Basic Human Needs (Udaan, SuKoR OS) By AQUA

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Dear Sukorian’s
Today I have written a Sukor OS, based on this week’s episode where Suraj learned the importance of a drop of water.

It really had me thinking. When so many people around the world do not have excess to clean water…yet we are very fortunate to only have it, but we indulge in wasting the precious, element water…

So, I just wanted to give words to what Suraj might have felt when he has been deprived of food and water and as always, I like to add in my imagination to the scenes. Hope you would enjoy it as well. Smile

Please leave comments, your comments are always appreciated.




From our hunter and gatherers forefathers to our modern office-going-computer-wiz homo-sapiens; the elementary needs and right of every mankind (including animals) have been the same three things etched in our evolutionary DNA: Food, Shelter, and clothing, though process of acquiring these necessities have changed.

Suraj smirked as he thought, when one is idle, they can become very philosophical, no wonder all the great minds that have walked on this planet, had to seclude themselves from the distraction of hustle and bustle of everyday living.

Suraj was feeling the hunger pangs, his stomach growled and rumbled, it came in waves like the violent tsunami waves at the seashore…it was agonizing, eating away at his stomach and leaving him feeling emotionally drained and empty.

This is a new kind of pain for Suraj, since he was among the fortunate to be born in a household that was oblivious to such experiences–until now of course.

Being an Rajbanshi, the richest household in Ajadganj, he had the privilege over everything and everyone; whenever and whatever his heart desired it was always at the reach of his finger-tips, but today he has nothing…he was hungry, he was thirsty, and his half-naked body is smeared with dirt and filth from the cow stable. His sense of smell completely craved anything but the drying dirt and the nauseating smell of cow dung .

He swirled and wrapped the long shackles, which was bound to his wrist, around his waist and laid crunched on the ground to stop the rumbling in his stomach…thus, momentarily, he was successful in blocking the growling hunger pangs.

Suraj dozed off from the hypoglycemia, only to be awaken by warm drops of liquid beads over his eyes-lids…for instant he was elated thinking the sky must have pitied him to spare him some rain water.

Suraj, tasted the drop and realized it wasn’t rain water instead it tasted like a drop of ocean mist. Suraj thought, am I dreaming? How can I be in the Sea? Slowly, Suraj opened his weak and weary eyes, and looked up into the sky…

Chakor was sitting beside his head…and the second he saw tears in those beautiful, despairing eyes-he jumped up and cupped her face, forgetting his own pain. Wiping away tears from her eyes, “What happened? Why are you crying? Is everything alright? Did KN say anything to you?” Chakor did give any answer to his run-on, end-to-end questions… instead she looked away…

After being a married-man for 6 months, Suraj had developed an astute skill to read his wife’s thoughts. It did not required him to speak in order to communicate with her, for they each knew what the other thought…and he knew very-well why she had those silent tears…It is hurting her to see him like this-as a slave.

“You should leave this Haveli…at least for some time…I will be alright. Besides, you have done so much for me. More than I can ever imagine…and perhaps even more than I could ever do for you.” Suraj suggested.

Chakor finally broke her silence, “KN wants Imli to run the water extraction pump, but Vivan have refused to allow Imli to run and be part of KN’s games…I understand, Vivan’s concern, it’s his right to protect his wife.” Suraj gave a exhausted smile, “That is true. A husband must protect his wife”, feeling guilty for putting his own wife through hell, he continued “I guess, Suraj Rajbangshi’s life journey ends as a slave”

Chakor cupped his face and stared into his weak, sunken, partially opened eyes “No, Suraj, nothing will happen to you. I am here, I will do something. I will not let you die. Please have some faith”.

Suraj, thought to himself; what a stubborn wife of mine!

As Chakor lifted her hands from Suraj’s cheeks, she noticed dirt over her palms… the man who has a section of his dressing-table dedicated to high-end imported perfumes, and colognes, and styling products now smeared in filth. “I will be right back”, Chakor ran out of the stable leaving Suraj confused.

Few minutes later, Chakor came back panting, she resisted Shigu’s denial of entry, more aggressively than defensively. She sat front of her husband, and like an dutiful, loving wife, she wiped the dirt off from her husband’s chest, arms, shoulder, and face with a her wet Dupatta.

Awe-stricken by her kind gesture, Suraj felt heavenly comfort in her touch. If she could do this much for a person whom she doesn’t love, he could not comprehend what she was capable of doing had she loved him…Suraj felt a frothing, selfish desire inside him, to be that fortunate man, whom would mean the world to her… And if he was ever to be freed from this situation, he would do everything he could to shower her with his love. He would protect her and cherish her with his last breath.

As Chakor brushed her thumb wrapped in her wet dupatta over his lips, she felt Suraj’s dried, scaly lips squeeze into a subtle peck, almost as if he had kissed her fingers… Chakor immediately disregarded the notion of his kiss and thought he is extremely thirsty.

Suraj licked his lips, trying to wet his mouth.

Suddenly, she felt a lightbulb-moment and her face lit up.

Suraj, knew that expression very well…she was up to something. Without any words to Suraj, she ran out…Again, like an dj vu, Chakor came back panting and resisted Shigu’s denial of entry and sat front of Suraj. “Suraj, hurry-up drink the water as I twist my wet dupatta” Suraj amazed at the ingenuity of his dear wife, parted his lips to slurp down the water…unfortunately, that traitor, Shigu grabbed Chakor’s hands threw away her dupatta over the fence, leaving her exposed.

Suraj instantaneously jumped onto his feet and wrapped his arm around Shigu’s throat, “YOU DISGUSTING DOG! How dare you touch my wife with your filthy hands! I was silent the day you betrayed me, but today you have crossed my patience! I WILL KILL YOU!” Suraj flexed every muscle fibers in his elbow around Shigu’s neck, channeling every ounce of energy “for Shigu has awoken a sleeping tiger…

Suraj clinched his teeth, his blood was raging in his veins,he could see the man’s neck snapping in his mind– it felt good. He could feel his fist smashing into his nose, splattering red blood on the dirt.

Realizing her husband was capable of becoming a murderer, Chakor pulled his arm to release Shigu from his clasp…it took 3 other thugs and chakor to prevent Shigu’s imminent funeral that day.

Enraged Suraj shouted, “If you even dare to look at my Wife, I will pluck your eyes out and crush your puny skull with my bare hands!”

KN, the slithering snake had just walked in, “What is this? I see, my slave hasn’t learned his lessons. Well, for your misbehavior with my royal workers, I will not spare you any water today. Let’s see you long your arrogance last before you break.”

Suraj marched forward him, only to be held down by Chakor, “Please forgive Suraj, he is not thinking properly. He needs food and water. Please, do not punish him for this.” Chakore kept her hand over Suraj’s racing heart, commanding him to calm his nerves.

Witnessing the chaos that was taking place in front of her, Imli stepped forward into the stable. She regained her fierce voice and said “I will run for Suraj!”

Imli never ran long-distances before. She used the fear of her gun to rule over others. Those days of bullying are all in the past now… today, she was trying to do something for her selfless sister, Chakor, who has only lived for others, and today she has been given a chance to do something for her.

Chakor’s happiness lies in Suraj’s wellbeing…and Imli is ready to do anything for her dear sister, even if it meant to be disobedient to her husband, Vivan.

Suraj sat under the bright sun. He was wet with perspiration, it trickled down his neck and back like warm slush. His scalp was absorbing all the heat,boiling his brain and his throat cried for water. His sight blurred and ached with each blink in the singeing heat.

Knowing, his wife an avid marathon runner, was able to extract only few mL of water, he did not have much hope for Imli.

Astonishingly, after 2 hours of running, Imli managed to extract more water than Chakor. It resembled a half bottle of precious, sparkling, transparent, clear, liquid gold.

As, Chakor walked towards Suraj, Shigu and other thugs taunted them “Maybe, Chakor was fooling Suraj. Maybe she was taking out her old revenge on him” bursting into devilish laugh.

Before Suraj could reply, his fire-cracker wife was full-on defensive mode! “I have been working hard to get you water. You better not come into their words!”

Suraj glanced at her and thought are all women are equipped with some sort of default mode button on their brain called “Scold husband Now: ON!” Because, his wife surely can switch on that mode pretty quickly even at times like this, when he is almost dying of thirst.

“Please, Imli, tell your sister to stop fighting. I did not even say anything.”

“OH, I know you did not say anything! But, you surely thought of it!” said Chakor.

Imli, gasping for breath, “Please DI, stop it. Let him have water first”

Chakor frowned, but helped him drink the precious water, making sure he took small sips at a time, after all that half bottle needs to be saved until whatever new game KN presents them with.

The burning sensation in Suraj throat grew more when he pressed the cool water bottoe against my dry, cracked lips. A single drop of water traced its way inside his mouth and he savoured it. Thick saliva inside of his mouth, like a sponge absorbed every drops of water as it entered.

He felt the coolness of water coating the lining of the pipes leading to his stomach.

Suraj could feel the touch of each drops of sparkling water. How miserable it is that, one has to go through extreme deprivation in order to appreciate the significance of the universally available element– water. By satisfying his thirst, Suraj was revived for one more day without knowing what sinister plans are to be laid out for tomorrow.

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  1. Sukor

    Too good. So well described that could imagine the scene. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤

    1. Aqua

      Thank you?

  2. Aashi

    Fabulous dear!!
    No words to describe your writing.
    Few lines are so commendable.
    Hoping to see more of you! <3

    1. Aqua

      Thank you?

  3. Craving for more doses of such fine pieces of art. I appreciate ur writing skills.

    1. Aqua

      Thank you ?… vj is doing wonderful acting. I just love the way he acts out the the emotions of a hungry man…

  4. Great work.

    1. Aqua


  5. it was amazing OS. You described everything very nicely. You’re right we take water for granted. I loved it. Waiting for more OS from you.

  6. it was awesome OS. You described everything very nicely. You’re right we take water for granted. I loved it. Waiting for more OS from you.

    1. Aqua

      Thanks sweetie. I will update soon ?

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