Tejo TS – I needed to lose you to love me (Part 4)

” aacha ji, mujhe miss kar rahe ho ya meri haath ka khaane ko” Tejo smiles as she speaks on the phone.

” Dono ko bhabhi” Ishaan replies to her,” you have spoilt me very much bhabhi”

” And I miss you so much” ishaan says from the other end.

” Theek hai, finish your work in London and come back ” she says and hangs up the phone. She was fidgeting with her phone debating something when she felt her husband’s hand encircling her to waist from behind and pulling her closer.

” What happened?!” Yuvraj asked her, as he rested his chin on her shoulder. She tried to shove him away still angry with the morning incident.

” Aaj subah ko lekar itna gussa” Yuvraj smiled as he kissed her shoulder.

Tejo huffed,” this is not going to work everytime”

” What will not work everytime?!” Yuvraj asks her innocently brushing his lips over her ear shell. She pushed him slightly and turned to face him. Her resolve to stay angry with him dissolved in a second when she looked at his adorable face and the way he was holding his ears and uttering sorry. She smiled inspite of not wanting to.

” Aye, this gorgeous smile is such a killer!” Yuvraj exclaimes making tejo’s cheeks redden in form of blush.

” Stop flirting with me and go to work. Should not you to be visiting factories right now?” Tejo reprimanded him.

Yuvraj frowns and rants how unromantic she was, he doesn’t stop here goes on ranting how their romantic moment got spoiled. Tejo sends him a warning look which finally makes him shut his mouth off and he walks away sulking and muttering how she always does this leaving tejo chuckling with his antics like everytime.

After dealing with her husband’s antics and having a laugh at it, Tejo glances at her phone for a few moments and dials adhiraj’s number without thinking about the consequences. She has done nothing wrong to be afraid of and decides she had enough of hiding . The phone rings for a while before someone answers it from the other end. Tejo clears her throat before she speaks to her favorite cousin after four years of separation.

The Sandhus after years were extraordinaryly happy when adhiraj had informed them that tejo had decided to come and visit them with her husband. Though little sad that tejo has married without their permission but still they were very happy and started preparing to warmly welcome her. Satti even wanted to inform jasmine about tejo’s arrival so that jasmine and fateh come and ask forgiveness but was forbidden by her husband who told her tejo would not be comfortable with Jasmine’s presence. So she had to keep quiet and thought to inform jasmine later.

Tejo stood outside the sandhu house feeling whirlpool of emotions running through her when she glanced at her once house. It had been long time she realized looking at the changes from outside.

” So shall we move ahead!” Yuvraj asks her in his cheerful voice making her come back to reality, she nods brushing off her emotions for time being.

” You will be alright and if you are not, you just have to look at me once and I will make it right” Yuvraj assures her as he holds tejo’s hand. Tejo nods smilingly at his words knowing that she doesn’t face anything alone now, she will have him with her always. They were about to move inside, when the sandhu family rushed out towards them enthusiastically. Tejo was moved away from Yuvraj and was shoved from one family member to another family member who kept hugging her and kissing her. Yuvraj stood here not interfering and understanding the family’s emotions of seeing their daughter after years but still he could not fully warm up to this family who were equally responsible for tejo’s pain in the past. When the family had enough of hugging tejo, they finally moved their attention towards him when tejo introduced him, he smiled stiffly at them and bend down to touch their feet and was greeted with a hug. Tejo’s cousins and her younger brother were the only people Yuvraj genuinely liked in her family because he felt unlike the other unlike the other members of the sandhu family they were not partial towards Jasmine and valued tejo. They moved inside the house,Tejo and he sat in the sofa with the other family members who kept questioning them with their weird questions, he answered most of them patiently. Her cousins were mostly in teasing mode and did not leave a chance to make tejo flustered. Yuvraj usually did not mind the teasing and smilingly participating in it delighting tejo’s cousins and annoying tejo who glared at him.

” Par Yuvraj beta, why are you leaving your well established business in London and settling in Punjab now?” Satti asks him all most curious.

Tejo wanted to answer her mother that not everyone wanted to leave their motherland and leave abroad forever but Yuvraj answered her mother before she could open her mouth to tell anything.

” I and ishaan have lived my whole life in London and I’m not lying we had a very good life here” Yuvraj says ” but when we met tejo we realized that there is no use of earning so much if we don’t do anything for the land from where my parents are from, so we decided to come and settle in india. As far as business is concerned, we are just moving our main branch here and it will not affect anything”

The Sandhus nods their head at his answer and kept silent.

” What are your future plans jijaji?” Adhiraj asked him.

Yuvraj shrugs,” nothing that great, to open few more factories in Punjab and give more employment to today’s youth and then tejo also wants to open few Colleges and ngos. We will just work about it now”

Adhiraj smilingly nods at him realizing that how Yuvraj has involved tejo’s plans also in his future as if it was not a big deal. Maybe this time tejo has got the right guy in her life.

Tejo had secretly borrowed mahi’s number from adhiraj after enquiring about mahi. She was saddened to know that mahi had moved away from her family after fateh had married jasmine but anyways it was good that mahi did that, jasmine and fateh are two selfish people who will not think twice before hurting anyone and it was better people stayed far away from them.

After spending time with her family Tejo left with Yuvraj promising her family she will visit soon and wrote down her address to them also. The Sandhus felt a huge burden of guilt lifted off them as they witnessed tejo’s smiling face as she walked away her hand clung to her husband’s arm. They sighed in relief witnessing that and prayed in their hearts that tejo always remains this happy.

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