Beintehaa 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 1st April 2014 Written Update

Zain and Aaliya come back near their can on the bicycle. They give back bicicyle to the its owner and thanks him. Zain asks to change the tyre now. Aaliya asks where is the stepney. Zain checks stepney and does not find it.. Zain says she make her ride the bicycle 4 km for her sugar cane juice. They both start a verbal spat.

Surayya says like she tries to separate Zain and Aaliya, Usman tries to get them together. Shaziya says Fahad is hand in glove with Usman. There is no resort at the place they sent them. Fahad comes and says Surayya that Zain and Aaliya are made for each other. They should get togehter and he and Usman want to see them together. He says that and goes from there. Surayya says Fahad has changed. Shaziya says he has changed and does not come to him often like he used to.


says it is getting late now and animal will start coming. Aaliya says she is from Bhopal and is not afraid of animals. She says he gets afraid even of a cockrochs and calls Surayya. Zain says he has done many camps in London. Just then they see a snake, get afraid and jump on the car. They both start fighting each other and ask to shoo the snake away. Zain starts snake music and Aaliya starts shooing the snake. At last, snake goes from there. They both start fighting again that snake went because of them. Zain then jokes that snake came back, Aaliya gets afraid.

Zain and Aaliya find a hut. Aaliya likes the place. Zain says if she wants to spend the night here. Aaliya says she does not mind. She says she is hungry.. Zain says if she wants pizza,etc.. She does not reply and says she willl go and find food herself. Zain jokes he will send her route via GPS.

Rizwan calls Aayath and informs he is coming to Bhopal on official work. He asks if he can come to their house. She says sure, her parents will be happy to see him. He asks what about her, she says even she likes him coming. Rizwan says he will come there tomorrow then.

Aaliya does not find Zain in the hut and gets afraid. She runs out of the hut and strikes Zain. She hugs him and asks where did he go, she was afraid. He says she went to bring wood. Beintehaa…. song plays in the background.

Shaziya is having snacks and thinks Zain and Aaliya are coming together. Earlier only Usman was helping them, now Fahad has joined him. She says what can she do to separate them. Gowhar says she does not like breaking someone’s house. Shaziya says she cannot make her house if she thinks about someone else’s house. She says she will asks papa to find a rich guy for her. Gowhar says she is in love with Rizwan. Shaziya slaps her. It is just a dream of Gowhar.

Zain and Aaliya sit near fire. Zain asks if she has not got over Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi film’s hangover. Aaliya asks him to break watermelon from his hand like Aamir Khan. Zain tries to break with his hand and acts as feeling pain. Aaliya gets worried and checks his hand. Zain smiles then and breaks watermelon with his hand. They both enjoy watermelon, Itti si hasi, itti Khushi, itta sa tukda chand kaa…… song plays in the background.

Zain and Aaliya sleep after eating water melon. Aaliya drops her head on his shoulder and holds him tightly in sleep. Zain watches that and gets romantic. Mujh ko hai tujhse se rabta… song plays in the background. Aaliya sleeps on his lap. He drapes his jacket on her.

Zain wakes up with sun rays falling on him. He keeps his hands in front of Aaliya’s face to not disturb her sleep. Aaliya wakes up and finds his jacket on her.

Precap: Zain and Aaliya reach back home. Fahad and Usman see them coming back. Fahad says gradma told if 2 people are left togehter they would become either friend or enemy. Usman says something good has happened.

Update Credit to: MA

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