Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shobha getting a big bouquet and Rs 10000 bill. She says I did not order this. Mummy ji says I ordered it for Garima’s engagement and pays the bill. Shobha explains her the reality and asks from where did she get money. Mummy ji says from Tarun, can’t I take money from him, if Samarth did so much for him. Tarun likes a house and shows his wife Riddhima. He says we will get more properties like this. They go to meet Shobha. His friend drinks wine there and Tarun asks him to syop it, as Mummy ji may catch him. Shobha is glad seeing Riddhima and hugs her. She gets upset seeing Tarun. Riddhima asks about preparations and asks her to come.

Tarun and his friend Ajay get inside and Ajay touches Mummy ji’s feet to greet her. Tarun asks Ajay to sit well. Ajay says he is starting new business. Mummy ji says its good you came. Tarun acts sweet. Mummy ji says its only Tarun who supported her after Samarth got arrested. Tarun says always, we are family. Vikram is having a hair treatment done and talks to Saurabh. Saurabh asks him to come fast and explain Sanjay not to get hitched. Vikram asks the man to get it washed soon, as he can’t wait for four hours. The man says Sir, can’t wash it, as it may lead to hair fall. Vikram calls Saurabh and says he cab;t come before four hours. Saurabh says fine, come later, but talk to Sanjay.

The man says its Japanese magical cream. Vikram reacts asking him to do more magic. The guests come in the engagement function. Garima, Shobha and family comes to Sanjay’s home. Mummy ji says Tarun is like my son, so he came with us. Saurabh’s wife welcomes them and tells him to come. She asks where is Vikram. He says he is coming, he is busy. She says all guests came, get him fast, only he can do something now. He says yes, I will call him again. Sanjay gets ready and comes. He looks at Garima and smiles. They compliment each other. Shobha sees them and smiles.

She asks Garima to go and meet Sanjay. Vikram comes there. Shobha passes by and the flower vase falls by her saree end. She stops. Vikram looks at her and does not see her face. He picks the flowers. She says sorry and thanks. She turns as Riddhima takes her. He says can’t handle weight and wore such a heavy saree. He says from where is this bad smell coming, lets go and sees Saurabh. He hugs Saurabh. Their friends pull Saurabh’s leg. Vikram asks where is Sanjay. Saurabh says he will be in his room.

Vikram says lets go and focus on Sanjay. Saurabh says I will get him. Vikram and his friends goes to get starters. Shobha says she will see Garima and goes keeping her juice glass. Vikram feels hot and sees the juice glass. He takes it with a hanky and Jia stops him from drinking. She says OMG, whats this naughty and ill mannered girl doing here. He asks what is she doing here. She says its my mum’s glass and its engagement is of Bua.He thinks he is dreaming and checks. She bites his finger and he says oohh………. He thinks about Garima, Jia’s bua and smiles. He says ok, fine and is happy to break her engagement.

Ajay eyes Garima. Tarun says the engagement should be yours. Ajay says Garima’s record is stuck at Sanjay, who knew Samarth will go to jail. Tarun says so what, they still have much money, Shobha came in between else Garima would have been with you. Saurabh comes to Sanjay and Garima and asks Sanjay to come. Vikram talks to Sanjay. Vikram makes a drink for him, and starts influencing him saying about side effects about marriage. Saurabh hears them. Sanjay says he loves Garima.

Vikram says his bitter words about love, engagement and marriage. Sanjay says maybe you are talking about extreme cases. Vikram asks him to see Saurabh, when did you get his voice last time. He says he did not get into relationships, as he needs focus in life. Shobha sees Garima nervous and talks to her while correcting her makeup. She says Sanjay knows your value, you both are friends first, everything will be fine. Garima smiles. Shobha says she will see Sanjay and goes to him. She hears Vikram talking to Sanjay about Samarth, who cheated the country, everyone will laugh on him. he says I feel all the family is fraud. Shobha can’t see his face. Vikram goes towards mirror and she sees his face. He says everyone is same in this family. He speaks bad about Samarth. Shobha looks on shocked.

Everyone talk in party about Samarth. Mummy ji hears them backbiting about Samarth and is angry. She goes to them and taunts them as they have taken favors from Samarth. She insults them sweetly. The man says I did not take any favor from Samarth, what he did with the country is disgusting. She says really, I will tell Samarth this when he comes out. Tarun says it’s the chance to strike and supports Mummy ji. The man tells Saurabh to manage this, as Samarth is traitor. Saurabh asks her to leave it. She says why are you stopping me, ask him to apologize. Mummy ji is angry and Saurabh’s wife says we are getting Garima and Sanjay engage after knowing all this. Tarun scolds them.

Shobha comes worried. Tarun says they are insulting Samarth and mummy ji. Garima says you can’t talk like this to my mum, please apologize. Vikram brings Sanjay there and asks him to see that his family is being insulted. He smiles. Shobha looks at Vikram as he smiles seeing them fight. He comes to know she is Samarth’s wife and does pity on her. He jokes. Garima talks to Sanjay and they argue. Their engagement gets to a halt by the family’s dispute. Shobha sees Vikram. Vikram smiles winning the streak. She gets angry.

Shobha scolds Vikram. He says love is not there in my life and jokes. He taunts her about Samarth and love gone wrong in her life. She gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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