Begusarai 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mitlaish comes and slaps Lakhan, he says how dare you bring girl of house here, Priyom says that i called Poonam here, Mitlaish says how dare you, Priyom says i did mistake, Mitlaish slaps him and says do something other than mistakes, he says if you were not my brother, i would have killed you, he ask them to comeback to house, Priyom says i will bring Poonam back, Mitlaish says no Lakhan will go with her.
Lakhan and Poonam are going back to house, he says to Poonam that i called you there to congratulate you, he comes closer to her, she is in tears, he says that i just wanted to celebrate with you, did i do wrong? he ask her to speak, she is silent, he says congrats for your result, he ask if you want anything? she says no, he says you can ask anything, some couple comes there, they are stunned to find Lakhan there with Poonam, Lakhan ask what are you doing here at night, couple says we will leave, Lakhan stops them and ask from where did you get these earrings, she says i got it from my husband, Lakhan snatches it from her ears, she screams as her ears bleed, Lakhan brings earrings to Poonam and gifts her, Poonam looks at lady crying in pain, Lakhan ask them to leave, he ask Poonam to take the earrings, she doesnt take it, Lakhan wipes blood from earrings and then present it to her, she tensely takes it and wears it, he smirks.
Poonam comesback to her house with Lakhan, Manjeeta and her mother looks at them, Lakhan leaves, Manjeeta ask Poonam to go in her room.
Poonam comes in her room and recalls how Lakhan snatched those earrings and gave it to her, she takes them off and puts in drawer, her mother comes and ask if everything fine? she says yes, mother ask her to sleep and leaves.

Scene 2
Piddi is playing cricket with boys, Piddi fights with boys to give him batting. Priyom comes in balcony and says to boys that let Piddi bat as i am seeing him for first doing things like a boy, he finds Poonam drying clothes on balcony of her house, he tries to talk to her but she doesnt answer him, Priyom says i got a tight slap from Mitlaish because of you and you are not talking, i cant even kiss a girl now because have strain in my neck, he jumps and comes in her balcony, he ask her to calm down, Poonam says i am not angry on that thing, Priyom ask did Lakhan say anything to you? Poonam says no, Priyom says he is my brother, he is not bad, Poonam says i have work, i am leaving, he ask her to smile, she says you are characterless, he says dont call me that, he says i clear to every girl that i wont marry them, she says very nice, she throws water on his face, his eyes get hurt, she says dont act and starts to leave but he says its hurting, she comes closer and starts blowing air at his eyes, he laughs and says you can be fooled easily, she runs behind him to beat him, he ask about her uniform, she says Lakhan said he will bring it, Priyom says afterall he is my brother.
Bhushan’s wife is cribbing about how Bhushan is just mere servant of Phulan, she says and my son Lakhan is also servant of them, Bhushan says that yesterday night Phulan came in my dream and said that your wife is healthy so she cant die, we have to arrange two cows to send her to sky so i have to work with him, he is about to leave, she says land is already divided and we will not get anything, Bhushan ask her to not have lust, he says land is divided but not our hearts and it is proven as you keep remembering all the time, he leaves.

Scene 3
Jaya and Majosi is making lunch, Badi Amma says that make good food, Phulan is making dish too, Priyom comes and tastes it, he says spice is less, he puts spice in it, Phulan leaves, Priyom is stirring the dish on stove, Poonam laughs on him, Guddi says if Priyom gets to know that i told Mitlaish about he taking you to restaurant then he will not leave me, Poonam says he didnt do anything, he didnt take me there, infact he took blame on himself for Lakhan’s deed, Priyom cant hurt his own people, Guddi says to Poonam that when will my school end, i wish i can study like you in college, Poonam ask are you fine, you are talking about studies? Guddi says i want to try new fashion in college,, Guddi says tomorrow we are going on shopping to get new clothes for you. Priyom jokes with Piddi, Poonam smiles. Priyom is being called by Mitlaish. Mitlaish brings Priyom out and shows him the guy whose cycle Priyom stole, Priyom jokes about it, Priyom recalls that he is same guy, the brother of his Girlfriend, Mitlaish beats Priyom with stick, Priyom says it was just a cycle, Mitlaish beats him, Piddi says beat him, Mitlaish beats Piddi too, the guy says to beat Priyom, Mitlaish gets angry on him and ask what did you say? guy says i am sorry, Mitlaish holds wooden stick and says did you forget who are we? how dare you talk infront of us, he ask Piddi to break his cycle, Piddi breaks it, Priyom is stunned, guy says sorry, Lakhan comes there with family, Lakhan’s wife ask Priyom did Mitlaish beat you again? Priyom says i cant live without his blessing, she ask when will you marry, he says i am too young, he praises her jewelry, she says it is very expansive, he says jokes with his friends that we will rob Chachi next time, she laughs and leaves, Priyom sees cycle guy trying to fix his cycle, guy says that i used to send letters to people on this cycle, how will i earn now? Priyom ask do you know how to ride bike? guy nods, Priyom gives keys of his bike to him and leaves, Guy is surprised to see goodness of him.

PRECAP- Phulan thakur says to Lakhan that if it is about your personal life then you can decide for yourself but if it about Begusarai then only Phulan Thakur can take decision.PRECAP- Phulan thakur says to Lakhan that if it is about your personal life then you can decide for yourself but if it about Begusarai then only Phulan Thakur can take decision.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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