Nadaan Parindey 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher and Sameer arguing. Bebe says enough. Sameer starts his bike and asks her to come. She says I won’t come. He teases her and she sits on his bike. Bebe sees her and asks her why is she sitting opposite. Meher says as I don’t want to go, but have to go. They leave. Bebe smiles and says they fight like kids. Balli sees Meher sitting weird and everyone laughs. Sameer says Meher people are laughing, sit straight. She says you just drive. Angrez argues with Heera. He sees Sameer and Meher coming and drops the oil. He says Heera see there and they laugh.

Angrez jokes with Meher and laughs, saying one was going and one was coming. Sameer asks Angrez to do his work. Meher says do my work. Angrez says problem again. He says I will wait till you both decide. Meher and Sameer hold Angrez’s hands and pull him. Angrez says why will break my hands, do a toss and then we will decide. Sameer says no way, its not a game. They start fighting. Angrez says fighting again, help each other and end the fight. Sameer and Meher look at each other. Balli comes home and tells to Minty why Meher was sitting weird on the bike. Nimmi makes halwa for them and asks them to have.

Minty says it was Meher’s birthday and you did not make it for her. Nimmi makes her eat saying don’t know how many days you are here. Balli asks why so much love. Nimmi asks him to go and take it from kitchen. Balli says I know you want to talk to her alone and leaves. Minty says say it now. Nimmi starts with her childhood and laughs. She says you have grown up, Meher will be married, and then you….. We will think about you being your parents. Minty asks who is that guy. Nimmi says he is very smart, number one handsome. Minty says halwa is good, but who is he. Nimmi says Purab. Minty coughs and says what.

Nimmi says army man, who does he look to you. Minty says I like army man, but Purab is rude. Nimmi says he is Channi’s son, tell me shall I talk to her. Minty says I m still studying, I will think and tell. Sameer talks to a supplier and asks for a 5% discount. The man says our rates are already very less. Meher supports him. Sameer says I spoke to Bebe, check this items and I checked the market rates, you can give discount. Meher says Sameer will make our supplier leave. The man says I can’t give discount. Sameer says fine, I will clear the bill, and I will take the items from market. The man says you can’t do this. Sameer asks why, does any law stop me.

The man says my family works from this Dhaba, don’t do this. Sameer says I m managing the Dhaba. The man says I know you are in profit. Sameer says I will make profits now, you know we donate the funds, whats wrong in this, I m asking just for 5% discount, you will still have profit. The man says fine and agrees. Meher and Angrez get glad. Sameer smiles. The man leaves. Angrez praises Sameer and asks Meher. She leaves annoyed. Angrez says you became a good businessman. He says women can’t do this. Meher hears this and gets angry. Sameer says even if we prove, they won’t agree. Sameer gets Malik’s call and he goes to talk.

Malik says I have to agree you won everyone’s heart so easily, I m getting good news, that you are enjoying your life. Sameer says I m following your orders, and got rid of Nikaah matter. Malik says good. Meher says what is he doing there, lets see. Malik asks him to do the mission. Sameer says Iqbal will do as you say and I will work on mission now. Meher comes and asks what mission. Sameer is shocked and asks her to go and work. She asks again holding his hand. She says I won’t leave till you say, tell me with whom were you talking. He says its my personal matter, don’t interfere in my work.

She says fine, tell this to Bebe. He says are you mad and leaves her hand. He says why do you get Bebe in between, you have grown up, I m army man and talk about mission, not like you to talk about chaat masala. She asks are you going on mission again. He says I can’t tell you everything, get mature now. She says leave it, sorry, don’t be angry. He says you will again do some mistake, don’t know how people bear you, you can anyone mad. She fumes. He scolds her. She says I used to do all the work when you were lazy, I will go to army office, take care of Dhaba. Sameer says be careful Iqbal, don’t do this mistake again.

Bebe calls Sameer and asks is everything fine. He says yes. She asks where is Meher. He says she went to do your work to deposit fund. Bebe asks did she go alone, you know it’s a lonely area of bad guys, I used to go with her. Sameer says but she knew this. Bebe says go and bring her, I m worried. He says fine, but don’t worry, no one will fight with her. Sameer says I m going. Meher covers her face with the dupatta. Sameer comes there and thinks everyone is covering faces, don’t know which one is Meher.

A goon takes Meher’s phone and misbehaves with her taking her purse. Bebe hears this and is shocked. Sameer comes for her rescue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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