Doli Armaanon Ki 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road and ishaan’s residence
Samrat casually signals a hooligan at the tea stall, and he comes aside with him. samrat gives a hooligan a picture, and some money to break the bones of this person, and that this person lands in hospital. he tries to be indiscreet, and emphasises that only legs and hands should break, and the person should not die. The hooligan says that he shouldnt be bothered with the life, as he wont be implicated at all. He asks samrat who is it. Samrat tells him that its his wife. the goon is shocked. samrat says that he is helpless, and asks him to just stick to his work, and not let her die, as she is the prized possession. he asks him to be careful not to kill her, and just get her multiple fractures.

Meanwhile, Niranjan doesnt find samrat at their meeting venue at the time allotted, and wonders whats wrong. he thinks that he shall give samrat a final dose. he calls him up. samrat picks up frustratedly, and niranjan asks whats the matter. he gives samrat one more hour, to get the money, or else he should be prepared to be exposed. samrat says that today he shant come, and niranjan can go ahead and do what he wants. niranjan is surprised and boggled, and threatens him that he shall expose him to his wife today, and again tries to emphasises him of the consequences. samrat asks him to chill, and niranjan wonders how can he be so casual and careless, and Samrat asks him to go ahead and say whatever he has to. Niranjan wonders if he has gone mad, but doesnt express it. He threatens that tani shall have all evidences in an hour. Samrat says that he doesnt give a damn, and cancels the phone. niranjan wonders whats happened suddenly, and decides to find out. He calls urmi, and she too is shocked and boggled, as to where samrat’s scare vanished. urmi says that something is wrong, as samrat cant be this casual. She wonders if he has already got tani in his grip manipulatively. niranjan too thinks on those lines, and says that samrat is extra conniving. Niranjan says that either tani shall hear the truth, or samrat shall try to murder him, in both cases, its a win-win. He assures her that he shall keep giving her an update and cancels the call. urmi is tensed.

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Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Damini enters the kitchen, and asks the maid about ishaan’s lunchbox, and is told that everything has been prepared today especially by urmi. damini is surprised. Just then, urmi comes with a note, and asks damini if she needs anything. she comments how is she making everything special for ishaan today. urmi says that this is just an attempt to please him, and help him get rid of anger. damini fake praises hr, and thinks that ishaan is being a little too stubborn, and says that she did talk with him, but he was behaving strange. She advises her that she should stop the chase, as then he would begin to chase her. But urmi is unconvinced and says that she made a humongous mistake, and has to rectify, and asks her to pray that everything goes well. damini vehemently says that she would. Urmi begins to pack his lunchbox. Damini finds urmi packing a letter for ishan, in his lunchbox. The maid listens, and urmi sends her out. after she leaves, urmi says that since he isnt talking to her, she can express her feelings in writing, so that her emotions reach him. damini compliments the gesture, while thinking of a plan. damini smiles.

Later, damini sneaks the lunchbox inside the room, and starts reading the letter, in which urmi is highly apologetic to ishaan, asking and begging him to talk to her once, and says that she has made a big mistake, and is sorry, and asks him tp punsih her, but not stop talking, as she cant bear it. In her furious rage, damini tears the letter, and throws it in the litter box. She takes out another letter from the cabinet. She then gives the different letter in the lunchbox, that she intends him to read, on urmi’s behalf. she pakcs the lunchbox yet again, determined to spoil urmi and ishaan’s relation.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat hollers for tani, and finds her coming down. He thinks evilly, that she isan idiot who is so dressed to face her doom, and marvels at his super smartness. he comes to her, with a box of her favourite dessert, cheesecake, and the bengali couple too eye it leeringly. She asks him to eat instead and asks him not to talk to her. He apologises proufsely, while she asks him to stop the drama. He asks if she thinks that he is dramatising, and asks her to hit him, but not stay mad. Shashi and the bengali couple are shocked. Tani tells shashi that she is going out to meet someone. samrat says that he too would tag along. But she insists that she shall go alone. Shashi and the bengali couple try and be extra sweet, and decide to tag along, but he snubs them off, saying that he shall only go with her, and not them. Tani shuts them all saying that she shall go alone and with noone else. He says that he has bad intuitions, and asks her to take him along. but she frustratedly says that she shall go alone and leaves hastily. Samrat wishes that she goes fast, as only then, she shall fall in his trap, and her accident is his life insurance, as once she lands in the hospital, she along with her husband, i.e. him shall be whisked off to mumbai, and then he shall forever live off her money, that was his plan all along.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaan’s office
Meanwhile, ishaan finds the letter in the lunchbox and begins to read it. It reads that urmi has written that she has been trying to hard to get him to forgive her, but he refuses to bow to any apologies. she is trying so hard that now she finds him beneath her, and is completely fed up. she says that the truth is that he doesnt deserve it, and if he doesnt want to talk, then so be it, as he can stay in his ego, as she really doesnt care. he is enraged and shocked, as damini wanted him to be. He thinks that this means he wasnt wrong, and now even he doesnt care.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile, tani walks on the road, frustrated that there’s no auto, and thinks that she shall tell samrat to get a car. she finds one auto, and tries to hitch hike for it, but it passes by. she starts walking, thinking that samrat had told there isnt much in Jhansi, and completely oblivious that a truck is coming as earlier decided by samrat, towards her, driven by the paid hooligan. As she turns around, she screams in shock, at the proximity of the truck, to her. The screen freezes on a blackout, as it hits tani.

Precap: Damini goes berserk, asking and pleading ishaan to find out about tani. ishaan says that happened which he was so scared of, as he knows samrat is an animal capable of going to any lengths. He looks at urmi disgustingly, and angrily, and hence had warned against this, time and again. He asks urmi if she is happy and satisfied and did she achieve what she wanted. urmi stands hurt and disappointed, while damini eyes her accusingly and disbelievingly that it was her plan all along.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Fast today…… Nice.

  2. Still boring…….

  3. You don’t know Samrat, do you Danmi? You think you’ve met the perfect partner in crime, don’t you? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait until he gets to Ishaan, your husband or even you! Samrat is worse than the devil. This is just the beginning…..

    1. Yup. She is acting soooo smug!! Can’t wait to see her expression when ishaan knows who was behind causing such a big rift btwn him n urmi n I hope tani is OK.

  4. Exactly I hope Samrat ruins Damini as she truly deserves it. Shame on Ishaan to believe his wicked mother knowing she was against their relationship from the beginning. Wish Shanaya would return and tell Urmi how Damini tried to brainwash Shaurya as that should get her thinking twice about confiding in Damini.

  5. Is Damini a model? She’s gorgeous, really beautiful.

  6. this serial needs to come to an end also it is prolonging tooooooooooo much samrat was in jail urmi go custody of shauyra and she ended up marrying Ishaan urmi has a well established business so why this soap did not end you writers are doing toooooooooo much shit with these soaps writers stop bringing in so much wrong doings in these soaps as soon as one thinks that the soap is ending nice bam evil doers step in come on writers we are frustrated end the soap now

    1. fan of the show

      As with “the news” there is little interest when things are going well. There is something that makes you come back to it over and over, right?

  7. I’m tolerating this misunderstanding with the hope that when it is cleared , it will be a big reveal. Damini will get punished severely, Ishaan & Urmi romance & love story will begin with full on each othet. It’s only been 3 days/scenes, some shows have stupid kidnapping that has been on for 3 weeks, so I’m giving the creatives sometime. Samrat should continue with Tani as she seems to be making his life hell. I’m being patient.

  8. Samrat will hurt his own wife just to put his hands on some dollars.What a devil.Tani still does not know who the real Samrat is and she will soon find out.Damini is trying to hurt URmi with her son in law but does not realize that everything is backfiring on her.Ishaan please open your eyes and stop being gullible to what your mother is saying because eventually the truth will show itself and then you will be heart broken..Your mother cannot give you the type of love Urmi will give to you.She is your mother with an aim. to destroy your happiness.

    1. fan of the show

      I think she is just caught up in the societal norm that a divorcee doesn’t deserve the time of day, never mind marrying your own son. This crazy notion should be purged from societal consiousness once and for all. It is judgement on divocees who have suffered who knows how many injustices by those who can’t know why it happened. Trial with a biased jury of one. Instead of gettig mad at the writers for depicting what happens, we should be getting mad that people think like that about divorcees.

  9. All mothers in these shows just want their son to stay with them….why does tani have to get hurt…only the women get all the pain am sure the writers are all men mad men….

    1. Nice one….. food for thought.

  10. Today’s series is boring and stupid as Ishan doesn’t even know whose handwriting was that letter given by Urmi.

    What I see what Amanda says is right. Men are very highly treated than women. You will see after all what Samrat when thru, the writer will then turn the table good for Samrat. No – Niranjan, money lender, Urmi, etc even pull his hair.

    1. Good point. By now you’d think Ishaan would know Urmi’s handwriting or was the letter typed??

      1. Hand written.

  11. fan of the show

    Inteesting that the truck river knew who Tani was from the BACK.

  12. Damini n samrat belong together partner in crime n y is ishaan blaming Urmi now y can’t he see wat she isy

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