Love is riansh (Part 16)

Thanku so much for your love and sorry for late actually meri tabiyat thik nhi hai mujhe fever🤒 ho gya hai.and sorry for my mistakes so now I’m feeling better so let’s start

In vr mansion

Rk on call :khana i don’t want any mistake you get that.

Khana: yes mam and you don’t worry mam I’m hallden it everything and cut the call

Rk is hell angry and her is bleeding and everyone is scared because no one see her that much angry

Riya : rk please your hand is bleeding please baby first please mujhe first aid krne please

Rk : you press my wrong nerve . You know everything then why you do this haan

Kran come and see that his mom hand is bleeding  he shout mumma…

Rk : what happened baby

Kran run to rk : mumma your hand is bleeding come m first aid kr deta hu and first aid her hand and aap apna dyan nhi rkh to na why with pout

Rk : sorry baby I will next time now go your room ok kran nods and go

Sheriya: but rk if you and vansh are never divorce then it’s simple na

Vansh: so my wify sweetheart hume kab meida ke conference krni hai in firlt tone

Rk :half hour then we are conference with media and after two months we divorce

Vansh : auch it’s hurts sweetheart but if you want then ok and rk goes from there.

Anger: bhai why you agree to bhabhi with divorce

Vansh :angre divorce will happened after two months but in two months m ridhima ko aone itne kran le auga ki vo mujhe chod ke ja hi nhi paye gi so relax and goes from there.

after half hour in media conference

Reporter 1: mam sir suna you are in afair

Rk : well yes I’m afair with my husband everyone is shcked and vansh held rk’s waist

Reporter 2: so mam why you are hiding the marriage

Vansh : because of our enemy and circumstances so no more question

That all for today. Sorry for short update per meri tabiyat kuch jada thik nhi hai so please beare it. I hope you all like it

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