Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sumit apologises to everyone and asks for forgiveness to Dolly. Some family members tell her to see the change in Sumit and give him another chance, while some others tell her to listen to her feeling. Kabir tells her not to give him another chance. He’s just doing drama, he’s not changed. Nisha and all cousins tell Dolly that they are with her even if she decides to raise her child alone. Virender gets mad at Kabir. Kabir says he’s just telling the truth and asks him to trust him. Virender asks why he should trust him. And if it’s like that then why he’s leaving Nisha. Kabir gets silent.

Nisha interrupts and speaks in Kabir’s favour. She says it’s not only his decision to apart ways, it’s her decision too. They may have hid everything from family, but they never hid anything from each other. Kabir fulfilled all his duties very well. Right now they are talking about Dolly and they don’t need to drag Kabir into it. Virender gets quiet now.

Nisha tells Dadaji this is about Dolly’s life and only she should take the decision. Dadaji agrees but says if she forgives him, then everyone will. Dolly thanks everyone for taking all charges back against Sumit despite after all that he did with this family, and tells Sumit’s mum that she also didn’t want her child’s father to be in jail, or known as criminal. However, she says she can’t stay with Sumit anymore and asks him to leave right away. Virender interrupts, but Dolly says no one will interfere in her decision. She wants to take this decision on her own regardless what outcome it may have. Nisha and cousins tell her they are always with her and they are proud of her. Dadaji and Dadi give blessings to Dolly and leave.

Roopam scolds Nisha that her wedding is already breaking and she’s breaking Dolly’s too. Her husband drags her to a side and asks how Dolly can stay with Sumit. She says she’s just caring about Dolly. He says it’s not care for her, it’s jealousy from Nisha’s parents. She leaves.

Sumit and his mum get ready to leave. Sumit stares at Dolly. His mum tells him that they are going from this house, but they can always come anytime to meet Dolly and child. That child will be their entry to this house. His mum goes to Dolly’s mum and gives her shagun bangles for Dolly as she won’t take direct. Dolly signs no to her mum, but Sumit’s mum forcefully gives her and leaves with Sumit. Dadi goes to all cousins and gives blessings to Dolly. She says it’s time to arrange a puja so nothing bad happens in that house anymore. They all hug.

A lady books tickets to Jaipur saying it’s time now before it gets too late.

Dadi is with Dolly’s parents. Dolly’s mum says she doesn’t understand whether Dolly’s decision is right or no. Virender is furious. She tells her to put sense into Dolly and asks Dadi to talk to Dadaji. Everyone will laugh at him otherwise. Dolly comes in and tells him, he cares about what society will say, but he doesn’t care about his daughter? He says they have to live in this society only. She asks where was this society when Sumit did stealing, tried to kill Nisha? He says which human doesn’t make mistakes and he apologised for them. She says, right..but he’s not a human being, he’s an animal. He asks but how she will handle it all. Think about her parents at least, how many problems they will have to face. Nisha comes in now and tells him that he’s talking about problems that he might have to face, but what about what Dolly already suffered? She shows her wounds to them and they all get shocked. Dolly’s mum asks why she didn’t tell them anything. She says she didn’t want Sumit to lose his respect in front of them..she was just trying to save her marriage. She then tells Virender she will do the job. She will become independent, so no Sumit dares to raise hand at her in future. Kabir sees everything from outside. Virender gets emotional and leaves. Nisha sees Kabir and smiles.

Precap: Kabir gets email from London dance group about last day for application is today. He shows it to Nisha.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  2. My comments were also disappearing akka.gud ni8.

  3. Taher aka viraj is quitting d show that doesn’t mean whole serial should be go off

  4. Mishkat I Love You.

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