Begusarai 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All girls come to chaat stall. Priyom ask seller to make chaat for everyone. Poonam says th3D movie was amazing, i thought it was coming out of screen. Priyom gives chaat to everyone, he finds Poonam laughing with Najma and smiles seeing her happy, he gets a call from his servant, servant Drugha informs him that they got Shaavni’s address, he ends calls, Priya ask whose address were you finding? you spend more time on mobile than me, Priyom says you girls think alot, she ask did you find someone else here? or tired of me? Priyom says when i will get another Girl friend, i will inform you first, Priya leaves from there.
Poonam comes to Priyom and ask him to eat chaat, he says i am not in mood, she ask who was that girl? he ask who? she says dont act innocent, you know whom i am talking about, Poonam says the one who was outside hostel, you both were looking at each other with shock, Priyom gets angry and says dont involve in my matters, he says when i told you it was nothing then why you are irritating me, Poonam gets sad, he says sorry. Drugha comes and gives address to Priyom, he says i will leave, take girls to hostel, he looks at Poonam and leaves.
Lakhan stops Mitlaish’s man who has money, Lakhan’s comes in Mitlaish man’s way and aks him to give briefcase of money, Man doesnt so Lakhan puts gun on forehead, Man is stunned, Lakhan takes brief case with him, he checks money and says i got money for drug business, he looks at Mitlaish;s man, man says i will not tell anyone, dont kill me, Lakhan says if i leave you then Phulan will bring truth out from you people, he pleads to pardon him, Lakhan starts leaving but turns and shoots him. he says Lakhan left pardoning people, he ask his man to throw his dead body in river.

Scene 2
Priyom comes to Shavni’s house, Poonam comes behind him too. he knocks door, Shaavni is shocked seeing him and takes him inside house, Poonam hides and sees Shaavni, Shavni sees her and closes door. Poonam thinks where id Priyom go? did go in his house? dont know what he is upto, i dont know why he is so tensed that he shouted at me, she finds a man knocking door (seems like Shavni’s husband), Shavni opens, Man goes in house too.
in Haveli, Pinto comes to Bindya and says all are saying you saved me, he gives her chocolates and says thank you, Bindya smiles, takes chocolates from him and says thank you, she says i am not married but if i was married on time then i would have good child like you, all looks on, Badi Amma ask them to go, they leave, Badi amma says there is no need for marriage to have child, Bindya look on, she ask Badi amma why she doesnt like her? why you always taunt me? what have i done? i accept i am dancer, i have no manners, i have always danced infront of men but its not my fault, i am given this profession, i was 9 years old, used to live with my family but we had no money to eat so my mother sold me, bast**ds made me dancer, they used to beat me, not give me food then they whatever they made me learn i learned it, they made me dance, i have to dance to earn, to feed myself, no women want to dance, i also want to ive good life, i want to get married too, i want to have child too, i want to have nice profession too but to whoever i go to, they give me money, whenever i used to go for work then used to pull my saree, they dont see my heart but my body only, whats my fault in all this? she is in tears and leaves from there, Maya, Choti amma feels bad for her.

Scene 3
Poonam says Priyom is in house too, what if they have fight, she climbs the wall and tries to look inside from window but finds Shavni’s husband standing near so run away, she says i will get trapped because of this Priyom, i dont know why did i come here, she starts leaving from there but finds a drunk man there, he starts approaching her, Pooanm gets afraid, she ask him to not come near her, she takes stick in her hand but man keeps moving towards her, Priyom comes there and hugs drunkard, he says how are you friend? he ask man to give drink to him too? drunkard runs from there, Poonam tightly hugs Priyom being afraid, he is about to hug her back but stops, she becomes conscious and breaks hug, she looks at him and looks down.

PRECAP- Badi amma says to Choti Amma that i will give one chance to Bindya but you will take her guarantee, Bindya have sucked poison so she is not less poisonous too. Bindya listens all this and says to Ghungroo that they will be nice to me and i will rule them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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