Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna is attacked by the Guru ji’s men. At home Bauji sees the news that the situation is worse in the city. Shayl is busy in calling while Bauji scolds that our children are all out of house and no one knows about Rachna. Shayl tries her number but Seema says she has left her phone at home. Shayl is worried, Bauji calls KT.
KT thinks how fool is he to scold her. He gets the call. Bauji asks is Rachna there in the office, he tells KT that a curfew has been imposed in the city, Rachna was ill still she went to office without taking her phone and informing anyone at home. KT is speechless, he then responds by saying that they have come to a meeting somewhere else and she is with him. Bauji tells him to drop her home by himself. He says it’s my duty to bring Rachna home, Bauji asks can he talk to her. He says she is in washroom and puts the phone down. The mob reaches the neighborhood. He runs to find Rachna.
Rachna runs in the closed streets of city, the men following her.
Prabhu says he must look for Mayank. Seema tells her not to leave home. Annu comes crying in Gopals hands, he is hit by a stone. Bauji stops Prabhu from going out. Shayl is worried.
Gunjan sees a group of people beating a man who had worn same shirt as Mayank. She sees spice bag, picks it up and shouts at the group to stop. The man recognizes her, and tells the group to attack her. she stops them and says they are doing this all for a fake magician. She says she did everything right, and they can do whatever they can, she isn’t afraid of them. They step forward; she throws the spice in the air. Police comes there and the men run away.
She puts her hand on the guy’s shoulder, it wasn’t Mayank. She goes to take water for him; someone stops her by putting hand on her shoulder. She turns around and hugs Mayank. There is fire all around, Mayank takes her hand and they run.
Rachna hides beside a container, KT comes after her. There is fire all around. Rachna comes running into a shop, she is followed by the men. They say they won’t leave her this time. She begs them not to do anything to her. Someone holds her from behind the hung cloth, it is KT. He fights the men. Rachna comes and hugs him. He holds her face and says this all happened because of him, he would never have forgotten himself had something happened to her. She puts hand on his mouth. They both hug.
Gunjan and Mayank are hidden behind a rock wall, she touches his injured forehead. They both look into each other’s eyes.
The shop KT and Rachna were in is locked by its owner. KT knocks the shutter; Rachna cries that what they will do now.

PRECAP: Mayank and Gunjan save lives of some kids. The mob runs towards them, Gunjan picks a lit wooden log and confronts them shouting at them to stop.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. oww kt n rachna hug each other…. awesome epi…. mayank n gunjun was also gd…:D

  2. OMG….I’m speechless……..this is the best episode of sslk…..aww…kt rachna romance was sooooooooooo awesome…no words to say…..omg….. u are so romantic Kabir…….especially the forehead kissing scene…WOW…!

  3. Hopefully they are saved by the way Kt and ratchna are together

  4. Suberb epi!!!!

  5. I love Kt and rachna part ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Priyanka chopra

    Nice episode good job i appreciate the effort luv the show and hello 2 all

  7. Priyanka chopra

    Guys my name is only chopra but i m not real priyanka

  8. Best epi

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