Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ravan wonders how come Hanuman ji wasn’t affected by the Brahmastra. I also get affected by it and so is that Ram’s condition. It that vanar stronger than me and Brahma? The guy says I have to idea. Hanuman calls himself an ordinary devotee of Shri Ram. Ravan firmly tells him that it is only Ram, not Shri Ram. He dismisses the guy. No one should make the mistake of thinking me to be less than anyone. Even Indra is scared of me. I can move the stars and planets as per my wish anytime I want to. Who other than me has shaken Kailash? Is there someone else who has done a difficult tapasya and has offered each one of his heads one by one on himself? No one can kill me. I will kill these ordinary humans and Ram just like that. I have Brahma’s boon. I am an immortal. I am the best in deception too. I can change form and even disappear. He suddenly starts laughing. Kalanemi will do my work.

Shri Krishna tells the ladies that Kalanemi was very good in trickery. He could go to all the three worlds because of it. He had obtained such knowledge because of which he could go to any place as per his wish.

The courtesans can only hear someone laughing but they don’t see anyone. Ravan addresses him. Kalanemi comes in front of him looking just like him. He mocks Ravan. Ravan grows big in size as he gets angry. His other heads can also be seen now. Kalanemi comes to his original form. Trickery, cheating are my characteristics. Ravan wants him to do anything but kill Hanuman. He has become the thorn in my success. Kalanemi is taken aback after hearing Hanuman’s name. It is impossible to win over him. Ravan says if you do my work then I will give you Lanka and half of the earth to rule. Kalanemi is tempted for a while. No, not Hanuman! Ravan threatens to kill him right away in that case. Kalanemi agrees to do something to make sure Hanuman is not back before sunrise. Ravan pushes him and Kalanemi lands at a far corner. Ravan only wants him to end Hanuman. Kalanemi says I am only telling you what is possible. Ravan stays put. Kalanemi agrees finally and leaves.

Hanuman ji is heading to Kailash in full speed.

Shri Krishna says Kalanemi went to Patala loka in a second to make preps to kill Hanuman. He calls out for his friend, Tridant Kanthak (a snake), for help. Give your kalkuta vish (poison) to help your friend. The snake drops it in his water pot.

Shri Krishna tells that Kalanemi went to Drona Mountain the next second. He changed into a sage and started chanting Om Namah Shivaye. Hanuman ji hears someone praying and greets him. Kalanemi smiles looking at him from top to toe. He asks him the reason of his coming here. Hanuman ji says I have come to get Sanjeevani. I was trying to look for it as per the instructions but I cannot find it. Kalanemi offers him the water from his water pot as he seems to have been travelling since long. Hanuman ji politely declines. I don’t have time to either rest or drink this jal. Kalanemi says it is not ordinary jal. You will feel energised after drinking it. Hanuman ji declines. I am already geared up for doing something for Shri Ram. Please help me in finding the Sanjeevani. Kalanemi gets another idea.

Precap: Shri Krishna relates that the 4 important herbs that were needed to bring all of us back to life started becoming invisible as soon as Hanuman touched them. Hanuman couldn’t think of anything so he picked up the mountain and headed back towards Lanka.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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