The beginning of a new chapter for chakor (Episode 1)

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Hey everyone im really pleased to be writing an article enjoy iv started my first episode from when the 10 year leap happened enjoy and please comment and share your thoughts as they will inspire me to write

Daas saal ho gya daas saal. Its been 10 years and after training for 10 years by leaving behind my family friends and house it is now my time to shine it is now my time to defeat kamal naryan he thinks im a bundhwa now this bundhwa will show him what i am made out of. I will win this race this is a race a race to free azadgaanj a race to freedom and a win against kamal narayan today im gonna win the most important race of my life because this is the day i end kamal narayan.

Aditya gets ready and tells chakor to hurry up as they will get late for the race chakor says one minute adi bhai i need to make a quick phone call. The phone rings and a lady answers qaaun hai? Chakor answers huum hai mai the wind blows… kaustri eyes fill with tears and says chak chakoria is it really you my buchuwa where have you been for 10 years chakor answers mai im coming adi tells chakor to hurry up chakor hangs up the phone and sits in the car.

Adi and chakor reach the venue for the race chakor hugs adi and tells adi to send her love to arjun sir and bhagiya didi its because of them she survived and they have trained and educated her but could not make it as they moved to america 2 months ago so chakor moved in with adi and arjun could not arrange the tickets to come. Chakor says thank u adi for all the love and support but now im going back to azadgaanj back where it all started adi wishes chakor love and goes because he had to interview a minster adi reminds chakor not to forget him once she goes back to azadgaanj.
F for focus chakor mutters under her breath 3 2 1 go… the race starts and chakor runs… flashback scene of chakor locked in a cage ab vact aagya azzadgunj ku azad karna chakor reaches the finshing line but gets pushed by a girl called tina who then smerks. No matter what people like you do il still finish the race chakor gets up and runs as fast as she can and wins yhe race. Hoslo ki uraan hai plays…

All the media comes running 501 ek 501 tum hara naam qya hai? Chakor turns around and says chakor kamal was getting ready to be welcomed as the new minister wind blows. .. chak chakor humari bundhwa chakor? ? He gets shocked as his arrival was postponed as chakor had won the asian games the same thing plays in kamal head
No this can’t happen this chipkali is back im doomed noooo the media asks chakor who were you after winning every race you would disappear but today you won the race of every girls dream how does it feel chakor feels like the happiest girl in the world and thanks her bundhwa muhaar as her inspiration media got confused and ask what is that chakor says she will reveal all
Kamal phones richand and asks tina hand for suraj as he is now alert that he will lose his money and everything but by getting tina he will get all of richand money and will triumph and win again he dances in
Tina comes and says wow 501 ek wowyour nothing your worthless chakor says iv seen thousands of people like you without the name richand your nothing iv worked to be were i am nothing was handed to me chakor leaves

Precap chakor reaches azadganj and brings the chief minister to the havali and shows the whole world that kamal naryan is a monster hum agyae aur thume aj sazzah milinge kamal gets shocked and freezes as his whole truth is out… hope you guys enjoyed

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  1. Annabeth

    Nice one tippu pls continue

  2. Yeyy!!! New Sukor FF !! Good start ! Will Tina like Suraj here ?? Waiting for next update !

  3. such a great starting , I have absolutely nothing to say …post ASAP I’m waiting 4it

  4. Ofcorse dear i enjoyed.actualy u remind me 15 feb.scene when she grown up n i wona read next part realy awsm ff.keep it up waiting for next.

  5. Nice start, looking forward to the next update.

  6. Sukorian

    gud please continue

  7. Sukorlover

    Nice, waiting for next

  8. Shreya.

    Nyc dr….waiting for d next part

  9. Nice n tippu. Looking forward fr nxt n.waiting fr it

  10. Annabeth varshu tapa ananya nemo crazygirls.p sukorian sukor lover shreya and dil d thank you so much guys for all the support this really makes me confident to write il be submitting my second article today thank you for the support and so far i myself have enjoyed the fan fiction for
    Spoliers for future episodes vimli will be a evil couple tina will be against chakor

  11. tippu dear ,it was not very good.
    Just kidding yaar. I enjoyed a looooooot dear. It is Very very nice. continue it n eagerly waiting for the next.

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