Barrister Babu— 21st Century Version (Chapter 1)


An argument had broke out at the Roychowdhury mansion in the suburban part of Kolkata. Once again. But then, that was not a very uncommon thing.

“Why don’t you want to become a full-fledged barrister? You have completed your course. You are the topper. You do have a lot of scope in that field. Why do you want to become a teacher instead?”, Binoy Roy Chowdhury asked his son.

“I say, if you aren’t interested in being a lawyer or barrister or whatever you have studied for, then become an estate agent like me. It’s been a family profession after all!”, said a highly frustrated Trilochan Roy Chowdhury.

Binoy Roy Chowdhury’s son, sat on the couch, rubbing his eyes, his glasses kept on the table. “Baba, Kaka, please, for God’s sake, DO NOT pressurise me. Kaka, I’m not interested in being an estate agent. Because in my opinion, it’s a rubbish profession. I just can’t. The mere idea of me being an estate agent seems funny to me”, he said, looking at Trilochan Roychowdhury.

His irritated eyes turned onto his father, as he said, “Baba, see I will become a full-fledged barrister. Just not in that wretched law firm that you are suggesting. Please! Just no! I know, we are a posh, traditional family with high moral values, even in 21st century, but, still, I’m not bound to fulfill your dreams. Your dreams are yours. Mine are mine. So, no!”, he said, heading out of the mansion, and getting into his Mercedes, preparing to go to the tennis court.

Anirudh Roy Chowdhury was totally fed up now. These daily arguments were taking a toll on his brain. He put on his bluetooth earphones and played his favourite songs on loop.

“Nalayak! Ullu ka pattha!”, Trilochan muttered while his nephew had stormed out. Binoy just adjusted his spectacles, heading back to his room.

Somnath and Batuk, the younger sons of the Roychowdhury family, sat there, highly entertained by the morning show, that their Dada, Baba and Kaka had put up. Although, today, it was too cool. Not fiery enough like the other days. Maybe because their Dada had consumed half a tub of ice cream the previous day?…


“Ouch!”, the girl shrieked as she was thrown harshly onto the pavement, by the saree-clad woman, who was glaring at her, her eyes alight with anger. A crowd of spectators had gathered around the spot. They watched as the woman verbally abused the girl and called her names. But no one did anything. As a human tendency, people would gather to watch fights more than anything. But won’t step in to do anything that would help.

“So listen to me you blo*dy…”, the woman started shouting, but she was interrupted by the girl.

“SHUT UP! YOU LISTEN TO ME, YOU DERANGED CRAZY WOMAN! Don’t you dare abuse me! Who do you think you and your scumbag of a husband are?!”, she roared like a fierce lioness.

“WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! Today I will expose your immorality and filth in front of this whole crowd. Just you see. This matter has been going on for too long now!”,the middle-aged woman shouted back.

“Listen up people! You see this shameless teen”, she yelled, pointing her finger at the girl, addressing the crowd. “This girl has been falsely accusing my husband since many days! She had SEDUCED MY HUSBAND! Tried to be close to him! And now, she is putting the blame on him! The pot calling the kettle black! You are shameless, Bondita Das!”.

Whispers and murmurs arose among the gathered people. The girl, Bondita Das, was now glaring so fiercely at the woman, as though, if given the chance, she would strangle her with her bare hands.

She tried to get up. But the woman pushed her back down. “That’s where you belong!”, she hissed venomously.

“You don’t try to put ME in my place. Place a leash over that pervert, whom you call your husband!”, she retorted and was about to say more, when the woman interrupted her, screaming, “Hey Bhogoban! My goodness! The nerve of this foolish girl!”, and she proceeded to pick up a stone from the pavement and chuck it at her.

In a matter of few seconds, several other women had come together with the woman and prepared to pelt stones at the girl. At that moment, some people deemed it necessary to interfere. It was absolute chaos.

In the midst of that chaos Bondita tried to get up, but as she was about to get up, she fell down again, thanks to her ankle injury, which she had gotten while climbing up a tree the previous day. She hissed in pain.

Stones were still being pelted at Bondita. And then, SPLOOSH! Someone threw a… tomato? Yes. A rather rotten tomato that made her face look, as if splattered with red paint. She gasped.

Finally, she managed to get up and rush towards the woman, but then, her foot slipped and she fell face down on the ground.

But Bondita was not Bondita, if she gave up so easily. She tried to get up once again. This time, as she sat up, she felt a tap on her shoulder from behind. She turned back to look at a young man, peering at her in concern, over his pair of glasses.

When he looked at her face, he tried to contain his burst of laughter. He held out his hand to her, to help her in getting up.

As she stood up and made sureΒ  that she wasn’t going to fall down, she looked at the crowd , who was looking at her. Some with sympathy and some glaring at her with rage. She glared back at them. The woman who started it all, came forward to push her down once again.

But then, “WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!”, Anirudh Roy Chowdhury roared.

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