Begusarai 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Birla ask Manjeeta what about Lakhan? Manjeet says Phulan have locked him in house till marriage, the way Priyom stopped Lakhan yesterday, it felt like Phulan was standing, he will take care of Poonam. Najma says to Poonam, your groom is already favorite of your parents, does Priyom love you? Poonam says dont know, Najma says you didnt tell him about your love? Poonam says i didnt get time, Najma says read his eyes and you will know, there must be feelings from both sides otherwise why would he agree for marriage, Poonam shyly smiles.
Priyom recalls his banters with Poonam, how they used to fight like friends, he says i am marrying Poonam? Drugha(servant) says he has gone mad, Priyom says dont know why i said yes, papa emotionally blackmailed me and i said yes, i understand we have to protect Poonam from Lakhan but marriage? why did she yes for marriage? she must be pressurized too, Drugha says what if she wants to marry you? Priyom says why would she marry me? she knows i am casanova, i am not marriage material then why she wanna destroy her life? i know her from childhood, i have never seen her like that, nor she has seen me in that way, she must be forced for marriage, i cant back out from marriage as i have said yes but Poonam can say no and papa will listen to her, i will make her understand that she is doing mistake by marrying me, i will talk to her, he leaves, Druhga says what if she really wants to marry Priyom? in that case he will break her heart.
Najma says to Poonam to select dress for Priyom, she selects it, Poonam says what if he doesnt like it? Najma ask her to go and ask him, Poonam says i will not go, she gets shy, Najma says earlier you used to run and fight with him and now blushing, Poonam says i am not blushing, i will take dress for him, he has to wear it as i like it, she leaves, Najma prays that Poonam got happiness after longtime, dont take it back.

Scene 2
Poonam comes in Priyom’s room, he is not present there, she says how messy his room is, she starts cleaning his room, Guddi who is passingby is shocked to see that, she comes in, finds Poonam working, Poonam finds girl magazine there and says its not needed anymore, she turns and is shocked to see Guddi there, Guddi claps and says wow practicing to be wife, she teases Poonam, Poonam runs behind her, suddenly Priyom comes, Poonam bumps into him, she looks in his eyes, they share eyelock, Poonam gets conscious and says sorry, Priyom sys good i found you, i wanted to talk, he looks around and ask who fussed with my room? Poonam says not fussed but have set it, you have dirty room, Priyom says what you did, i put things in my way, i put towel on bed to get it in seconds, Poonam stops him from messing it up again, her hand strikes with his shirt and thread on her hand gets entangle in shirt’s buttons, he takes it off while she glances at him smiling, she is about to leave but Priyom stops her and says i wanna talk, Poonam thinks to speak up, i have seen in eyes, now wanna listen from you, Choti Amma comes and says dont you know groom and bride doesnt meet till marriage, Poonam says i brought dress for Priyom for today’s function, Maya gives her clothes to wear in functions, Priyom thinks if chekha happens then we will be stuck, he ask can i talk to Poonam, its private, Maya says you cant meet her, write letter to her, Priyom says i will write but nobody else will read, Maya says we dont read love letter of others, Priyom writes letter that i got in Papa’s pressure and said yes for marriage, i know you were pressurized too, i know we are just good friends, i know many girls and cant be of anyone, you will not be happy by marrying me, tell me whats in your heart then we will talk to Papa, he will not deny your decision, he gives it to Poonam, Poonam shyly takes it, smiles and leaves.

Scene 3
Poonam gets ready for her Chekha, Guddi says you are looking amazing, she ask did you read Priyom’s letter? Poonam says no, Guddi ask her to read, Poonam says i will read when i want, Guddi says what if it is written in letter that he doesnt wanna marry you then? Poonam says then i will deny marriage too, i dont wanna hurt him, Guddi says i was just teasing you, Poonam goes to read letter but Guddi has it, Guddi says i will it but first you have to give what i want, Poonam says no, you can have this letter, Guddi says dont show attitude read it, Poonam reads letter and is stunned.
Bindya is angry and says to Ghungroo that i cant lose Priyom, i have to win, i can to anything, Ghungroo thinks her perception have changed, she is thinking to get moon, my mind says she want more than money but what?


Update Credit to: Atiba

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