with him. Zubair gets angry and says he does not care if he does not believe him. Rehan asks him to sign legal papers before reaching court room.

Shaziya and Nafisa brainwash Surayya and inform her that Aaliya went to meet Zubair. They ask her to do something before Zain falls in Aaliya’s trap. Surayya angrily come out of her room and asks Zain to ask his wife where did she go in the morning. Zain says she went to meet her parents. Surayya says Aaliya went to meet Zubair. Rehan just then comes there with Badi Phupi and informs that for Zubair’s bail approval, he needs 4 lakhs and Zubair said onlhy Aaliya can help him. Surayya says Zubair will not get help from this house. Rehan says he just came to help Zubair here and tries to go out. Aaliya stops him and says she will help Zubair with bail money. Zain is miffed to hear that. Aaliya says Allah has said in Quran to help the needy. Shaziya her drama and says Aaliya must have promised Zubair to bail him out, but she is helping a culprit who tried to kill Usman and Zain is silently hearing her. Aaliya says Zain knows she will not do anything wrong and he is with her. Surayya asks Zain if he is ready to help a man who tried to kill his father. Zain says he is not with him. He asks Aaliya how can she bain Zubair. Surayya says Rehan nobody from this house will help Zubair and asks him to leave. Rehan informs Aaliya that they have only 12 hours, if she wants to help Zubair, to inform him. Surayya says if this girl/Aaliya steps out of this house to help Zubair, she will not come back in this house.

Aaliya says Zain that she told him that she went to meet Zubair as she believed him. Zain asks why does she want to help Zubair who tried to kill Usman when she loves Usman so much. Aaliya says what if Usman gets well and says Zubair is innocent, how will he feel then. She says Holy Quran commands to help the innocent. She says her life is with his and she will not step out of the house even for 12 years if he does not want her to.

Precap: Aaliya asks Zain to take a decision if she can help Zubair or not. Zain says comatosed Usman that Aaliya has asked him to take a decision and asks Usman’s opinion if he should help Zubair.

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