KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 6)

Krishna: saiyam.!!
Suhani: who is he beta?
Saiyam gets angry seeing her
Krishna: aunty he is the same guy i told u about yesterday.. he saved me from goons
Suhani: oh ..(goes to saiyam) thank u so much beta.. u saved my daughter..
Saiyam: that was nothing AUNTY..i will try to do the best i can for your daughter even in future..
Krishna smiles..

Suhani asks what he would like to eat. But saiyam refuses.
Krishna: no way saiyam u have to eat something.. aunty i will take care of him.. u don’t worry.. Suhani and pratima attend customers while Krishna takes saiyam to yuvan’s room..
Krishna: saiyam he is yuvaan.. Suhani aunty’s son and my best friend
Yuvaan: saiyam? The guy who saved u yesterday right? Thank god bro u came oe else she would not be able to save herself.
Saiyam: don’t worry she will learn gradually
Yuvaan:well i don’t think so

Krishna makes faces at him..
Yuvaan: anyways i have to go see u guys later..
He goes..
Krishna: he always makes me look as a coward .
Saiyam: it doesn’t matter how he sees u..i know u r strong u just need to bring that strength out..
Krishna: (smiles) ok now tell me what would u eat.. i have madw sandwiches dadi made juice aunty made samosas and yuvan salad

Saiyam: if u made sandwiches then i would really love to eat them..
Krishna frowns and goes to bring the sandwiches.. she comes back and gives them to him..
He holds the sandwich but was hurt as his hand was injured and his wound was open..
Krishna:why didn’t u cover this wound..just wait

She brings first aid and does the aiding..
Krishna: how did u left this wound open .. now you would need a teatnus injection… u shouldn’t have done this.. how much would it have costed to do ur aiding
Saiyam looks at her.. how concerned she was she did the aiding with teary eyes and was feeling saiyam’s pain.. saiyam eyes were locked on her face as he has never saw so much concern on anyone’s face for him.. ever… krishna looks at him and they have an eyelock.. saiyam couldn’t control himself.. he didn’t realize how his hands wiped her tears….Krishna breaks thhe eyelock and looks away.. they have an awkward situation..
Krishna: umm… here take these sandwiches..
Saiyam tries to hold but still could not due to the aiding….

Krishna smiles.. she take the sandwich and feeds him..
Saiyam watches her..
Krishna: what happened?. Eat. Na
Saiyam: no one has ever fed me like that..
Krishna: what?.. don’t lie Saiyam. How did u had dinner yesterday if u are not able to eat yourself..and hasn’t your mother fed u in childhood??
Saiyam: i slept empty stomach yesterday and in orphanage their are so many kids that no one bothers to take special care for one kid.. i have always lived a lonely life.. without anyone’s support.. i spent my childhood alone… grew up alone.. went to Allahabad few years ago and stood up a business there..all alone..without anyone’s help..and i don’t need anyone..

Krishna heard all this with immense patience ..she felt the Saiyam’s pain that he was hidding… even Saiyam was suprised as how he shared his feelings so easily with her.
Krishna: i don’t want u to be upset..ok now come i will feed u today.. come on open your mouth.. Saiyam opens his mouth and she feeds him

Precap: krishna: i am also a orphan and i too miss my parents
Saiyam: im not mother is alive

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