Laut Aao Trisha 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector Gatotkach investigates a suicide case. He checks man’s bullet, gun an dother evidences and concludes that it is a murder.

Trisha questions VK how can he say it is murder. VK says bullet it shot from very near and he cannot kill himself in a self-style. He tells about Randhir lala and people who visited before he was murdered and killer keeping illegal documents in front of his desk to prove Randhir has suicided due to his wrong deeds.

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Court hearing starts. VK questions Randhir’s peon who tells Randhir used to keep his gun in his drawer and tells who came to meet Randhir. VK calls Randhir’s rival Gaekwad’s employee into witness box and asks what benefit his boss will have if he Randhir is dead. Employee says no benefit. VK says his boss would get all the contracts which Lala would get. Employee says if that is the case, then why would he have gone to Lala’s office and tells Randhir spoke to his boss directly and his boss accepted all his demands. VK calls Gaekwad who tells Randhir was having a tiff with Rethiwala and had to pay him a huge sum. When he went, Randhir did not get up to drop him. Next witness Chotu dad comes into witness box. VK jokes if he is younger one in family and asks what is his age. He says 32 year old. Judge asks him to be specific. VK asks why did he meet Lala. He says lala was redeveloping his society, so he went to drop file. He says when he met Lala, he was busy reading file, then took file and said he will meet him in Panvel, so he left for home. VK asks what did he do then. He says he went to his home in Panvel.

VK thinks about the probabilities in his office. He sas Vipin was the last person to move out of Lala’s cabin. Trisha says there must be 5th person also. Charlie says Lala’s wife lives with her daughter in London, 2 sons live separately. VK says he doubts chotu, but chotu came to office first time, then how will he know where gun was kept. Charlie says Rethiwala used to visit often.

Next court hearing starts. VK calls Rethiwala in witness box. Rethiwala alleges Lala’s secretary Bipin for murder. Bipin shouts. Judge asks him to keep quiet. Rethiwala says Bipin took money from him also and looted even Lala. He gave papers to Bipin and he used them. Bipin says he is lying. VK questions him. He says he took money from Rethiwala as he used to force him to take money. VK asks why did he hide that Rethiwala met him. He says he met only him, gave papers and ask shim to show it to lala and tell only he can get him out of his trouble. VK asks why did he hide that he kept papers. He says he did not read papers as Rethiwala used to do this always, so he kept papers in safe and even now they are in his cabin. VK asks if he did not go in Lala’s cabin between 3-6 p.m. He says lala intercommed him and asked not to disturb him till 6 p.m. Public prosecutor shows records and says Bipin is telling truth. VK calls chotu into witness box and asks if he heard Lala telling bipin not to call him. He says no. VK asks if he went out at 3:10 instead of 3. He says 3. VK shows CCTV footage to him and to judge. Chotu gets tensed and says his watch must be slow. VK says judge he is confused if Lala called in front of chotu or behind him or if he did not call at all, anyone between two is lying. Bipin says he is not.

VK reaches Lala’s office and interrogates. He imagines someone enters office, took gun from safe and shot Lala, if lala had shouted, why did not watchman hear his voice. He questions watchman who says some community people play drums every saturday. VK tries probabilites with charlie’s help.

Next court hearing starts. VK questions chotu and asks why is he telling lie. He says no. VK asks what he saw in lala’s office. He says he went first time. VK asks again what did he see. He says he saw lala’s dad’s photoframe, big watch. VK asks if is 3:10, but chotu saw design and did not see time. VK asks if he saw table and cupid’s idol on it. Chotu says he does not remember. VK asks if he saw ganesh’s idol. chotu says he saw. VK asks if he saw natraj’s idol. Chotu say syes and it shines. VK asks how did see all these idols as they were kept behind ganapathi idol and he had to go near safe. Chotu says he went to get water for lala from water filter. VK asks why did not he tell before. He says he forgot. He then says he gave water. VK says he did not get his finger prints on glass. Chotu says he does not know and says he himself told someone cleaned all the fingerprints and must have cleaned even now. Court adjourns for the day.

Court hearings starts. Chotu comes into witness box. VK says he found the culprit and wants to question him more. He asks if he heard drum sounds if he came out or came into office. He says when he came out, then gets confused and says he heard inside office also. VK asks when he went to fetch water. Chotu reminisces the incident. VK says Chotu went to lala’s office at 2:50, took revolver with his keys, killed lala and came out. He tells Chotu’s brother took bribe from lala and suicided. Chotu says his brother was murdered and Lala murdered him. His brother was a good man and wanted to save farmer’s land, but Randhir lala killed him. He then tells in detail how he killed Randhir and tried to prove it as suicide. He then jumps from window and leaves and tthen comes back and wipes all finger prints. VK says if Bipin had murdered, he would have opened safe with keys, but safe had many scratches, so he doubted Chotu and to get truth from him, he used his tricks. Judge pronounces chotu as guilty and asks VK to follow procedures hereon.

Precap: Sagar is murdered. Her mom asks inspector not to spare murderer. VK defends Sagar’s case.

Update Credit to: MA

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