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Beintehaa 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nafisa says Zarina that she cannot see Zain and Aaliya suffering and will inform Surayya about her mistake. Zarian asks her to think about her children. Nafisa says she will at any cost tell it to Surayya and walks out. Zarina calls Bilal and asks him to kill Nafisa. Bilal sees Nafisa on road and says he will drop her to Surayya’s office. She agrees on his insistence. He then signals his goon to crush her with his truck. Truck accidents Bilal instead of her by mistake. Nafisa sees that and gathers crowd. She sees Zarina’s call on Bilal’s phone and picks it. Zarina asks if work is done. Nafisa informs her about Bilal’s accident.

Nafisa reaches Surayya office and informs her about her mistake and asks her not to blame Aaliya anymore. Surayya slaps her.

Bilal reaches home with bandages all over his body, writhing in pain. Zarina says he is looking like his father, slaps him and says she thinks he must have been exchanged in hospital. Shaziya come there and Zarina takes Bilal from there, saying she will get him herbal medicine. Shaziya sees Surayya coming Nafisa and thinks something is wrong. Surayya reaches Zain’s office and says him that she came to know that Aaliya is innocent. Nafisa says she dolt about her mistake to Surayya. Surayya apologizes Zain for separating him from Aaliya and says she will make sure Nafisa is punished. Nafisa gets worried hearing that. Surayya says she did not believe Nafisa would do this and says she will inform Fahad about her mistake. Zain asks her to stop and asks till when she will continue taking revenge and says you are the main culprit. He says Nafisa did this after a long time, but you are hating Aaliya from the beginning and tried so many things to separate us. He says he will not let her separate Nafisa and Fahad. Surayya starts crying. Zain says her hatred has taken out love from this house and she should forgive Nafisa now. Surayya promises him and kisses his forehead. Zain happily hugs her.

Rehan gets ready for office and comes down. Zara says Aaliya has prepared his favourite matar paneer for him. He does not reply tries to walk into his room. Aaliya says kids said matar paneer is his favourite, so she prepared it. Zara says she will not eat if he does not eat. Rehan feeds her matar paneer and says ammi/Aaliya would be angry if he does not eat. Zara asks him to feed Aaliya also. He says only kids are fed and says he will leave for office now.

Aaliya sees Rida’s accident case file and reads details about it. She sees a ring pic and remembers Surayya also having same one and missing it. Surayya reaches there. Aaliya is shocked to hear that. Aaliya asks if she knows it. Surayya says she knows that she and Rehan does not like coming to their home, but she came to apologize for her mistake. She says she did very bad to you, Usman, Zain, and whole family members, especially you and starts crying. Aaliya asks her to sit. Surayya says after knowing the truth, I am unable to forgive myself. Aaliya asks what truth. Surayya says Nafisa told everything. Aaliya says Nafisa is lying and she made a mistake. Surayya says she heard about angels and saw one today. She stretches her hands to hugs her. Aaliya emotionally hugs her. Surayya asks why did she ruin her life to save Nafisa and apologizes her again. Aaliya wipes her tears and says a mother should not apologize her daughter.

Surayya apologizes Rehan’s kids for her troubling them and says she will not trouble them and their ammi from now on. Kids hug her. She then sees Rida’s accident pics and gets tensed seeing her ring and Rida. She points at Rida’s pic nervously. Zara says she is her ammi and is no more.

Precap: Rehan calls ACP, says he found Rida’s murderer and gets Surayya arrested. He then gives Aaliya second divorce.

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  1. Surraya the idiot is repenting now, it’s all fake as usual I guess

  2. I love you faizan

  3. Faizan faizan faizan faizan you are my jaaaaaaaaaaan

  4. Do u guys think that this serial will maintain its trp??? Kitna boring bana diya is serial ko

  5. Beintehaa is finishing very soon , it’s going to end on a happy note. Rehan will get justice, zain and aliya will reunite and everyone will live happily forever. Aur beintehaa katham

  6. I think it’s true rehaan finds out it was suraya who killed his wife and he will divorce aliya and she and Zain will get together and be happy end of beintehaa

  7. Rehan said to Aliya, you helped me find Ridas murderer and I will help you now then gives her second divorce. This made it look like she deliberately helped Fehan so Suraiya would get caught. Is Zain really going to re marry her if he thinks she is the one who helped put his mum in prison? If so its not a very happy ending. Us an dead, Suraiya in prison, Rida dead, Shazia continues to make Nafisas life miserable, and with Suraiya in prison, Zarina can live happily in Barkat.

  8. I think that beintehaa is going good

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