(Fan Fiction) EPISODE 7:The camel ride…

Viren says he has found Sonu. Everyone asks where Sonu is and Viren points up. Everyone find Sonu sitting on a camel. Sanchi then realises that the camels were Sonu’s friends. Then everyone laugh. They al board the camels. All the couples sit together. During the camel ride Aryan asks the man to take the camel slowly. Sanchi questions him as to why he said that. She asks the man to take the camel at normal speed. Then Aryan asks Sanchi when she got to know that she was pregnant. She says 2 weeks back and Aryan thanks her for everything and hugs her.

Just then Priyanka and Sushanth’s camel comes parallel to theirs. they start coughing loudly. Sanchi sees them but Aryan doesn’tas eh has his eyes closed and is hugging Sanchi. Priyanka signals Sanchi to be quiet . Sanchi giggles and blushes. Then Aryan asks Snchi who is coughing so much. Then Sushanth says your bhaisa. Aryan looks at him in shock and is surprised. Sushanth says” Not only you but even I love my wife very much and she is pregnant too. But this doesn’t mean that you show your love and romance her anywhere, anytme and everywhere to the whole world and that too sitting on a camel”. They all laugh and a while later the ride ends. The family go to a restaurant and archi celebrate their anniversary. They exchange rings and cut the cake.


  1. Fenil

    Cute one.

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