Beintehaa 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rehan says Surayya and her family that he will give rigorous punished to Surayya. Zain says he is sorry for Rida, but he believes his mom is innocent and he will get her out of jail at any cost.

Zarina is busy enjoying massage from servants when Bilal comes and informs her that police is coming to arrest her. Rehman, Nafisa, Shaziya come out hearing their conversation. Police inspector comes with his team and arrests Zarina in Rida’s hit and run case. Fahad comes on time with anticipatory bail. Inspector releases her and leaves. Fahad asks her not to worry and gets into his room. Rehman recites his witty/taunty shayari/poem. Zarina says she did it to save Surayya and does not have any vested interest.

Rehan’s associate informs him about Zarina’s anticipatory bail and says he will get her punished at any cost. Aaliya brings water for her. He asks her what is she doing here and says he cannot let Rida’s murderer’s admirer in his home and asks her to go either Surayya or Shabana’s house. Aaliya says she cannot believe that Surayya is a culprit as she knows her well and says someone else must be Rida’s murderer. Rehan says how can she believe Surayya. Aaliya says she knows he wants Rida’s murderer to be punished, but she knows Surayya is innocent and does not want her punished.

Rehan sleeps on the couch while Aaliya sleeps on bed. They both don’t get sleep whole night.

Bilal enjoys juice beside swimming pool and asks Zarina how is she feeling. She says even she is enjoying and says she does not want Surayya to be released as she wants to enjoy her position here. Zain and Aaliya comes there. Zarina gets tensed seeing them and tries to explain, but Zain who has not heard her conversation says he needs help and asks why did she stop Surayya from helping Rida. Zarina says Surayya was driving rashly and crushed Rida. Aaliya asks why did she stop her from taking Rida to hospital. ZArina says she was concerned about Surayya and saw her panicked, was worried that she would get heart attack, so she took her from there. Aaliya says Zain that she does not believe Zarina a bit. Zain says even he does not believe her. She says we should check the accident spot once, he agrees.

Zain and Aaliya reach Rida’s accident spot. Zain says there is nothing in this spot as accident happened 4 years ago. Aaliya asks him to be positive and to believe her. She says let us check this place and see if we can understand anything. Zain shows her airport 1 km sign board. He says accident happened around 12 midnight and Rida was going to airport without informing Rehan and tells the probability that must have happened. Rehan reaches there, claps and says they have created a good story and says Surayya will not be proved innocent with it. He says Zain that according to evidences, Rid’s car was intact and asks him to stop finding baseless clues. He asks them both if they are not shameless to call Rida characterless.

Aaliya tells Zain that they should check Rida’s background and starts checking Rida’s social network account. Zain says it is already 4 years. She says we can check at least. She finds Rida’s faceboook account with a status update that she is tired of life and I hate you.

Precap: Judge pronounces Surayya as innocent and Rehan as guilty and orders to arrest him.

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  1. Precap is quite shocking. It means rehan will transform into villain.

  2. Omg so rehaan was the cause of his wife’s death how shocking

  3. i heard that rehaans track will end soon and zaya’s wedding prepartions will start i think it is in fb

  4. Thats good what is happening

  5. Rehan is the culprit he pushed rida in front of Suraiya’s car

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