Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 58 # past deed

Hello peeepies aagyi me.

Guys today  is my 1st day of college..

Let’s start

Scene 1

Riddhima’s pov

I ran from his room crying vigorously..

I just wanted to go away from that place..

My legs automatically ran towards the main door..

The door guard stopped me but  after seeing my blood shot eye he let me go..

Running towards the park opposite to our mansion ups..sorry his mansion i sat on the bench sobbing..

I just hate myself for loving him..but deep down my heart also know i shouldn’t have said that hurtful words to him..

For world he is great mafia god but only i know how sensitive he is when it comes to emotions..

I badly wanted to punish myself for hurting him..

But his malicious deed kept refraining me from being pathetic towards him..

I closed my eyes drowning again into the past..

Flashback start

(When i was 6 years old)

“Maasi..maasi..catch me” i shouted running in the garden ..

“Pari..baccha stop na.. otherwise ansh will scold u if u get hurt” maasi said taking me in her arms..

Kissing my forehead she kept playing with me..

Suddenly bhooommmm!!! a A loud gun shot heard and i hugged uma maasi in fear..

“Uma.. raisinghania give this b*t*h to me” a man holding gun shouted making me clutch maasi’s saree more..

The mere thought of going away from maasi and ansh scared the shit out of me..

“Noo..i am not going” i cried hugging her more.

“Thakraal just go from here” maasi shouted hugging me tightly..

Suddenly several man holding gun surrounded us..

“What this little girl did with u please leave her” maasi said crying to that bad uncle..

” She didn’t..but her father did.. taking up a loan of 100 crores from me and then died without paying his daughter will serve me” he said and i cried..

I never heard anything about my papa and mumma…but that made me cry..

That bad uncle came and started seperating me from maasi..

I cried trying not to leave her pallu but that uncle snatched me..

“Anshhhhh” i cried in hope my knight will come soon to save me..

Thudddd!!! I pushed that bad uncle with all the strength i had..

He fell on the floor..with slightest cut on his forehead..

“You will pay little girl” he said and pointed a gun towards maasi..

My can’t hurt her.. picking the gun which was lying few meters away from me..i pointed towards him..( nobody will ask where the hell that gun came..mene rkhi thi waha😎 hai kisi ko koi dikkat??)

But he pulled maasi with him keeping a gun on his forehead..

I kept that gun in his direction but i don’t what that thing is..

Why they are scaring me with that..all i knew was we can scare anyone by this .

He pushed maasi away and bhoooommm!!

Maasi fell cluthching her stomach on ground..

I ran towards her holding the gun in my hand..

I didn’t kill her..but my ansh blamed me for that..

How much i tried to make him understand but he didn’t listen to me..

He just saw holding me a gun😭..

Flashback ends

I thought he was angry on me..but I didn’t know he could go to that extent for taking revenge on me…

I will never forgive you vansh for solding me to that thakraal..

Flashback starts

Next day after maasi’s death..

I was sobbing in my room suddenly that bad uncle barged in the room again holding that stupid gun..i just hate took my maasi’s life and made my ansh away from me..

“Anshhhhh” i cried as he dragged me outside the house..

” You are going with me b*t*h” bad uncle shouted pulling my hairs..

“My ansh won’t let u take me..” i said with full confidence..

“He was the one who said me to take you in exchange of money..

He sold u to me for some penny” bad uncle said  and my eyes widened in shock..

I was too small to understand that things but i understood that he is blaming my ansh..

“ ansh can’t do this” i shouted and he slapped me hard..

“Anshhhhh” i said with trembling lips as he came to rescue me..

“Ansh see na he is taking away me from u..and he also said that u asked him to take me with him..” i cried clutching his one leg as he was too tall in front of my  petite frame..

“He is right..i said him to take u ” he roared with blood shot eyes pushing me on ground..

My elbow started bleeding but he stood their emotionless.

I wondered is he really my ansh or not!!

He can’t tolerate even a slightest scratch on me and now he was the one who hurted me..

Bad uncle started dragging me and i kept shouting to him in hope he will stop me but he didn’t..

Flashback ends..

Vansh’s pov

I strolled in the whole mansion searching for my sweetheart..

No doubt i was badly hurt by her behaviour..but i know about my little kitten..

Must be searching a new trick to escape from here..

I was walking towards kitchen suddenly my gaze felt on study..

Why on the earth the lights of study are on..

Angre never goes there without me..

Walking hurriedly towards the study i barged in pushing the door with thuddd…

“Angre” i muttured as soon as i saw him standing near book shelf..

“Bo..bos..wo ap..yaha” he fumbled with his speech..

” What the hell are u doing here” i asked in my deep baritone

“Boss.. actually i was searching for you ” he said but i was not convinced by his words..

“Where is riddhima” i asked and his expression changed

“Bhai..bhabhi is nowhere to be seen in the house” Maanyata said coming from back .

“Holy shit!! She ran away and u are saying this to me now” i shouted both of them making flinched at their spot..

“Boss she can’t go away guards are everywhere ..u plz go to your room ” he said and i narrowed my eyes..

I m the boss or he is..since when he started giving orders to me..

“I want her in next one hour ” i shouted pointing my finger towards him..

“Bhai..plz relex let’s go i will give u  a head massage” Maanyata said dragging me from study to my room..

Why i felt something was fishy..

Pov ends..

Riddhima’s pov

I hate him since that day.. first he didn’t listen to me..

And then sold me for some penny..

You killed that innocent pari in me that day..

Now forgiving u is not even in the option …

I got up for going back to his golden cage as i know escaping from here is of no use..

Suddenly i felt to strong arms around me..

I opened my mouth to shout but instantly someone closed my mouth with their palm..

I wriggled but that person dragged me away from the mansion’s sight..

Taking me to the main room..the person tried to drag me more but i pushed that person detaching myself from him..

Turning towards that person i was about to shout but seeing the person i froze at my place.

“Youuu” i murmured in shock..

Pov ends

Done done dana done ✅

Ab wala thoda bda tha😎..

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