Beintehaa 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 11th April 2014 Written Update

Aaliya says Zain that Barkat is in the marriage hall. Zain asks her to check on the right side and he will check left side. They both start searching Barkath. Zain checks grooms to find Nasir Khan and Aaliya checks bride to find Barkath. Security person catches Zain and asks what is he doing. Zain says it is his marriage. He asks to go and perform Nikah then. Meer Khan comes with Moulvi saheb, but they both don’t see him. Zain asks Aaliya if she found Barkath, she says no. She asks about Nasir Khan and says if they find Nasir Khan, they will automatically find Barkath. Lady there asks Zain and Aaliya to get ready for Nikah as it is getting late. Aaliya asks Zain to get ready soon as he takes much time. Meer Khan goes and sits next to Nasir Khan. Nasir Khan asks him to start Nikah ceremony soon

and be careful as Usman’s family came to know about their plan.

Zain and Aaliy get ready as bride and groom and come for Nikah ceremony. Singer there sings ishq wo bala hai… ishq ki sazishen… song. Zain and Aaliya walk toward Nikah venue seeing each other romantically. They both sit for Nikah. Zain asks Aaliya what is she thinking. She says nothing. She asks him to search Barkath until their Nikah starts. She asks him not to call as caretaker already informed Nasir Khan about them and they cannot lose the chance to find Barkath. Zain says he wanted to search Barkath, but got stuck in stupid Nikah. Aaliya says he wanted to get away from Nikah, but he is getting married twice to her. Zain says he says it is because of her wish that they are marrying again. He says om shanti om dialogue…itni shiddat se… She says he did not get over Om stanti om’s hangover. A bride from crowd comes and says he is not that good to get Aaliya as his bride and asks him to exchange the bride. He says his mother used to call her as chand and he will get a chand ka tukda, so he is perfect for Aaliya. Zain asks what does he do. He says he is a butcher. Zain says she is also a butcher and their match is perfect. Chand asks Zain to call the bride and introduce him. Zain says his marriage is arranged with Aaliya/Saira, so he cannot do that and asks him to go from there.

Reports come to the venue and says they got a news that a 70-year-old man is marrying a small girl. Lady there says shey got the wrong news. Moulvi says he will introduce the bride and groom and introduces Zain/Aaliya as Abdul Rashid Khan and Saira Tariq Anwar. Moulvi saheb starts nikah and asks them if they agree for the Nikah. They both say qubool hai. Aaliya says life has brought them to the same point where they started it, their nikah. Their story started with hatred, but now they have become one soul, she has Zain is the best damad and best Jiju of world who helped his parents in their bad days. She says she has not started loving him, but as a friend he is very good. She will accept nikah accepting Zain as her friend. Moulvi saheb again asks them they accept the Nikah. They both say manzoor hai. People there congratulate them.

Precap: Moulvi asks Barkath if she accepts Nikah with Nasir Khan. Meer Khan asks her to accept, but Zain comes and asks to stop the nikah.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow so exciting. Preetika rao looks nice in neon shades.

  2. Dimple jhangiani shall play barkat

  3. Dimple jhangiani ‘ll play barkat.

  4. this serial is amazing u know why because it dosent has any saas bahu drama story is simple.I enjoy it a lot, tey dont take much time to open the secret thats why i say hhis aazingats offffffffff to t serial

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