My Love With Me (Episode 18)

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In previous episodes both Arjun and Sam plan a dinner date..Radhika and Arjun discuss about Husband and wife rights..Finally Arjun asks Radhika to be his wife and ready to fullfill wife duties..Then he didnt go with some others..Radhika didnt answer him..Arjun left the room with his car key and reach to one hotel..Sam think about Neil and Samrat words and stop infront of hotel and she enter in to the hotel..
Neil sits sad and look at the decorations by playing guitar.He gets stunned seeing Sam there..and a little smile appear on his face.

Scene shifts Aradhika…

Arjun reached to his place and smiles seeing someone there..Arjun greets.. gudevng Mrs.Mehra…you reached early than me..and Radhika is shown..
Scene shifts to Nesam..

Sam:Did you get this place for dinner?why it looks so dull?
Neil:Feeling is important for dinner, not place,You never understand it sam.
By saying this he go with a big claps for two times..automatically the lights on and she smiles looking at the decorations,saying impressive.The place was decorated by red rose flowers..
Scene shifts to Aradhika..
Arjun sits on other table and serve wine in two glasses..Arjun looks at Radhika keenly..She is in trendy long gown..which he bought in lonavala trip..Arjun just look at her in that gown..Some flashes move infront of his eyes..
Without looking at Arjun..

Radhika:Why are we sitting like this Sir?
Arjun:your eyes didnt wish to see me. Do i look so bad?
Radhika:No Arjun sir..

Arjun:Then look at me Radhika..
By saying this he holds her hand and makes her sit on his lap..asking her to come close..
Radhika:I can’t do that what you are asking for..
Arjun:You are afraid to say what did i ask..then how will you do it?
Radhika:I wont do it..
By saying this she try to move from his lap.Arjun place his hand around her waist and pull her so close to him..
Arjun:if you dont do that,then dont act to be my wife..

Radhika look into his eyes..
Radhika:I am not acting..truely i am your wife Arjun sir..
Arjun:Then do your wife duties..
Radhika:From past seven days onwards i am doing it..I clean your kitchen..your house..wash and iron your clothes..and i cook for you..and moreover i manage things without any maid..
Arjun saw her innosence in her eyes and in her answer..
Arjun:I dont talk about those activities..I talk about something which comes to me close..
Radhika:Our marriage is not that type.We both know why i married you na..Arjun sir..
Scene shifts to Nesam:

Sam give him flowers and asks about wine..Neil says no need,i have to save your respect..its time to become frnds without wine..
Neil compliments her looks and sam share a cute smile with him.
Sam looking around the pent area of resturant/hotel …
Sam:Neil..It is amazing what you are doing..
Neil:I told you na..if you stay with me you will have fun..
Neil ask her to come for dinner..

Sam:Why you call me for dinner date?
Neil:Bcoz..i want to spend some time with you..
Scene shift to Aradhika:
Arjun place Radhika infront of his chair..
Arjun:Look into my eyes Radhika..and have this..
Arjun:no..French grape juice..You are afraid is best way to make fear away..Try it..
Radhika takes a sip and reacts for its taste..

Arun laughs and says well done Radhika..Radhika mishra drinks wine..
Radhika:My name is Radhika Mehara.. mishra nahi..and the grape juice is great. It really gives courage Arjun sir..
Arjun:Radhika call me Arjun..Not Arjun sir…
Arjun:No sir..only Arjun..and ask her to drink more for more courage.
Radhika drinks more and says Ar..Ar..
They both laugh..Really Arjun would like to hear Arjun from her..
Scene shifts to Nesam..

Neil:Sammy..dont do things and dont loose words in anger..
Sam:All mistakes are from my side only..There is no mistake from Radhika side..She broke my trust,my marriage,my love and moreover she is inbetween us..
Neil:How can we blame her sammy.. May be she hide some truth..may be we are not aware of all thing sammy she is pure..and she is chashini.. We know Arjun and how khadoos type he is?
You recollect the things happened between Arjun and Radhika..Always Arjun show his anger on her..After lonavala accident he start to show concern on her..
You ask so many questions to me…
1.Why Radhika didnt tell her problems to us..why she discuss with Arjun?
Sam noded her head..

Neil:Listen to me..that day Arjun save Radhika from Saral by stop that marriage..Radhika didnt tell anything to Arjun..Mala aunty call to us..and we are unable to lift the calls..and last option she select Arjun..and ask him to help..Arjun help mala aunty..
Now my question is why Arjun didnt share anything with us..we are all in same place na..then why Arjun went alone to stop that marriage?
Sam has no answer for that…
Neil:When Radhika break up with Saral before your sangeeth..why Arjun react very fast than us…he is ready to marry you and he shows concern on chashini..when saral raise his hand on chashini..
Sam look at him..
Neil:I want to show one video to you.. unexpectedly it was recod on your mehandi day..I ask Teji to handle the camera..Without his knowledge Teji place it in record mode and place the camera on his shoulder and chit chat with Zubin..See this video…By saying this Neil give his phone to her..
Sam look that video..In that video Radhika:Arjun is my mehandhi?
Arjun look at Radhika with full love and concern…

Radhika:Sir..can i tell the place of A written on Sam’s hand..what will you give me?
Arjun:what you want Radhika?
Radhika:Whatever i ask you give it to me.. na?
Arjun blink his eyes and nod his head.. and place an artificial smile on his face..
Radhika:I want Sam’s happiness sir..I want only my sam happiness..She loves you more..
Radhika:Promise me sir..I dont want to see tears from her eyes..promise me sir..that you always give happiness to Sam..
Arjun ready to promise but stop in between and said..
Arjun:I am ready to promise you..but when i put hand in your hand..your mehandhi spoiled..
Radhika:We go with another style of promise..
Radhika ask Arjun to feed jilebi to her and make promise that you always give happiness to Sam..
Neil:what happened..why you are in shock sammy?
Neil: my next question..Who call bonnine and Saral to your function?
Sam just think about that questions?
Neil serve food in Sams plate and ask her to eat..
Neil:I dont blame you and i dont tell that you are wrong..I clearly know that Chashini hide something from us.
You notice one thing..all these things happened when Nandhini enters in scene..

Sam recollect how Nandhini fill her ears on the day of Sangeeth..
Neil show one photo to sam…i.e Nandhini and saral’s photo..and ask why they are so close with each other? What is the relation between them..
Neil:I am your frnd..bestfrnd..You feel jealous when Radhika move close with me..i am only your best frnd not are not that much of jealous when she is with Arjun..why?
By asking this he try to change the mood of Sam..

Sam eat food and they both share a cute eyelock with each other..
Scene shift to Aradhika..
Arjun and Radhika are on the way.she sings jab tak hai jaan mai nachungi…
Arjun:I think grape juice gave you good courage.
Radhika stop singing and ask him what courage..?
Arjun:What is going to happen to are you ready?
Radhika look at him..

They reached home and Arjun went into his room..After few mins Radhika change her dress and wear night suite and enter into the room..Arjun stand infront of window beside their bed and looking out side..By hearing door sound he turn and see Radhika stand at the door..Radhika is still being in drink effect..bcoz,it is first time to her..
Arjun:Are you ready to become my wife or to leave me..?
Arj:No sir…choice is yours,either come close to me or leave me and go.
Rad:I can’t let you go to sam.

Arj:Then come to me radhika..
She walks to him..walking like a kid..He says more closer..Khwaishon pe likhi…plays..
Arjun hold her closer and hugs her.. Radhika close her eyes and turn opposite to him..He hold her from back and hug her and resting his chin on her shoulder and
hands on her stomach..Radhika held his hands tight with her hands…and still close her holding her with one hand and by other hand he adjust her hair to one side and place a gentle kiss on her ear and neck..when Arjun place a kiss she tight her grip on his hands.. A small smile apper on his face and he turn Radhika towards him..He cuped her face and kiss her on forehead.. He lift her in his arms and walk towards bed and place her on bed..

He adjust himself beside her..Radhika hold his shirt tightly and close her eyes..He move his hand on her face and slowly pull blanket on her and ask her to sleep..By saying this he try to move from that place..She hold his hand and says you can’t go..I..I..I am..I am ready to be your wife..Arjun place his finger on her lips and stops her from saying,and says to her..when heart is not ready for doing something,it should not be done, and i am not a man to force you..still Radhika hold his hand and ask him to sit..and she sits on bed.. are not a are really good man.
Arjun:No radhika..i am not good man.
She asks him to see himself by her sight..then you will change your opinion..he look at her innocent face and says who knows,may be you change your opinion some day on me.He keeps pillows in between them and ask her to sleep.
Next day morning:
Sam wakes up and sees neil making sandwiches..The alaram rings and she really wakes up.Samrat moves the curtains and look at Sam..Piyali sat beside her and asks sam what happened,did she get any bad dreams..
Sam:Dont know ma..dream breaks before completing..
Samrat:Incomplete dreams doesnot give happiness..
Sam:Where to get happiness paa..

Piyali:Where you loss you get from there only..You know Sam..Neil want to move from bird song..he said he can’t do this more,I dont understand anything..
Sam:When did he told to you maa?
Piyali:Yesterday evening..
Samrat:That means he can’t bear to see you getting mad in someone else love,he cant be with you now as he loves..and you know it Neil loves you.. infront of Neil you try to move close with Arjun after his marriage with your eyes and heart..dont loose your friends and your love..Find the hidden truth..

Sam look at piyali..
Piyali:May be your paa is right..Still you have time with you..Neil said he leave BS after this assignment..
By saying this both Samrat and Piyali leave from that room..Sam sit on bed.. and recollect all moments with Neil.. How he propose..How Radhika supports her..How they togeather enjoy..She realise that she didnt recollect the moments with Arjun..

Sam’s Pov:
Why i didnt recollect any moment with Arjun? That means i didnt love Arjun..? It is only attraction and infactuation.. I miss Radhika more than Arjun..?
Sam hold her head..
Sam POV:First i talk to Neil..why he want to leave BS..
Immediately she msg neil..Where are you Idiot?
Neil reply:In BS..Verify Final presentation prepared by Chashini..
Sam read that msg and get down from bed to ready..

In Aradhika’s house:
It is already 7:00AM still Radhika and Arjun on bed only..Slowly Arjun open his eyes and feel that something on his body..He saw that Radhika slept on his right hand and place her hand around his neck and hold his T-shirt tightly..and put one leg on his legs.. She slept like a small kid..Arjun recollect the moments that they slept very close in lonavala trip at hotel room..balcony..

At present..

Arjun cares her hair and hold her hand which placed on him..and pull her more close to him..and look at her face..He sense that Radhika is moving..Arjun act that still he is in deep sleep..
Radhika realise her position and adjust herself and move far from him and get down from bed..Arjun didnt open his eyes and act upto Radhika enter into washroom..After 15 mins Radhika come from washroom and look at bed..still Arjun is on bed moving lazily..A small smile appear on her face and move towards kitchen..later arjun also freshup and come to dining area..Already Radhika put black coeffe on table..He hold the mug and walk towards kitchen..Bcoz of wine effect Radhika still feel dizzyness in her head..She feel headache..So,she hold the kitchen compartment and stand with inconvience..Arjun walk towards her and hold her..
Arjun:Radhika..what happened to you?
Radhika:Arjun sir…I feel so dizzy and my head..
Arjun understood her condition and lift her in his arms and place her on sofa..Again he go back to kitchen and prepare lemon water to her..

Scene shift to Nesam:
Sam enter into BS..before she cross the maindoor a courrier boy called her..She stop and look at him..
Sam:Tell me..who want you..
Boy:Mam..i want to give this courrier to Arjun Mehra..Yesterday also i came here..but i am unable to meet him.. So,today i come here early to handle this cover(packet) to him.
Sam look at him..The office starts at 10:00AM..Still the time is 8:00 only..

Boy:Mam..if today before 9:00 he didnt received it means..we resend it..
Already the sender call to our service center and request us to handover it to him today at any cost..plz mam.. you collect it and handover it to that person.
Sam took that courier from his hand and look at to and from address..She saw from address as Nandhini..after seeing Nandhini name..Sam want to open it.. but her ethics..Finally she enter into her cabin and open it..First she look at divorce papers..and she look at letter.. She open it and start reading it.. while reading the letter tears flow from her eyes..
Four pair of eyes watched her..they feel sad for her condition..But they control their emotions and look at her..
After reading the letter Sam hold those divorce papers and letter and think to discuss with Neil..

All four see this and enter into Neil’s cabin..and they sit in their respective places and act that they are bussy in preparing presentation..

Sam rush into Neil’s cabin and saw four..Neil,Teji,Zubin,Kritika..
Sam with crying face and walk towards Neil..Neil get up from his chair and look at her..Sam walk towards him and hug him..Neil rub her back and ask her to sit..
Neil:What happened Sammy?
Zubin:Sam..first control yourself and tell what happened yaar?
Kartika:Ha..we are worried for you?
Sam look at Teji..Teji also look at her.
Teji:Sam..tell me what happened? Why are you crying?

Sam:Tej,Why you belive Chasini?Why you always support her?
Teji:You two are two eyes for me.I love you people to the core..Bcoz,I treat you are my family..I always feel that i have two little sisters..I know you are in pain..But you have so many people around you to take concern about you. But for chashini..nobody are there.. so i want to support her..
Sam:Yes , are correct.. Chashini..i badly want her hug and love to me..Bcoz,I..i..
Neil:Sammy..first tell me what happened?
Kartika:Ha sam..

Sam handover the cover to Neil..and ask him to read the letter in it..and observe those papers..
Neil read it and pass to Zubin..zubin read it and pass to kartika..kartika read it and pass to Teji..Teji read it and pass to Sam..
Sam:Why Nandhini want to take revenge on Dad?
Teji:We are shock to know about divorce..But..Neil and me find some facts and truths..We are aware of those truths and we have some proofs..
At that time only Andrew enter into Neil’s cabin..Andrew wish them and look their faces..
Andrew:Why you people are in tense?

Neil:Sam want to know truths and facts..
Andrew:Then reavel the things infront of her..
Teji tell all things Radhika save sam’s life from Nandhini..How saral try to molest Arjun save her..Things happened between Samrat,piyali, prerana,Sid,Anil and Nandhini..
How piyali’s father protect BS after smarat Khannan’s father expired..
How Nandhini missuderstads Samrat’s sid leave their frnds?
How Anil malhotra invset shares in BS.. how Nandhini creates difference between piyali and Nandhini used Arjun in this revenge processes..
Sam:Then why we spare Arjun here in BS?

Neil:Arjun was not completely wrong Sam.Nandhini upbring him with so much of love..we know it is fake love.. for arjun she is godess..So,He do things according to her plan..
Neil tell complete story to Sam on Arjun from Andrew side also..
Andrew:Dont treat Arjun is bad..From heart he is good..
Sam:I want to tell sorry to Radhika..
Neil:No is not time for that..
Sam looked at confuse look..

Teji:Radhika didnt realise that she loves Arjun..Arjun realises it day one only..We all togeather make them close..your frnd is also like you..both are people cant realise what is love and whom you loves..See my he is..bcoz of your stupudity..
Sam look at neil and hold his hand..
Sam:I am sorry for my behaviour idiot.But give me some time too compose think twice and take a good decission.may be i am not correct to you..
Neil:No sammy..You are only girl and you have only right to share my life.. you are always my samandhar singh..
Sam:But..I need some time Neil..

Neil nod his head..and give a warm side hug to her..
Zubin and Kartika hug her..Sam look at Teji..Teji hug her and kiss her on fore head.
Andrew:This is not forget me..Sam hug Andrew also..
Teji msg to Smrat..All mess cleared to Sam..No need to worry..
By reading that msg Samrat and Piyali feel relief..
Neil:I feel hungry..can we go to cafetiriea..atleast we need coeffee.. There we discuss how we made Radhika and Arjun make one..
Sam:I can do anything for chashini..

Zubin and Kartika:We also..
Teji:I am from Arjun side..
Neil:Me too..
Andrew:Me too..
Sam:Why you choose Arjun side?
Andrew:We three only know other side of Arjun..You people didnt know it..
All togeather walk towards cafeteria..

In Arjun’House:

After drinking lemon water she feel some what better..She move to their room and went into wash room to fresh up..Arjun search for Radhika and notice that she is in wash room.. He bring Toasted bread to her.. Radhika come out from washroom and shocked..bcoz Arjun hold towel and stand infront of washroom.
Radhika blink her eyes and look at him..Arjun face reflects worriedness..
Radhika:Sir..why are you so tense? What happened?
Arjun:Are you ok now?Take this towel.

Radhika take that towel from Arjun and walk towards her wardrobe to select a dress for her to wear for office..
Arjun walk towards her and stand behind her..Radhika feel Arjun hot breath and turn towards him..There is just two inches gap..Radhika lost her balance..Arjun hold her by placing his hand around her waist..
Arjun:Radhika..It is take day off today..
Radhika:Its ok Arjun sir..I will manage..
Arjun:Atleast try to understand my words radhika..

Radhika didnt answer him and look at him.
Arjun:Plz stay at home and take rest.
Radhika:Arjun sir..I dont stay at home..I feel lonely when i stay at home.. Atleast i feel good when i spend some time with Neil and Teji..Only those two are there for me to share my…
Arjun:Why you stop your words in between..
Radhika:Nothing sir..Dont look like that..I stay at home only..
Arjun:Thats good..go and sleep..

Radhika:My stomach is do sounds like rats..Check it once..
Arjun look at her innocent face..and Radhika realise what she said?
She slowly try to move from that place..
Arjun:I prepare bread toast and bring milk for you..
You eat it and sleep for sometime..
Radhika:Can i use your laptop?I want to send some presentations and taglines to Neil or to Andrew..plz..
And parallely i drop a msg to HR regarding my leave..
Arjun: no need of it..I can manage it..
and ask her to sleep after having the milk..

Radhika took milk glass from his hand and drink like a small girl..
He look at her lips..and wipe the milk marks around her lips with his thumb finger..
Arjun leave the room..he place the glass in kitchen and return to his bed room..He look at Radhika and she slept like a small and cute girl..Arjun close the windows and on the A/C with minimum speed..and make the room as a semi dark room..He know Radhika didnt wakeup up to 3:00pm..bcoz he mix 4 sleeping pills in her milk..He move towards the bed and cover her with blanket..and adjust her hair properly.. and kiss her on forehead..
Radhika hold Arjun’s hand and ask him not to leave her alone..Arjun turn back to see her..She is in semi sleep..And pills start to show their effect..
Arjun sit beside her and cares her head..She adjust herself comfortable and place her head on his lap..
Radhika(in sleep):

Nobody are there for me..Maa,Papa, Bhai all are angry with me..Even dadaji didnt call frnd hates me..God plz show a better way for me to solve this problem..I dont want to expose Arjun sir on wrong side..I cant do that..Then how can i solve this issue?
Arjun calmly hear her conversation and feel bad for her state and hate himself for that..
Arjun think for sometime and finally he decide to call Neil and infrom about their leave…
Arjun call to Neil..
In cafeteria all sit togeather and chit chat with others..Neil look at his phone and saw Arjun name on his screen..
Neil:Hello Arjun..gudmrg..
Arjun:Gud mrg Neil..

Neil:What happened?Why you are tensed?
Andrew:Is everything fine Arjun?I guess you take lot of stress..Already doctor told to you na…then why…?

Then Andrew realise that he is talking with Arjun…and stop his conversation..
Andrew:I am sorry Arjun..
By saying this Andrew left the place..
But Arjun realise that Andrew really worried for him…
Neil:Ha..Arjun..tell me..
Arjun:Radhika is not feeling call you to infrom about our leave in HR section..
Teji:what happened Arjun sir?Is she ok?

Arjun:She is sleeping..I want to stay with her..Nandhu is out of station na..
Neil:No probs Arjun..we manage here..
Arjun:Inform to Andrew about her presentation..
Neil:Ok…i will..
By saying this Neil disconnect the call..

He coocked up a plan in his mind and discuss with Teji,Sam,Zubin and Karthika…
Sam:I want to be with Chashini..I also join with you people..
Teji:No better go to home..we will go and give information to you.. and dont be tensed..By saying this he console Sam and kiss her on forehead..
Neil’s POV:
Its my promise Sam..I clear the distance between You and Radhika, Arjun and Andrew..
Neil walk towards Andrew and place his hand on Andrew shoulder..Andrew wipe his tears and turn towards Neil..

Neil:What happened Andrew?
Andrew:Neil..i am worried about him.. when he feel restless or taking stress he went into unconsiousness..He had some health issues..When he was in London..
Neil:we can do one thing..we go to his house and we complete our work from there only..we infrom him about moving Kajarat for shooting..

Andrew:No people go there.. I have lot of work..and moreover he is not fell comfortable with my presence.
Neil:Dont worry Andrew..We all are with you na..
After lot of discussions finally he agree to go to Arjun’s house..
Before moving to Arjun’s house Neil discuss something to Sam and ask her to be happy..Sam:Thanks Idiot..and seriously i want my Chashini back..
Neil:I promise you sammy..
Mean while Teji tell all things to Samrat and Piyali..

Samrat:Is Sam angry on me..
Teji:No sir..she is not think bad about you..
Piyali:Teji..go to Arjun’s thing dont hurt Arjun..It is not correct time to reveal truth..
Samrat:I think mentally he is weak better take care of him..and took our company doctor with you people..It is better…Give updates for me..

Teji:Ok mam..bye..take care.
After 20minsNeil,Teji,Andrew,Zubin& karthika stand infront of Arjun’s main door and Neil continously press the calling bell..Arjun open the door with lot of anger to scold the person who press the bell continously..and scold them cant you wait for reply… why you press bell continously…
Neil and Co were in shock…then Arjun realise who stand infront of him..

Arjun:Sorry guys..i think..i think somebody…Radhika slept in room na.. i felt that she is disturbed by this…
Teji:No need of explanation sir.. we stood that you care about Radhika..
Neil and Teji control their smile.. Andrew is in shock..bcoz he didnt see this much of concern on anybody. Zubin and Kartika first time saw pure love on Radhika in his eyes..Arjun ask them to come inside..Neil drag Andrew with him..Teji immediately enter into bedroom and sit beside Radhika..
Neil:What happened Arjun?
Teji:Dont worry doctor is on the way?

Zubin:To check chashini’s health?
Arjun:No need of it..?
Andrew:How can you know it?
Arjun hold Neil’s hand and drag him to living room…
Arjun:Actually no need of doctor..
Arjun:It us just hangover..I only mix sleeping pills in her milk..
Neil:Sleeping many..?you want to kill ker..

Arjun:Shh..plz Neil..i ask her to take rest..she reject it..she is not for her sake only i mix them in milk and ask her to drink..
Neil:Chashini didnt drink..then how this hangover happenes?
Arjun:yesterday we went to dinner.. there i ask her to drink and said that it is grape juice..
Neil:How many pegs..?

Arjun open 5 fingers one by one..
Neil:5..pegs!and how many pills you mix..
Arjun close one finger and show four fingers.
Neil:4 pills..!

Arjun:I think 4 is ok for sleeping atleast 8hours..
Neil control his smile and ask him.. how can you do this Arjun?I hear that sleeping pills are not good for health.. and sometimes we suffer with some side effects also..
Arjun:Neil..stop it..nothing happen to my Radhika..i know it very well..If anything happens to her i sense it..

By saying it he move from the room.. when Arjun left the room remaing enter into the room and look at each other faces…and smile very loudly by giving hi-fi to each other..
Neil:Now we have confirm imformation that Arjun is deeply in love with Radhika..
Teji:Khadoos Arjun..that to love with my chashini..
Kartika:Teji..she is our chashini… not only yours..

Arjun is on phone call and all come and sit in center hall and do their works..
Arjun also join with them..
Neil:I go and bring some stuff for us..
By saying this he loook at kartika..
Kartika:How can you go?lot of work is there sir…I need your help..
Zubin:Then i go and bring..
Teji:How can you..?we have work..At any cost we complete it today..
Arjun:I will go and bring…

Teji :Who will take care of chashini..and doctor is on the way na..
By hearing this Neil supports Teji..
All look at Andrew face..He smile at them and ready to go..with in nick of time Teji took Andrew phone and hide it..Andrew move out without noticing his mobile..
After 10mins doctor come and check Radhika..

Doctor:She is ok..but i guess she didnt eat properly…She was sick..She need some strength..I give injection to her.. most propably she wake at 5pm like that..
Arjun look at Neil and Teji..Doctor sit on chair and write some medicines for her..then he unintensionally look at her feet and ask Arjun.. what happened to her feet..Arjun look at her feet..There are small wounds.. Remaining all also look at her feet..and then look at Arjun..
Doctor:I guess she was hurt by glass pieces..

By checking her feet he said there are some blood clots need to worry..almost they are in healing stage..Only thing she need is mental rest and healthy diet…
He give medicine prescription to Neil and leave..After doctor left from that place both Neil and Teji look towards Arjun…Both are shocked that Arjun sit on bed and placing radhika’s legs on his lap..and look at her foot..
Both Teji and Neil walk towards him..

Teji:Really you didnt know anything about this…
Arjun look at Teji..i didnt know anything about this wounds..If i know i didnt neglect it..
When saying this tears appear in his eyes..
Neil:Its ok Arjun..We ask her directly.. you dont worry abt it..
By saying this Neil intensionally drop Andrew phone near him and leave the room with Teji..
After 5min the phone rings…and Arjun took the phone into his hands.. He saw priya face on screen…He want to give the phone to Neil..So,He leave the room and enter into hall..Again the phone start ringing…
Again he saw priya face on screen..

Arjun’s pov:Why she call in this time? Can i lift it or not?What to do now?
While he is in thinking he hear a beep sound..which indicates voice message.
Arjun open the msg and listen the voice msg..
Content of msg:Andrew lift the phone..It is urjent..our kidoo missed in mall and…she cried loudly…
Aftet listening this Arjun redail to that number..Immediately other side the person llift the phone..
Arjun:Piya..its me Arjun..Where are you now?

Piya:Arjju..Where is Andrew?
Arjun:Dont cry..first you tell that.. where are you?
Piya:I am infront of central shopping mall..i came with my son and maid..i didnt realise that….
By saying this she cried loudly…
Arjun:You just stay there..i will be there with in 10mins..
By saying this Arjun try to move from that place..But stopped by Neil..
Neil:Arjun..where are you going?

Arjun:Important work..
Teji:What is that much important than Radhika..?
Arjun walk towards them and ask Kartika to care of Radhika..
Kartika nod her head..
Neil:But..where you want to go now?
Arjun:Ruby’s son..missing..just now piya called him..But he forget his mobile..
Zubin:Who is Rubby?
Teji:Wat abt piya..?Who is she?
Arjun look angry look at them..Both Zubin and Teji hide beside Neil..
Neil:What’s the problem Arjun?
Arjun tell the problem to them and try to move..
Neil:We also join with you..How can we leave you like this?

Teji:Kartika plz take care of my Chashini…
Zubin:Small correction Teji.. our chashini..
Neil:Stop it guys..move fast..and kartika inform this to Andrew when he return back..
Andrew:Whats that information?
Neil:That is…
Arjun:Ruby..we want to go central shopping mall..piya is waiting for us..

By listening Arjun words Andrew is in shock..and he moves with Arjun..
All four move in one car towards centreal mall..
Andrew didnt know how to react..he didnt know where they go..But he find tension in Arjun’s face.
Andrew:Arjju..What happened?Why you are so worried?
Neil:Nothing…you dont worry..

Teji msg to Sam that they are on the way to mall..
Sam handle the small boy by hiding her face with her scarf…
He is one and half year old boy…and hyper little stamering his words are so cute…
Sam:Wat is your name?
Boy:Arjjuu…auttyy… did you come here..with whom you come here beta..
Boy:With my mom…
Sam:Where is she?
Boy:Mom missed…

Sam smiled for his answer..
Meanwhile Arjun stop his car infront of mall..
Immediately he give keys to Teji and ask him to park it.
Andrew:Why we are here now?
Arjun:Andrew first you call piya and ask her where she is now?
Andrew called her..she lift the phone and cried loudly…By hearing it…
Andrew:What happened priya?Where are you?Tell me where you are?
Arjun grab the phone from Andrew and ask her where she is?
Priya:Arjun..i am in ground floor infront of tatoo shop..

Arjun run towards that side..and remaining followed him..
Andrew:What happened Neil..
Neil:Your son was missed..
Andrew is shocked for this answer and start worrying for his son..
Priya saw Arjun and run towards him.. and hug him..
Arjun:Priya calm down…tell me exactly what happend?

Priya narrate how they reach here for shopping..and how she was bussy in selecting things to her son..
Priya:He played infront of my eyes only..With in two minutes of gap he was out from my eye sight..
Andrew:How careless you…
Arjun:Just control your words Ruby…
And by saying this he gave a arm hug to priya..
Neil and co observe this drama and Teji msg Sam about location..
Sam received that msg and look at small boy..
Sam:Arjjuu can we search your parents..

The boy nod his head and extends his hands to Sam..Initially sam didnt get why he extend his hands..later she got it and lift him..She reach the location and identify the Neil and co stand infront of Tatoo shop..
There Andrew enquiry about his son showing his son picture..
Then Neil received a call..
Neil:Hello Sammy….
Ha…where r you now..?
Neil:I am also in same mall..
Neil:Do one thing…we are in ground floor..near tattoo
By saying this he disconnect the call.

Teji:Who was on call?
Neil:Sammy..she said that she is in same mall..and she said that a small boy is with her…I guess that boy is Andrew’s son..
All turn their heads towards Sam..
Sam hold a small boy and walk towards them..

Andrew and priya saw their son with Sam..and they run towards her..
Andrew:He is my son only..
Sam:Oh..he said to me that his parents are missing..
Priya:Why you leave my hand Arjuu?
Arjun(Small boy):You only leave
my finger..

Priya lifted her son and walk towards Arjun..
Priya:Arjun..He is my son…His name Arjun..
Small Arjun look at senior Arjun..

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