Jee Le Zara 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 1st April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv asking Saanchi to help him with tying the tie. She starts tying the tie. He gets romantic and says he does not want to go to office today and wants to help her in preparing for the party. She asks him to go and not to worry. Dhruv asks him to kiss him before he goes to office. They start kissing when Dilshad comes and gets shy. Dhruv says he was just checking Saanchi’s rash. Dilshad jokes it has spread on his face also. He gets shy and goes from there.

Saanchi and Dilshad are busy in decorating house for tonight’s party. Suparna calls Ankita and asks her to come fast. Ankita comes and greets everyone. Suparna asks Ankita where was she. Ankita says she had gone to parlour. She says she was thinking of bringing her to this house, but she is busy getting ready. She says she has a solid plan to get Saanchi out of the house and also out of everyone’s hearts. Ankita asks about the plan. Suparna asks her to listen carefully and informs her about the plan. Ankita says it is a superb plan and says lets do it. They start searching Saanchi’s mobile phone.

Saanchi prepares cake. Dhruv comes and praises Saanchi for decorating the house so beautifully. He says she would have bought the cake instead of preparing at home. She says it is Shruti’s birthday and she wanted to prepare it herself.

Suparna and Ankita find Saanchi’s mobile. Suparna asks Ankita to dial the number. Ankita tries to call the number, but it is not reachable. Dhruv is on his way to his room, but his mother calls him. Ankita calls police station identifying herself as Saanchi and informs Arvind is coming to her house around 7.30 p.m. and asks them to arrest him. Ankita keeps phone back and leaves.

Saanchi welcomes the guests in. Ankita praises Saanchi for getting ready well. She says it is important day and all the party’s credit will go to her. Dilshad says Ankita she is looking okay today. Dhruv comes and greets Ankita. Ankita says she mistakingly informed Anuj and he is coming. Dhruv says it is family party. Saanchi says it is okay. Ankita thinks she has invited some other people also and says wait and watch..

Sanchi gives birthday surprise to Shruti and Raman. He like the gift and get happy. They start playing with their friends. Isha thanks Saanchi for the birthday party and says Shruti won’t be forgetting this birthday in her life. Suparna and Ankita think party’s real fun will start in some time now.

Dilshad calls Saanchi and asks her to eat the sandwiches before kids eat it. Saanchi says she is behaving like a kid. Dislhad says Dhruv is behaving like kid. Kids ask Dhruv to dance with them. They all dance on Tu ne Maari entry yaar…. song. Everybody claps for them. Saanchi says Dhruv is enjoying with the kids and he likes kids. Dhruv asks kids to excuse him. He then says his friends kids are too boring. Saanchi says Dilshad Dhruv is ready to become a father. Dhruv’s friends ask Dhruv will he bevahe the same with his kids also. Dhruv says he will not have kids and will be happy with his Saanchi. Saanchi thinks of spending happy life with Dhruv and their kids. Dhruv thinks of traveling the whole world with Saanchi.

Police arrest Arvind and thanks Saanchi for informing them about Dhruv. Everybody gets shocked to hear that.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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