Nakchadi Ch 11 (SwaRagini)

Hal chal hui Zara Shor hua
Ragini lifted her head and her eyes locked with his eyes which knew what his heart wanted
Dil chor hua Teri Ore hua
Her heart sped up and made her more nervous

Aisi chali Jab hava Ishq hua re hua
As air passed his face and his hair flew with the rhythm of the air it made her skip a bit

She walked and Simi made her sit beside him and all this time his eyes did not dare to blink also. He was lost. Lost in her beautiful face like she spell bound him to something. A small curve crept on his lip without his knowledge.

Ragini’s cheek turned crimson sensing his gaze on her. His eyes were speaking something else a different emotion. That emotion he got connected only with her. If at all understanding your heart was that simple there were no complications in life isn’t it? Simi made Ragini wear the Chunni of Shagun.

“Supriya Ji I want to speak to you” Sunita dragged Supriya away from there. Supriya looked at her confused and walked with her to a room and latched it. As Suni turned she took a deep breath to gain a bit courage to speak. But she did not had the lifetime but just this moment to make it right.

She looked at Supriya who stood confused at her behavior.

“Yeh rishta nahi ho sakta”(This marriage cannot happen) She only knew how difficult it was to find the right words. And finally she let a sigh that she conveyed her thoughts in a most proper and straight way.

On the other hand Supriya was recollecting herself. Did she heard right. Did her brain decoded the right message. Or is she hearing which is virtual. Her eye balls not moving an inch also like she stopped breathing in that moment. Her brain took really a long time to knock some sense into her and make her breath forcefully.

She took a deep breath and a tear dropped which was holding itself from ages. Her heart which stood so strong all these years broke into infinite pieces.

“Why?” she whispered with difficulty. “Raj says he doesn’t love Ragini and if we move forward in this it will spoil both of their life. Please Supriya ji try to understand. I mean no harm” Supriya held her palm stiff in front of Sunita who was approaching her. She stopped as she jerked.

“Bahut Jaldi Samaj aagayi yeh baat apke bete ko ki wo Ragini se Pyar nahi Karta(Your son really understood very fast that he doesn’t love Ragini)” her red blood filled eyes made Suni to lower her head. “Sahi kaha apne yeh shaadi nahi honi chahiye”(You said right this marriage should not happen).

Supriya wiped her tears and stormed out of the room. She stood as she watched Ragini who was all smiles bending her head. Didn’t she knew what was this marriage for her Lado. The girl who never wished anything all her life, who was all content whatever she got had a dream.

Dream for the first. First time a feeling had blossomed in her heart which stood strong all these years due to a fear of relation called marriage. Which had turned out a bitter experience for her mom. She never wanted to fall in all these but she fell. She fell with a hope.

How can God be so merciless to her daughter who believed him like she believed in herself. Ragini lifted her head and looked at Supriya and her smile faded and concern covered when she found traces of tears on her cheeks. Something was bothering her mom. She knew her mom so well even if they were silent they used to understand each other better than with words.

Supriya took a deep breath to cool her burning heart. She walked swiftly to Ragini and pulled her up. And then only Raj realized that he is not in dreams but in reality. Ragini looked at her mom confused. So did Raj slowly got up from his place and looked at Supriya shocked.

“Yeh Roka nahi hoga. Sorry hamne aap sab logo ka ithna time barbaad kiya kuch hadsa hua hai hamare dur ke rishteydaar ke ghar me. Khana khaake Jayiye” (This Roka is not gonna happen. Sorry we wasted your time. Some tragedy had happened in our distant relatives house. Please have food before leaving)Supriya smiled weakly at the people who whispered and started walking slowly.

Ragini stood numb and she couldn’t react. React for the fact that her dreams broke. She was not in her senses to react also. All stood shocked for Supriya’s behavior.

Raj turned to face his mom who had tears in her eyes and a complain that why did he do this with a innocent girl. And he couldn’t realize why. Then reality stuck him what he spoke to his mom and his eyes widened with shock and he felt his world scattering in just a second.

“Bhabi” Rajesh came to her. She stopped him and walked to Sunita and Sanjay who stood beside her.

“App Bahut ehsaan Kar chuke hum pe. Ithna ki hum zindagi bhar aapke shukrguzar rahenge. Aap bhi jaa sakte hai. Khana khake jaayiye please”(You have done enough favors on us. We will be always grateful to you people for this. Have food and leave) Supriya folded her hands and looked at Sunita who had bowed her head as she couldn’t meet her eyes.

“Magar” Sanjay was stopped by Sunita who held his hand and he looked at her and she nodded her head with painful eyes.

It was the fight between mom and a mom. Nobody could be wrong.

She walked back to Ragini and started removing all the Jwelleries and Chunni what she wore which was brought by Sunita as Shagun. She pulled it and threw it on Raj’s face. Her anger had no bounds today.

“Aunty… Aunty Jaisa aap soch rahe ho waisa nahi hai”(It isn’t like what you are thinking) Raj stood near Supriya pleading. At any cost he couldn’t lose his love now not when he had finally discovered it. Supriya took a deep breath and slapped across his cheek.

He held his cheek horrified and looked at Supriya who was fuming looking at him. She looked like Durga Maa now. “Ek aur shabd nahi”(Not more a word) she screamed and all looked at her shocked.

She was always the cool and calm Supriya who never lost her cool not even when her husband left her.

Rajesh’s heart started sinking when he looked at Ragini who was standing numb. It reminded him of her state years ago when she discovered about her dad. His gudiya’s heart broke again.

“Aunty please give me a chance to speak. I was just confused with my feelings that’s all. I really love Ragini…” Supriya slapped him again. She held his collar and dragged him close to her. “Don’t you dare to take my daughter’s name from your filthy mouth. Don’t you” she pushed him and he stood stumbling.

He tried again approaching her but Sunitha held him and dragged him with her and signed Sanjay to follow. He looked at Ragini who was standing numb and tears streaming down her eyes. Helpless for the first time though he did not understand what actually happened in such short time but he understood something bad by his wife’s reaction. “I’m sorry beta” he spoke in his heart looking at Ragini and walked with Dadaji from there.

“Maa ab tho bathavo hua kya hai please” Ranjit spoke to Supriya who sat on the Sofa holding her head. “Wo bol rahi hai ki unka beta hamari Ragini se pyar nahi karta usse kuch galat faimi hui thi”(She said her son doesn’t love Ragini he had some misunderstanding) Supriya lifted her head and looked at Ranjit painfully.

Ragini collapsed on floor and Rajesh rushed to her screaming “Gudiya” All approached her. “Nai hota chachu mujhse aur nahi hota” (I can’t chachu. I can’t) she sobbed holding Rajesh’s hand. It killed him. Her pain literally killed him. She placed her head on his shoulder and sobbed. He patted her head and tried consoling her. He bit his lower lip to control his cry. He cannot show his weakness now. Not when his Gudiya needed him the most.

He helped her till her room. “Shh Gudiya” he cupped her face. “Can I ask you something?” he looked at her hopefully. “Can’t you live this life for us?” a tear tripped his eye. She looked at him confused.

“No more tears. We will forget whatever happened like it never happened. We will not speak anything related to it” he said looking at her. She nodded her head painfully and hugged him. All controlled their emotions looking at Ragini. Swara held Ranjit’s hand tightly and controlled her cry. He side hugged her and patted her head.

Nikit walked to her and dragged her to him. “I promised that I will not let my Ragu dee cry. At least for my promise don’t cry na Ragu dee” he said in a low cracking voice and she smiled and hugged him. “I won’t cry chotu. No more tears” she said. “Dee” he cried then stopped. “No problem for today you can call me that word” he said which made all smile through their tears. She nodded her head biting her lower lip and holding him more tight.

Ravi closed his fist as much as he can and fumed and tears burned with the heat within him which had the potential to burn everything on his way. Ragini’s eyes fell on him when he was exiting the room. She dragged Nikit out of the hug and rushed to him.

“Bhai…. Bhai…..” she held his shoulder to stop him. He turned and looked at her. His face burned and muscles shivered due to the pressure he was holding himself from busting. “Aur nai. Aur nai”(Not any more) he spoke in a cold voice. “Mai nai chodunga usse. Iss bar bilkul bhi nahi”(I won’t leave him this time) he screamed. She jerked due to his voice. “Bhai” she whispered.

“Kya mathlab iss baar?” (What do you mean this time?) asked Ranjit who stood behind Ragini. She panicked. If others came to know the meaning of Ravi’s words then she did not knew how will they react to Raj. Though her heart was broken into pieces it still held the emotion alive the love alive. She nodded her head painfully looking at Ravi who looked at her with pity in his eyes.

“Math kar ithna pyar wo deserve nai kartha”(Don’t love him so much. He don’t deserve you) he cupped her face and whispered. “Nai horahi mujhse bhai. Uss se nafrat nahi ho paa rahi”( I can’t bhai. I can’t hate him) she spoke in a low tone. Ranjit looked at them suspiciously. He thought of talking to Ravi later. Ravi hugged her kissing her hair.

The darkness looked un ending when Ragini looked out of the window. Every second his face flashed and pierced her heart more and more. And she stopped wiping the tears which did not stop flowing. Rajesh stood at her room door looking at her. “Let her cry. It will lighten her pain” Simi placed her hand on his numb shoulder. He stood without reacting and watching Ragini.


“Maa maa please listen to me. Just once” Raj walked behind Sunita who was storming inside the house. “Maa I love her maa” Sunita stopped and closed her eyes letting some tears out. She turned and neared Raj and slapped him across his face.

“Tujhe uss word ka mathlab bhi patha hai?” (Do you even know the meaning of that word) she asked her tearful eyes shrinking looking at shocked Raj. Sanjay stood shocked as he had never witnessed Sunita’s this shade. “Jab samajh aajaye thab mai tujhe wo haq dungi mujhe apni maa bulane ka”(When you understand the word then only I will give you the right to call me maa) she wiped her tears and strode the stairs in haste to reach her room.

Raj’s heart broke into pieces. Is there one person in his life who is most important to him it is his mom. She never even scolded him all his life. Now she slapped him. Sanjay looked at his null face and walked behind Sunita. Dadaji placed his hand on Raj’s shoulder who took a breath before bursting out into a bitter cry and hugged Dadaji who caressed his hair to console him

“Hua kya Suni?” Sanjay asked as he entered the room closing the door behind. “You were right Sanjay. I spoiled my kid. I loved him so much today I broke a girl’s heart for his happiness. I’m so selfish” she sat on the bed holding its edges and sobbing. “Suni” he placed his hand on her shoulder. She turned and hugged him.

“I still feel there is some misunderstanding Suni” Sanjay looked at Suni when she finished narrating. “I still feel” said he nodding his head when she looked at him confused. “I can’t be in his side anymore Sanjay. He disappointed me. He proved my values are baseless” her voice started cracking. “Shhhh” said he patting her head and hugging and consoling her.

Raj looked at the dark sky. Ragini’s smile her expressions flashed in front of his eyes. “Yeh mere hi saath kyu hua. I realized I love you and in next moment I lost you for forever. Why?” he closed his painfully. “Because you don’t know fighting” he jerked and turned to find his dad standing with crossed arms. “Dad please I’m already depressed I can’t take your blames. Not at least now” he said and turned again.

“This is the problem with you Raj. You never understand the feeling on right time. If you knew my blames were to make you understand the seriousness of life you wouldn’t have ended up like this” he waved his hand in air and Raj looked at him confused.

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