Kalash 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Sakshi ask Ravi what happened in hotel room that ou brought Devika here, Ravi says nothing, Sakshi ask him to tell why did you bring her when its Saket’s responsibility, she ask are you jealous of Saket? he says are you mad, Sakshi sys she went with wrong person and came with right person, Ravi says you are crazy, Sakshi says those who say truth are called crazy, she says you both are either dont understanding each other’s feeling or dont wanna recognize, think about it, she leaves, Ravi thinks.
Savitri scolds Devika and says we respect Ravi but for your your angel is your would be husband, Devika recalls how Saket was trying to come closer to her, Savitri says if your marriage breaks then it will be bad for you, tell Ravi to be away from you, Rekha says dont forget he has always saved Devika and he has helped us, Savitri says i know that is i am not going to him but asking Devika to talk to him.
Devika comes to Ravi and thinks how to say to Ravi, i cant do this but dadi.. ravi ask Devika why you are tensed, Devika says you are my problem, she ask him to be away from her, i dont like it when people talk bad about my friend, i cant stop them because they are my elders, no one will understand out friendship, you wanted my safety thats why you brought me here but all thinks you have other motive, i dont want people to think bad about you, i cant listen that, Ravi says i understand your dadi doesnt understand our friendsip, to her your relation with Saket matters only, he holds her hand and says its her problem, her decision not your, i will do what you want, i am always there to help you, if i am root cause of problem then i will be away from you, i cant see you in problem, he leaves her hand, Devika is in tears, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, Ravi starts leaving, Devika thinks how one can be so understanding, i thought he will not like it but he cares for me, he did so much for my family and now did one more favor, i wish i had not said all this to him, he didnt say anything to me but he is hurt, i am sorry Ravi, Ravi turns looks at her and leaves, DEvika cries.

Scene 2
Sakshi comes to Rekha and ask what happened? Rekha says your dadi is not seeing Ravi’s goodness, Saket insulted her but she is taking her side, she is doubting Ravi, your dadi doesnt wanna see good and bad, Devika comes there, Sakshi says i pray that Saket doesnt comeback ever, they stops seeing Devika there, Sakshi says to Devika that you should face reality, i was talking about your marriage with Ravi not with Saket, Devika ask have you gone mad, i am engaged to Saket and will marry him, dadi should not listen all this, dont joke like this.
Ravi is in bed, he thinks why i am thinking about Devika so much? she has to Saket’s one day, if he was coming closer to her then why i was feeling angry, i will never interfere in their matters from now on, nor will involve in DEvika and Saket’s matter.
Devika is working in kitchen, Sakshi ask are you happy with marriage? you are weak in understanding life, you stopped me yesterday night, but can we talk now like friends, what you think about Saket? Devika says i am engaged to him, i have future with him, i dont want to complicate things, we have to compromise on things, my elders will decide who will be my life partner, there is no use of thnking all this, good think about SAket is he never flirts, he drinks but is good, all i want is that he allow me to do job, i dont want anything else, i dont expect anything, Sakshi ask why you are not saying all this looking at me? see i can leave this topic but you will not stop thinking about it, you dont like Saket but Ravi and this is fact, Deviak says you never understand anything, she leaves.
Devika brings tea for Savitri, Savitri says today is your mehndi, why are you working, DEvika says all are busy so i brought it, Savitri says you care for me so much, who will do all this when you leave, Sakshi says thats why i am saying to cancel her marriage, Savitri ask her to stop her non sense and leave, Sakshi leaves, Savitri ask Devika why you are looking so depressed? smile a little, did you talk to Ravi? Devika says i talked to him and said to never come closer to me, Sakshi listens this and is shocked, Savitri says Ravi is not right guy, he takes advantage of girls, Saket is your own, go closer to him.
Ravi is jogging, he finds a girl in car, which he had seen in hotel, Ravi thinks to meet her, Ravi finds girl talking to person in car, girl says how will i go away in this condition? bring poison for me, i will die, i cant go away, Ravi thinks to see person, he is shocked to see girl with Saket, Saket hugs girl, Ravi is stunned, Saket ask girl to not take tension, they leave in car, Ravi says Saket as lover? are they only friends or ? what did Saket do that she was scolding him? Ravi says this girl didnt want Saket to be with other girl thats why she helped me to save DEvika from him that means they have affair, i have to do something.

PRECAP- Saket is hugging his girl friend, Ravi spy on them and clicks their picture.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. kalash spoilers are awsome frnds. Ravi will soon expose Saket’s truth. Devika is shocked to know that Saket is already married!!! Devika ‘s aunt stops their marriage!! Ravi got a chance win Devika’s heart one and for all!!! Will this Ravi-Devika nearness provoke Saket?? Will bitterness arise between Ravi and Saket? Will this bitterness hurt Devika also? KEEP WATCHING KALASH-EK VISHWAS…..

  2. rocking spoilers dude…………

  3. welcome jigar to kalash family

  4. Superb serial.. But y late updates

  5. I luvv this serial most imp chemistry bwtn d leads

  6. yes neetu very late updates now a days
    atiba plsss we want updates fast frm monday

  7. Welcome neetu to our kalash. A family of Ek Vishwas

  8. Yesterday’s epi was bit emotional wen devi says ravi to stay away form her uff so saaad 🙁 🙁 🙁

  9. hiiii allll

  10. Eagerly waiting 4 monday episode.. Devika & ravi pair is sooo sweet

  11. hellw rani
    gd afternun

  12. @neetu ur right!!!! Ravika pair is superb wating more scenes of thm

  13. Welcome rani to ur kalash. A family of ek vishwas

  14. k kalash frnds now tell me what u all like about this serial?

    1. I love d chemistry of d leads & also like dis concept of having faith in God

  15. Hii jigar mainly I like the chemistry betwn lead pairs

  16. I just lov Ravi ♥

  17. First, kalash serial establish faith In God. Secondly, the love and understanding in a family.
    Thirdly, a traditional ordinary girl who wants to something extraordinary. Finally a cute innocent friendship between Devika and Ravi. A beautiful start and I feel Ekta kapoor should spoil it in long run.

    1. Ya u r right kalashrox

  18. Yup agree kalash rocks

  19. I like most about Kalash is the chemistry of Ravika & Devika’s cousin Sakshi. becas Sakshi is 1 person who undrstood ravi-devika love. Her sense of humor & witty attitude roxxxxx alots

  20. Welcome rukmini to kalash. A family of Ek vishwas

  21. Nice episode ann precap also

  22. appropriate answers kalash frnds
    finally my own answer 2 my ques: I like kalash becaus of sweet relation btwn ravi nd devi

  23. welcome miffy to kalash. A family of Ek vishwas

  24. So nxt ques: Mention most fav Ravi-Devika moment

    1. Most fav moment of them is ravi telling devika dat he will always b der 4 hr 2 help her.. And devika looking at him.. Was v.cute

  25. frnds are u thre to ans me

  26. Most adorable Ravika moment according me is” Ravi bro get a contract to decorate Deol’s house i.e for Devika’s engagement. Devika dadi says to ask a word from Devika about decoration. So Ravi goes to devika room and sees her photo kept on d table. He takes her photp and gradually a smile occurs on his face. This was very lovely to see.

  27. Love this serial…its just awesm..i think this the one of bst of ekta kapoor..Love this cute pairing of ravi and devika..nd also Shakshi’s character..Keep going..

  28. Good morng kalash
    hve a nice day ever

  29. Hi Guys………..

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