Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti goes inside and anguri says tat first time she will eat food cooked by her and anita says tat I don’t cook vibhuti handles the kitchen and then vibhuti then releases the pressure from cooker and tiwari says tat atleast vibhuti works at home and he is very helpful hauband and then tiwari asks anguri to go inside and help vibhuti and she goes in tiwari then says to anita tat she has found a nice ides and anita says everything is based on love and tiwari murmurs if u would have loved me and anita asks I didn’t hear u as u murmured and he says tat he just chants prayers and anita says tat u r so spiritual.
Inside kitchen vibhuti requests anguri to once says the dialoge and anguri doesnot replies he says sorry to her for his behavior but she neglects him then they are having dinner where tiwari says to anita tat the food is delicious and vibhuti says tat he has cooked food while tiwari says tat credit goes to anita and anita says tat some credit must be given to vibhuti and he says some credit and she says yes and anita then says after dinner anguri will sing song for us and she agrees while vibhuti tries talking to anguri on dinner table but she ignores him again
On terrace vibhuti looks a bit upset while tiwari eats ice cream and says tat this ice cream was very nice to vibhuti and anguri and anita comes on terrace giggling and then anita asks anguri to sing a song vibhuti then asks anguri to sing his favorate song and anguri says tat she will say a shayari and in her shayrii she praises tiwari saying he is nice and all others a re thief and vibhuti gets upset tiwari then request anita to sing something and she then sings a song and dances with vibhuti on it and tiwari praises her while vibhuti tries saying tat he wants to say a special shayari for anita and he praises anita beauty and athen vibhuti starts and anguri says tat now they will take her leave and they go while vibhuti tries saying shayari but no one listens and tiwari says u say to urself tat shayari
Vibhuti sees them going from gate and says tat shayari loudly and is upset next day morning anguri is watering plants and singing song there comes vibhuti and he says sorry to her but she neglects and comes saxena there anguri enquires how r u and vibhuti corrects her but she neglects and saxena corrects her and she says her dialoge u caught me right and then saxena says tat u look very sweet when u says tat dialogue and she then says ok bye bye and again saxena corrects her and she goes in and vibhuti then gets angry and asks saxena wat was he saying to anguri party does she looks like a party and hits him and leaves
Vibhuti goes to have tea at a tea stall he again meets tika and his friend he gets angry and hits both of them and leaves while anita is calling vibhuti and he then comes in and she asks where was he and he asks wat happen and anita tells tat we r going to anguri’s house for lunch and then vibhuti gets a bit irritated and asks wat is going on they r coming here we r going there and anita says tat u r saying this u asked me to be social so I m doing it and then asks him if he is coming and he says obiviously I have no choice and they go
Tiwari gets ready and asks anguri tat how is he looking and he says tat he gets ready for her and bell rangs tiwari asks anita to open door and she opens door and tiwari comes with a diya plate in his hand and welcomes anita at home by doing her arti and he says tat guests are like god so we should give them warm welcome and welcomes in while anguri welcomes anita and vibhuti corrects her but she neglects and anita says tat he is right its welcoe and she says tat u caught me right and they enter while anita asks vibhuti to go inside and help anguri he says offcouse she then says u r such a sweet and tiwari prompts servant and anita says wat and tiwari says we don’t have servant or else he wont have to help
Vibhuti then goes in and says to anguri again sorry but she ignores he then gives her a promise by his names and anguri in her mind thinks tat she is caught between 2 promises she then decides to call amaji and goes upstairs she tells amaji tat she feels bad for vibhuti and then asks her to with draw her promise and amaji does as she says and then anguri thinks now she is free from the promise so now should she talk to vibhuti or not.
While vibhuti gets very upset tat even after giving his promise she didn’t talk to her and dramatizes to kill self but leaves it and goes out side and sees tat tiwari is taking selfie with anita and then anita calls him to click picture and tiwari says I m clicking pictures to capture memories and when he sets to click picture of anita and vibhuti he say stat his mobile phone battery went off just now.

Vibhuti shouts tiwari how can he blame anguri tat she spends more money and anguri asks him to leave it but vibhuti takes money from tiwaris hand and gives 10,000 rs each to both of them and says tat this is ur budget for the entire month and u uses money well wil win.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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