Ek Boond Ishq 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 1st April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
tara pleads nandu to not throw red color on her, nandu puts red color on tara, tara cries miserably and says to leave her, nandu says you are looking colorful, rudra says if she had red bangles then it would be good, nandu says i will bring it, she brings and make tara wear it, rudra ask to apply red lipstick to tara, nandu applies, he then ask to put mangalsutra, nandu puts it in her neck, rudra says last thing is sindoor, nandu opens sindoor box, rudra says will you sign now? she says never, nandu applies sindoor on her forehead, rudra says throw full box on her, nandu pours whole sindoor box on her, tara is broken, nandu says you said your husband is your soul now we made him alive, live like a wife now, rudra opens her cuffs and shouts that why dont you sign on papers, tara

runs from there, rudra and nandu laughs.

Scene 2
guruji says to his workers that kalavati is very strong we have to be prepared to fight with her eunuchs’ force, he says we have to find where kala is celebrating, gurui gets message that its after two days, he says i will tell you who is giving us messages but now concentrate on kala.
tara cries seeing herself all red, she throws bangles and opens shower, she is totally broken, after shower she comes to her room, she imagines mj saying that why should wife apply sindoor when we husband doesnt have these kind of stamps, he says when i see sindoor on you i feel lucky, tara says we took pheras 3 times so you have to keep up 22 promises, mj says its too much, tara says f we spend life together then nothing is much, they hug each other, imagination vanishes, tara says to forgive me mj, i couldnt fulfill my promises.
nandu laughs, rudra says it was more fun to make her bride after making her widow, nandu says we colored her, tara comes and says you cannot color bad on good poeple, you did all this so i will break and will sign papers but i will not do anything like this, tara says soon your fore head will blank, rudra says now you see i will color you like this that you wont be able to remove it, tara says try as much as you can but tara will not break, you will break, she leaves. rudra fumes.

Scene 3
fahim comes to stable with puja things, nimmo thanks him for helping them financially,nimmo comes to jairaj and says you remember when you got loss 25 years back in your business your father said that good days and bad days are two faces of coin it will come back, she says did you infrom pundit to come at stable.
tara says its been 13 days since mj died, its like sita ji being in jail but difference is that i dont have ram ji to save me.
jairaj says to nimmo that we got to know mj died on same day as our father so we should do puja for him too, nimmo says no never, she says i mean his dead body is not found till now so i believe that he is alive, she says call pundit, he says i will call him and rudra too.
tara says that today your puja should be done today, i will make food today. tara is in kitchen making food, nandu comes there and says why our owner is working? Nandu says why are you making so much food ? Are you giving banquet for the colors. Do you need some help ? Tara says if you could help you could have help yourself. It’s be better to live your dirty life and let me live mine.
Nandu says to rudra there is something why is she making food ? Rudra says how couldn’t you know whats going on in her mind. Rudra gets a call. Its jairaj. He says its babu ji’s 13th. Rudra says tara won’t let us do the pooja. He says you can come her we have arranged a pooja. Rudra syas tara won’t let us come. rudra says to nandu do you get it ? She is doing pooja here for mj. Now give me a kiss. Nandu says nothing good has happened. SHe is still strong. We have to sopil this pooja. Rudra says looks what I have got for you. Divorce papers. Nandu drops it and says are you divorcing me ? He says these are o adi and meethi.Go to stable and get their signs.

Scene 4
Pooja is going on at the stable. Nandu comes there. Jairaj says tar has forgotten that God always takes revenge. Nirmala says don’t think like that you are in pooja. Nandu places her hand on adi’s shoulder. He leaves and sits besides Meethi and holds her hand.
There tara is doing the pooja of mj. Rudra comes and kicks the stuff. He says i won’t let that happen in this house. I don’t even want his soul in peace.
Tara gets it up and says what did you say ? He syas there will be no pooja. Tara says there will be in front of your eyes. He says do you consider me weak ? She says no. The same swami ji comes who thinks rudra is so good. Tara says what will you do now. Pandit ji comes in. The pooja starts. Kala thinks what can she do now.
There adi and meethi do the pooja together.
Nandu is mad at the way he held meethi’s hand and says this is the last time they were seen as a couple. baba ji asks tara to bring mj’s favorite dish. She does. Baba ji stand in anger. There is a cockroach in the food. He says this an insult to the pooja. Rudra says you have hurt our family once again tara. Baba ji is really angry at tara as well. She says I will bring another one. Baba ji says the soul will never be in peace. Will burn in hell for what you have done.

Precap-Tara is doing the pooja herself. Nandu puts some water on the fire but it doesn’t blow.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Cöol!
    Tara dont loose ur confidence!!
    Jakar Nandu aur kali ka band baja deh!
    Miss u Mj! <3

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