Balika Vadhu 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 11th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with the groom Vivek coming to the marriage venue with the baraat. Amol praises Saachi and Vivek. Suhasini is seen enjoying the marriage. Rakhi looks on from far. Ira welcomes Vivek and does his aarti. Vivek looks at Saachi. Saachi smiles and feels shy. Ira pulls his nose. Rakhi laughs. Payal asks Vivek not to stare Saachi much. Everyone smiles. Ira tells Vivek about the coconut breaking rituals. He breaks the coconut. Panditji asks them to exchange garlands. Saachi and Vivek look at each other. Payal asks Vivek not to bend. Anandi says, you are Saachi’s friend. Payal says, today I came from Vivek’s side.

Vivek says, I can’t say anything. Vivek’s parents come to the venue. Rakhi looks at them. People start gossip that they are Vivek’s parents. Vivek parents comes. His father asks, won’t you take our blessings? Vivek turns and asks you are here? His mom gives him something and says this is gift from our side. His father asks him to read it. Vivek reads it and is shocked. His father tells aloud that we are no longer related to him. We have broken all ties with him since today. He can’t give us fire when we die, even after our death. Everyone are shocked. Daddu tells Mr. Kabra that he can understand his pain and says blood relations, emotional relations can’t be broken with paper. He says, it is good to forgive our children. Give blessings to your son and accept your daughter in law. Vivek’s mom says, I can’t bless this witch. Everyone are shocked.

Daddu asks them to leave. Vivek’s parents leave. Vivek looks sad. Daddu asks, are you okay? Vivek nods in a yes. Daddu asks Saachi to exchange the garlands. Saachi and Vivek exchange garlands. Everyone claps including Rakhi. Everyone are happy. They sit for the marriage. Ira and Alok do the gatbandhan. Panditji asks them to do Kanyadaan. They take the rounds. Everyone shower flower petals on them. Vivek fills Saachi’s maang with sindoor. Panditji declares them husband and wife. Vivek looks at Saachi. Saachi smiles. Rakhi gets emotional and says congrats bhai.

Dadisaa tells Sumitra to take care of Nandu. Mannu comes back with Ganga and Jagya. Sumitra and Dadisaa are happy to see him. Dadisaa asks, you came back to us. She hugs him. Jagya says, Mannu is back with us for forever. Nandu kisses Mannu. Jagya says, Ratan said that Mannu will live with Ganga and will be called as our son. Sumitra asks, what happened? Jagya says, miracle had happened. We got ready to handover Mannu to him but he gave him back to brighten his future. He tells everything in flashback. Dadisaa says, it is not less than a miracle. She says, Nandu is responsible for this miracle. She thanks Devimaa and praises Nandu for having immense faith on her. Everyone thank Devimaa. Dadisaa does Mannu’s tilak and asks him to do the pranaam. She smiles.

VO :- Even in tough situations , a person should not loose faith in god as their faith is the power to achieve success .

During their wedding night, Vivek tries to get close to Saachi. Saachi asks him to stay away from her. Vivek asks, what happened? She reacts strange.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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