Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Chavans Criticize Sai

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pakhi serves breakfast to Chavan family. Bhavani asks about new dish. Pakhi says its pizza paratha. Bhavani praises her that she prepared different dishes today. Pakhi says its her aayi/mother’s recipe who used to prepare it for her. Everyone praise her. Devi walks down. Pakhi asks her to have breakfast with everyone. Devi asks where is Sai, she will not have breakfast without Sai. Pakhi asks if she will be hungry if Sai doesn’t come. Devi says her aayi taught her not to disrespect food. Bhavani smiles and asks her to sit. Pakhi says she is lucky, some are not taught morales. Samrat asks if she called Sai, why didn’t she come. Pakhi says she did, but Sai got adamant. Virat says she doesn’t have to wait for Sai and have breakfast with them. Pakhi says Sai doesn’t want to have her prepared breakfast. Ashwini says Sai is a bit tension. Samrat asks if she tensed regarding her exam or because Virat locked her in a room. Sonali says its a different issue, main issue is Sai escaped via window. Omkar asks her not to start again. Sonali says truth will not change if she shuts up. Omkar asks Samrat to have his wife’s prepared breakfast. Ashwini says one cannot judge by looking from far away, Sai is not tensed regarding her studies. Ninad says even she knows truth and denying it. Bhavani yells Virat is an IPS officer and Sai stopped him from doing his duty. Samrat asks if she is not happy seeing Samrat between them. Bhavani says she wants her children to be around her. Samrat says Sai did it for family’s happiness. Omkar yells everything has a limit, how dare Sai is to meet DIG and hold Virat’s transfer. Samrat asks why they all always blame Sai.

Virat gets angry and asks why are the discussing about his transfer, he doesn’t want to hear this issue again. Ashwin asks him to calm down. Samrat asks if he is fine, he became irrigating, does he get irritating with Sai also. Ashwini tries to change topic and says she will take breakfast for Sai. Virat says no need for that. Sai walks down ready and says she is going to college. Ashwini stops her and insists her to have Pakhi’s prepared tasty breakfast and twisting her ear makes her sit on chair and feeds her. Devi asks her to feed her also. Sonali yells Ashwini overpampers Sai, even they have bahus but don’t overpamper her, Ashwini prefers her bahu over her son. Bhavani yells again. Karishma hopes even her saas/MIL pampers her like this. Ashwini asks Sai to have breakfast properly today as Bappa will visit home tomorrow and whole attention will be on him. Sai says there won’t be wastage of food from tomorrow. Pakhi asks Sai if she didn’t want to have her prepared breakfast, she should tell Samrat that she had come to her room to invite her for breakfast. Sai says she had come and need not worry as Samrat is sensible; whole family is having breakfast happily and praising their favorite bahu, they would have scolded if she or Ashwini had prepared breakfast. Bhavani yells to stop spoiling their mood with her irritating talk. Sai says she need not worry as it won’t happen from tomorrow. Virat asks why is she insisting tomorrow, is she going somewhere. Aswhini says with Bappa’s arrival, all problems and differences will clear. Samrat says Ashwini is right, they should go and bring Bappa’s idol home. Virat says like before.

Ashwini continues to feed Sai and Devi. Karishma says she is not lucky to be pampered like them. Ashwini says Sai is unwell today and Devi is a kid. Samrat asks Sai if she is unwell, if she took medicine, she must be knowing what to take. Sai says she knows her illness and took medicine and is waiting for its effect, thinks she will not tell him that she will leave this house without informing anyone; she asks him not to worry as she will not ignore herself. She then says she is getting late for college and greets bye to everyone. Pakhi comments Sai didn’t like her prepared food, so she wants to have canteen food with her friends. Sai says if her biography is made, Pakhi can help a lot as she knows her well more than herself. Devi asks Pakhi why she is jealous if Sai didn’t like her food, its not necessary if someone doesn’t like her food and tell truth. Pakhi asks why she hurts her with her bitter talks. Devi says she tells truth, why don’t she think even her bitter talks hurt Sai. Bhavani scolds her to have breakfast silently. Sai asks Devi to have breakfast as she doesn’t want anyone to scold her, anyways whenever someone supported her, they are questioned and humiliated. Virat asks why is she overreacted when Bhavani scolded Devi commented on Pakhi. Sai says he should understand what she means, nobody understood Devi till now, Devi accepted her the way she is and didn’t try to change her like other family members, she will always support Devi and sorry if Virat thinks she overreacted, they need not worry as this will not happen from tomorrow. Shivani thinks why she is saying this repeatedly.

Precap: Devi tells Sai that she will inform everyone where she is going. Sai says its between nanad and bhabhi and she cannot reveal this secret to anyone. Virat hears their conversation.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Let us rename the series SAi and Pakhi’s Khichkhich. Or How Chavans left their manners in toilet🤣🤣

    1. Bhaswati Bharadwaj


  2. Pranbirlover

    Where is Usha Maasi? I miss her… If it is according to Kusum Dola, then Sai is into yet another accident…

    1. Crappy show they are always yelling and pakhi is another biggest trouble maker leave samrat go to virat and virat change your attitude you are not a small baby acting so foolish and ips officer acts so dumb so were done go if an ips officer acts so stupid and bhavani is yelling yelling for what just shut up and leave sai go to pilgrimage better for you all.

  3. Today’s episode is a total crap……

  4. How can someone tolerate sai?😲

    1. Pranbirlover

      Why? What happened?

    2. Pranbirlover

      According to the show, except the toxic Chauvans, everyone from Gadchiroli, college, everyone likes her… Pathralekha and her fans might not…

    3. Aynen sürekli kavga halinde virat aşık olmasa ona katlanırmı

    4. @sabahat
      hayati bir konuda soruna cevap alamazsan ,
      karşındaki bilerek cevapları çarpitırsa ,
      aynı konuda sana hakaret ederken sevmediğini söylediği kadına hiçbirşey demezse ne yaparsın? ne düşünürsün?

    5. @Vaishali
      i hope you will not face to constant lie and distortion.
      if you add to these humiliation and violence you may understand sai.
      lastly you should be alone against the family in most of the cases.

    6. @Pranbirlover
      some virat fans too.
      they think sai doesnt understand virat.
      BUT they dont think virat mostly did not tell the truth.

  5. People mujhe lagta tha ye makers kya dikha rahe hai….ab lagta hai sahi hi toh dikha rahe hai.
    Pakhi aur virat ke itne supporters dekh ke Pata chalta hai aise ghatiya log Asli duniya me bhi hai!

    1. @Savi
      i give you all applause from my heart.
      thank you.
      i think people with grey morality find virat right.
      they dont want to call the spade spade.

    2. Thanks for your support!:)

    3. sorry savi this is answer for your one step down comment

  6. The writers are ruining a beautiful show, it was so so good in his earlier days…that I never missed any episode, but now I just read updates and that’s it…gets irritated. Sincere request to writers, we all know it’s a remake, but you can change some elements on the show and shift the focus to main leads rather than usual Dining Table drama of family members…it’s getting on everyone’s nerves now. If people like Pakhi or Virat exists then people like Sai too exist who is been just stubborn and not being matured enough to understand her own relationship and just blaming Virat….don’t know what to say further.

    1. Sai’s behavior has reasons! Virat and pakhi does not…especially virat, atleast when he claims to love her!
      He did not even bother to react when samrat spoke about Sai being ill.

      Also, when ppl claim of Sai understanding everyone else other than virat…’s because when it comes to someone else, it’s only that particular person and when it’s about virat, it’s about them, I mean including Sai.
      She can’t give herself false hopes, when he is sooooo confusing. Ppl like Sai don’t just exist, they survive in the world full of fake lovers like Pakhi and virat!

    2. Agree with you..30 minute just go away like that..only drama in dining table..babbling2 and end today episode..dont be shock if this serial will follow kusum dola until 700 episode🥴

      And sai always say tomorrow will be fine..if she want to go just go..i like her but lately why she so arrogant..she never admit her mistake..she think she always right. when virat nice to her she become rude and do everything follow her heart but when virat be like this rude to her she feel sad inside..

    3. There have been situations where virat was very wrong, beyond justification! Sai was really angry, but never did she forget her care, concern and humanity, atleast. Has she forgotten, she would have never returned back.
      Everyone has flaws, Sai too has. But, virat and pakhi’s flaws are irreparable!

    4. Totally agree with uu at first it was so good that I didn’t miss any of the episode but now just end up reading updates

  7. After reading title of update “chavana critise sai” , I was like huh ye to roz hi karte hai..haha

  8. This is the major problem with most of the shows of ITV… They try to sell the idea of pseudo-feminism through the promos while as the show garners TRP and let’s be honest money, the creatives start to milk the whole concept for further sustaining the story in the long run. What could have a really good thematic series, has now turned into a crapfeast, toxic relationships being brushed by the fact that the female lead answers back while ironically mocking the whole concept of feminism, cheating and gaslighting by the recurring female lead and the normalization of toxic and abusive behavior despite having lengthy monologues of equality and healthy relationships. None of the characters in the show are distinct, not even one has a proper character arc. In the end, it’s all about money. No matter how many the trends are for a mutual change in the storyline, the hypocrisy of us reflects in the TRP….. we are responsible for such regressive and backward shows…..strictly my pov…. no hatred intended…. feel free to disagree

    1. Totally agree! Very trueeee, well said! No point to disagree 👏👏

    2. @ Sarah totally agree with you. Have stopped watching this meaningless serial. Just read updates. As somebody said, the serial had charm when it started but slowly started loosing its steam.

    3. @savi @ sudha
      I honestly thought that I would be bombarded with hate😑… I know that this post can’t solve anything,but i just can’t understand why can’t the makers consider some of the constructive criticism and actually work on for their own benefit for this show😒…. just saw the trp now…sheer disappointment- bhagya lakshmi, udariyaan, SNS, imlie, kundali bhagya, kukum bhagya, YRKKH and even shows like nimi dengzopa which have such regressive content are ruling the charts while quality shows are struggling to get trp…
      P.S. ITV is ITV, equality can be preached by people like me but the reality is always bitter

    4. Very true! Our society is filled with hypocrites. They can only talk about being feminism, equality, etc., modern thoughts.
      They can’t bear to see these ideas actually taking shape in society, be it through TV series. Thus, some of excellent TV shows lag behind.
      Our society loves such regressive stories!

    5. @savi
      Well, atleast we both are on the same page,and the fandom is aware of the regressive content… it’s enough in my opinion for a change in the society🙂 for the time sake… and I won’t be surprised if this show goes on for an another 1000 years, and will be retitled as lost diaries featuring their great, great grandchildren🤦‍♂️… I mean we, already have YRKKH, which is still trying to figure out the what exactly is their rishta as if 3000 episodes weren’t enough, since the last 10 years, but seems like it had taken an oath not to, even if we turned grannies😒….
      Anyways what are some of your shows/series recommendations???☺️

    6. Musonda sakala

      I totally agree with you, the movie is becoming boring these days.

    7. @sarah
      Ummm…currently, I don’t watch any series, but lemme think!
      Well, I have mostly watched historical series like maharana pratap, bajirao, etc.
      Most sony tv serials are good like mere dad ki dulhan(my fav)😍, SaaS Bina sasural,story 9 months ki, parvarish, ishq par zor nahi,kuch rang pyaar ke,etc duje ke vaaste etc.
      Don’t have much idea about currently running shows.
      Don’t expect drama to be nil in any its serial. But they are way better than star and zee. Also, they stick to their concept for much longer time.
      I also like sony sab sitcoms like tmkoc and wagle ki duniya.
      Tmkoc lost it’s charm, but still it’s way better than ghum.

      Ps:If you want drama, shift to Indian news! U’ll find this too to be better than ghum😆

      Do share your recommendations too!

    8. *their drama is not toxic.
      Atleast 50% they make u feel like normal beings! No such extraordinary things.

    9. @savi
      True, Indian news is no less than any ITV drama nowadays, sometimes I wonder how even these journalists face themselves in the mirror everyday without even having an iota of self introspection🙁…

      I agree with you on the sony tv shows,they are way more better and well written in my opinion and while ki duniya is just chef’s kiss.☺️

      Well in terms of Indian ITV I would recommend…..well the list would be huge so buckle up 🔥
      Maryaada-kab tak, SAAKK, Sadda haq, dehleez, yeh un dinon ki baat hai, ek deewana tha, ek hasina thi, yeh pyaar nahi toh kya hai and beyhadh 2.
      And some of other series include, I won’t bore you, it’s just a few😏
      1.Dark (netflix)
      2.The Hunger Games (movie)
      3.The Order (netflix)
      4.JL-50 and Bandish bandits
      5.Trance (regional film)
      6.Shadowhunters (freeform)

      P.S. – Hope you have a good time if you might end up watching any of them in the future.🤞

    10. Was never so fond of web series. But now I really wanna try.
      I will surely watch, atleast a few. I am quite idle these days.

      Hope u try my recommendations too. Atleast watch mere dad ki dulhan, I love it
      Share ur experience!

    11. Yeah sure ….I had watched most of your recs except a few… will try soon🙂

    12. @savi
      Well, I will do like to mention that some of the web series have some steamy content especially dark and shadowhunters with some minor scenes in manifest and the order… I thought that I should warn you beforehand in case if you are not into such stuff…. 👍



    1. Well said! I think the writers have kept virat’s brain in locker. He listens to other’s conversations and react impulsively and then cry, cry, cry and then apologise. Boring.

  10. Most of their problems would be solved if they just learned to lock the door! Lol People won’t accidentally overhear conversations and Pakhi won’t be able to just walk in whenever she feels like it to disrespect Sai in front of her useless husband 🙄

    1. Hahhahahha closing the door idea is super awesome I think characters shouldclose door and windows lol

  11. Elleinah lush

    @savi, Saying the truth it doesn’t mean that we are guns of pakhi nara it’s b’se we like sai alot and her being strong any lately, loosing her charms it’s why the show is now boring you said sai’s behavior has reasons same goes to virat coz both of them are in the same shoes some said once both of them are same sai can’t listen and virat can’t talk simply that’s the root cause of everything.i can accept virat is nagging but this time round sai is at fault if you can’t understand that I now get the reason why the writers are adamant to change the storyline it’s becoz of that old thinking that the lead is always right.
    -Am sure sai can manage chavan family as it was shown in earlier episodes so this scenes of jabbering during dinning it wouldn’t have affected her coz she’s used that chavan family,the problem is she can’t help it when virat is angry at her,in earlier episodes when they used to bond chavan drama used not to bother her.why can’t she realizes that pakhi affects I mean she’s jealous of pakhi that means she loves virat
    – I agree virat was wrong beyond justification but it wasn’t her fault to act the way he reacted it was misunderstandings created by Pakhi and family being instigated by Pakhi and Sai’s fault was she always kept secrets and went to the end until when she solve it alone,she never trusts anyone since a year we’ve been watching but sai never trusted virat Atleast as a friend she always solved issues in secret that’s y family created arift between them so virat rude reactions are justified because he realizes his mistakes and apologises but sai doesn’t especially the way he replied virat on the anniversary day that his a two timer really it was beyond my imagination
    -virat acting all rude it’s because he doesn’t want to hurt sai with his feelings so he is acting rude so that sai doesn’t realize his love for her and doesn’t want to force sai to love him back

    1. Ur words did make me think better. I agree, but not completely.
      The trust issue u talked of. Trust is mutual. On many accounts, virat’s distrust in her is quite visible. How can she share her extra heroic ideas with virat when she has seen he is easily manipulated?
      His behavior could be a hurdle to her plans.
      She isn’t completely right. But she is what she has always been. This isn’t something new. But, virat claims to be mature and patient and he is when with someone else. Why does he react so bad with when with her?
      Also, u gave the reason for virat’s rude behavior. But, it doesn’t seem. He seems more like ego hurt with the rejection of proposal, he had never put forth.
      The main flaw, I believe is their pov or monologs are not written well.
      At the end, lead is not always right.
      Had it been so pakhi and virat too would have been correct. They too are supposedly the leads!

    2. hi ellie
      i dont get this:
      ”virat acting all rude it’s because he doesn’t want to hurt sai with his feelings”
      do you mean rude people didnt hurt others? 🙂
      he choose all the wrong ways in the book.
      especially for a lover and husband.
      i bet you wouldnt trust a real human like him.
      how would sai?

    3. Well said!!👏👏

  12. Same ghisa pita nonsense of same characters. Nothing is new or unique. Wasting prime time slot. Wonderful actors just given same ratta dialogues.

    Dear writter and director, in future i see your name, i will avoid that serial altogether. Else show some innovation and creativity

    1. Hahahahahahhahah 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. nothing can be more toxic to people’s health (mental which translates to physical at some point) than watching this nonsense.

  14. Sais becoming damn annoying.Really.I support her and Virat.But her attitude and ways of thinking.Yesterday she told Virat that he’s jealous his girlfriend Pakhi is with Samrat.Really?.And she keeps on saying she respects him.What respect?.Keep on mocking him with Pakhi.Getting jealous that Pakhi likes him when you claim you have no feelings for him.Come on Sai?.Even if she feels Pakhi is back with Samrat to make Virat jealous their still married.Their not getting divorced so that Virat can be with Pakhi lol.Sai mocked Virat and said that he wanted to get transferred because he’s running away from problems but all she ever does is say that she’s leaving the house.Why accuse a man who didn’t even try to be close to Pakhi for a while year even while being in the same house.Yet he stood by his marriage.Even told her it’s the past.Now because of a coffee shop incident.Like why did that even have to happen when she always doubted Virat?.When she made a scene at Harinis party she said that’s she’ll get Pakhi her right.What right?.The right that she’s getting jealous off as Virat is really her husband whom she denies having feelings for?.Sai is thick in the head.Atleast Virat admits to himself he likes her.She doesn’t even admit it when thinking to herself lol.Then the one episode she thinks Virat should choose between her and Pakhi.If you’ve already decided that you’ll never be with Virat based on what Virat said in the start about only belonging to Pakhi,then why say “choose one of us”.Everyone picks on Virat.Yes he doesn’t speak up many times.He just looks on.But he stood by Sai.Made a birthday for her.Remembered her father’s date too.Always took her as a friend.Nobody can forget how happy they were before aside from daily taunts from the family to Sai.Sais now talking like she’s leaving the house because the family only likes Pakhi.Or is it because she thinks Virat likes Pakhi.Lol.And now because Samrat takes her side that means she’s 100% right.He also asked Virat is Virat was angry for a year like he lays treated Sai like crap.Thats not on.Samrat wasn’t there to see what went on.Besides if he says he knows Virat that he won’t like two women and he likes Sai why doesn’t he talk to her and ask whats the problem their having.

    1. He arranged b-day for her, he brought gifts, etc., etc……
      Do you think these are all to show up love??
      Would that be enough for u to choose a partner?
      He did support her, agree! But not the way he had to. He changed his stand based on situation. I can’t mention all here! But demand and I’ll give u all to prove my point.
      Had he been harsh to his family the way he was to Sai, then it would have been commendable!
      Now don’t tell me a how can he go so much against his family? After all he claims Sai to be his family since the very beginning and now, his love!
      Being an ips officer, can’t he notice domestic violence or mental harassment in his surrounding? Infact he becomes a part of that, the major one that too!
      He apologized a lot many times, agreed!
      Aren’t they all a waste, given he repeated them many times!?
      For virat, loving Sai was easy. He knew she has no “special one”.
      But, for Sai?
      Given the fact, she knew about his past, was living with his past under the same roof, could see his “soft corner” for his past!

  15. virat never answered sai proper at least at last weeks in all important matters.
    if it was a court , and if court would have a rule ‘say anthing but with evidence’
    (im aware of the holes of the rule , just take it simple)
    virat would be speechless.
    he says a thing , he does a different thing.
    almost every important issue.
    i agree its for us a show.
    for them its milking money.
    if he would give proper answers to sai , i think it would be 100/150 episodes long show. not 300…

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