Beintehaa 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surayya sends rat as gift to Aaliya and asks Bilal to give it to her. Bilal frees rats in Aaliya’s dhaba silently.

Aaliya sees Zain coming back holding chiken. She is a small town girl…. song plays in the background. Aaliya reminisces him send to get chicken and eggs from Rahim chacha and feels sad for him. Servant praises Zain for getting chicken. Zain says Aaliya she asked him to get chicken, so he got 3 chicken and 4th one is herself. She gives him jeera rice and asks to remove jeera from it. Zain agrees and sits on table to sort out jeera. She asks him to sit in kitchen instead, else leave her dhaba. He agrees and starts separating. He reminds her of their mustard incident and says she is trying to take revenge now. He then removes his shirt. she asks him to wear his shirt back. He says he is feeling hot and asks if she checks everyone’s clothes, goes closer to her and smells her hair. She feels good at first but then turns and asks why is he misbehaving. He says he is not. She says she is his owner and says she does not like it. He asks why and gets even closer to her. Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai… song plays in the background. She reminisces kissing him in rain. They both romantically look at each other silently. She then pushes him and gets shy. Cooker blows off and she worriedly hugs him. Zain gets happy hugging her. They both sit hugging each other. She asks what happened. He says one which did not happen since 1 year.

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Aaliya separates herself from Zain. Zain sees rat and shouts. Aaliya gets worried and hugs him. She asks how did her dhaba get rats. He says he does not know. She goes to kitchen and sees rat all over. Food inspector comes to check dhaba and says he will close dhaba if he finds any dirt. Zain says how will he know about rats. Aaliya shuts his mouth and says if food inspector sees rats, her dhaba will be closed. Zain starts talking romantically. Servant says food inspector that they are newly married and are romancing and to go somewhere else. Food inspector asks to let him inspect kitchen. Zain asks what problem he has, why is he not letting him romance his wife. Zain asks Aaliya to continue acting and they both start naughty romantic talk. Inspector’s secretary says they both love each other and we should not disturb them. Zain says Aaliya he was waiting this moment since long. Ishq dua… song plays in the background. Aaliya also hugs him emotionally. Zain and Aaliya see rat coming near them, but continue their naughty talks. Inspector says they must really have met after 1 year and leaves with his sertary. Once he leaves, Aaliya punches Zain’s stomach and he writhes in pain, but does not leave her. He asks her to give him one more chance. She slaps him. All servants are shocked to see that.

Precap: Aaliya asks Zain why should she forgive her. Zain asks her to punish him, but to give him once chance. Aaliya says his challenge starts now.

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  1. Love is in the air

  2. very true tasveer

  3. Aaliya… just forgive him…..

  4. Like it…

  5. Aliya teri to aysi ki taisi
    Zain teri bhi aysi ki taisi

  6. Aliya tu kutti kamini manhoos hai

  7. Show is going to end soon…happy ending

  8. just two more weeks..then we will miss zaya

  9. it will end? i thought d time slot wud change! bt y d hell dont dey end mindless shows lyk uttaran or sasural simar ka???

  10. Is any new show comjng at 9

  11. its seriously gonna end!!!!!!???????????

  12. whether really they are going to finish the show? if so then colors channel should grow up. why they are not stopping useless serial like sasural simar ka? Beinteha is the no 1 serial in colors but they are going to stop it means thats all.. at least they can show it in other timing. because of big boss, they can change the time right? i dont know whats going on…

  13. Benitehaa is not going of air . It is coming at 11 pm

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