Qubool Hai 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

*Finally the much discussed swap, Tanveer getting to taste her own medicine.*

Aahil signs the papers, Sanam doesn’t…but Khalu thinks she signs and informs Tanveer that sanam has signed the papers.

Razia kidnaps Sanam and replaces Seher in place of Sanam and also takes away the papers. Tanver trying to stab Seher thinking it is Sanam but Seher stops her and pushes her on ground. Tanveer gets hurt. Glad atleast someone is able to counter Billi.

Dilshad realizes that Razia had swapped the twins. Razia instructs her men not to hurt Sanam.
Tanveer tells Aahil that Sanam had hurt her.

Aahil tries to get first aid box for Tanveer , Sanam sees him and try to call Aahil but he doesn’t see her. Aahil sees her mobile. Sanam runs behind Aahil but before Aahil could see Razia makes Sanam unconscious.

Seher tells Razia that she cannot do this as she doesn’t want to risk her life.Razia asks Seher to act like Sanam. Seher tells her that no one would believe her. Razia offers her one crore and hence she agrees..

Rehaan takes care of Tanveer but she thinks it is Aahil and blabbers. Rehaan is hurt.Rehaan says he was about to go but stayed back as she was not well. Tanveer realizes that Sanam hasn’t signed and tells Rehaan that everything will be fine soon. And Rehaan is hurt and leaves from there. Tanveer tries to stop him giving him her kasam and Rehaan stops.

Precap: Tanveer warning Seher and she twists tanveer’s hand… So finally Tanveer gets a taste of her own medicine.

Update Credit to: ssrdj

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  1. Finally!!!!

  2. So Seher NOT EVEN curious how she could pass for another woman so easily!?!??! It hasn’t crossed her mind that she is half of a twin!?!?!? Not making enquiries, nothing! Stupid though.

  3. La Belle Broken N'gel

    Why the episode was so short??

    1. the epi wasn’t short…the description is short


  5. I don’t want to say but lots of things don’t make any sense at all, why seher not inquiring about Sanam, Rehan not telling anything to anyone about tanvir’s truth,Sanam could inform police tanvir’s plan. But, I still love to watch QH, just coz of Surbhi and KV 🙂

    1. same here roma

  6. The person who updated this… very good straight to the point and finally Tanveer meeting her match

  7. Only for KV.

  8. As long as they don’t kill Sanam and won’t create confusion in SaHil I’m good. I would love to see SaHil, Sehan, RaYa pairs together and evil Tanvir billo to die or back in the jail. Tanu to dead be better,coz last time she ran from jail. :-/

  9. its stupid how tanveer is blind and have so much power and know where to go and know who to talk too…come on man!!…send her back to hell……..dilshad can point to seher, hold on to a car, roll her wheel chair and can’t take off the black head tie on her face…..the writers need to be more realistic ..still love qubool hai..my favorite series

  10. i agree with priya

  11. Writers r ruining the show too many mixup s as if razia is suddenly going to change and what has razing planned goodness writers have an idea then write the script don’t change as the wind blows don’t ruin a good show thanks

  12. why sehar not enquirer about sanam

  13. U writers dnt hav any more stories to tell,den finish off da show,dis Tanveer nonsense is gettin too borin,we luv QH,but its da same old story not movin,evrytin in da same olace all da time,u writers are gettin us bored,pls move on alredi

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