Nadaan Parindey 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe giving a Janimaaz to Iqbal and asks him to offer Namaz. He says you are saying this. She says I don’t believe is caste, Lord made us and we have divided him and the land he gave us, we divided the air and water. He says we divided the hearts too. Iqbal says if you can, you would have erased the border. She says wall created hatred and breaks, I learnt to unite, love has power. He says you are right and asks about Meher. She says she was tired and went to sleep. She asks him to offer Namaz soon. She asks him to pray for Sameer. Haye rabba……………..plays…………… Iqbal hugs her. He says he will pray for everyone’s happiness and for her, that Lord does not give her any tears again. She says pray and come down, I will make tea and breakfast. She leaves.

Iqbal sits for offering Namaz. Ya Maula………………….plays……………. We makes Wazu and prays. Meher gets up and says she kept clothes for drying and goes to take them. She comes on the terrace and is shocked to see Iqbal offering Namaz. Iqbal is shocked too seeing her. She says Sameer, what are you doing. He gets tensed. She runs to Bebe. He sees her running and wants to stop her. Meher tells Bebe that she went to terrace and she saw Sameer offering Namaz and praying. Bebe is shocked. Iqbal hears them. Meher says I don’t know, why will he offer Namaz, who is he, I m going mad.

She asks Bebe to come to the room. Iqbal runs and comes to them. Meher says I m tensed, I can’t believe. Bebe says you are not well. Meher says listen to me. Bebe looks at Iqbal. Meher tells everything again. Bebe says Sameer was praying Namaz, you did not sleep all night, so you saw wrong, why will he offer Namaz, Meher says I saw him and he looked different, did he change his religion and did he force him. Bebe says no, he is always coming to Gurudwara, maybe he is fooling you, by acting. Meher says why will he, I will call Bau ji. Bebe says why, I will ask him. Meher says no, ask him now, call him here and ask him. Meher says I felt he is not Sameer.

Iqbal comes and says yes, I m not Sameer, I m Iqbal Khan, from across the border. Meher is shocked and asks what is this joke. Iqbal says he is saying the truth. He says Bebe he is not her son, but a look alike of Sameer, he is an army man. He asks Bebe to act with him and not say she knows the truth/ He talks to them with disrespect. Meher says you are lying. Iqbal says you are a fool, I was offering Namaz, you know why I married you, why did I not love you. He says you love Sameer and don’t identify me. He says you did not understand when I shut the door on your face. Bebe and Meher cry.

Meher asks Bebe whats this, where is Sameer, ask him. Bebe says what did this happen, the world is shaking. Where is my Sameer. Iqbal says Sameer is in jail across the border. He says I came here in his place, I learnt all his nuances and then came to act. He says he was unlucky to go there. He says he is Iqbal whom Maseeta stated. He says Maseeta was my man, but I had to kill him. He says only Purab doubted on me, he is very clever, he was after me. Meher thinks about Purab’s words. Iqbal says see Purab is in hospital bed because of me. He says he is very bad and dangerous. Meher says if all this is true, then you are gone. Bebe will not leave you. Bebe says lets go to police station and report.

Iqbal says don’t do anything if you want your son, else I will kill him. Meher is shocked. Iqbal says my mission has to end, if anyone of you does something, everyone will die here. Bebe says don’t kill my son. Meher says you will kill Sameer, I will kill you. Iqbal slaps Meher and hurts her. Iqbal says you won’t speak till I m here. He says he will kill everyone. He pushes her on the bed. Bebe looks at him. He leaves.

Iqbal comes in his room and cries as he has hurt Meher. He says he hugged Bebe and not have made Meher cry. He feels guilty. He says he does not have any option. He says I had to do this one day. He says Meher’s hatred is the answer of all questions, I will hear her taunts and curses. He says she will forget that she loved me, she will stay away from me, if I go from here, she will not miss me, she will not cry. He says I don’t deserve Meher’s love, I want her hatred.

Meher tells Bebe what did we do, we were happy that Sameer came back, but he is across the border in jail. Bebe says don’t know what Lord is doing. Meher says what did I do, it’s a sin. I loved this man, and married him. What will I do now. Bebe says you love Sameer and this is not Sameer. Meher says no, I love him, I felt Sameer changed and he is like I wanted. Bebe is shocked. She says I don’t understand. She asks Meher to tell her mind that this is not Sameer, he is a dangerous man who came to cheat a mother, he can do anything. Meher says I m his wife now, I did not know, why did I love him. She falls and cries. Bebe says don’t cry. She asks Meher did she cross her limits.

Meher says he is in my heart now, I have give my life to him, what do I have now. Bebe says you will forget everything. Meher says if not then. She says he loves me, I know he loves me. What he said now is a lie, else he would have not told Purab’s truth. He did not know Mama will kill him, he stopped Minty and Purab’s marriage, he loves me. Bebe says he said he does not love you. He wants to ruin you. Meher says then why did he not do, it was not hard to ruin me, why did he not get physical with me till now, why did he keep the dignity of this thread, he loves me. Rabba………………plays……………..

Iqbal says he will torture Meher and everything will be fine, he will make Meher hate him, she will then love Sameer. He will leave from here forever. Bebe cries.

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  1. so called love story…..poor sameer…..i wish he got meher….he had bear so much…only for meher….even get shot by purab…..oh!!!….but meher and iqbal is the jodi,i know it….nothing gonna be change….

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