Guilty pleasure~ Riansh SS by Tanya (Part 8)

Riddhima beta, Uma itne Dino baad ghar wapas ayi hai, to main chahti hun ki hum sab kuldevi ke mandir chale.’

Said dadi coming to Riansh’s Room along with uma and other family members. Riddhima smiled at them and bent down to take dadi & Uma’s blessing while they smiled and kept their hand on her head blessing her smiling.

Vansh too bent down and took his mother and grandmother’s blessing.

‘Haan to dadi hum chalenge, vese bhi kitne din ho gye hum kahi saath mein nhi gye.

She said smiling at them while Vansh looked at his wife with weird expression, ‘here I’m thinking to spend some time with her and she wants to go out with family’, he thought to himself and sighed.

Just then an idea pooped in his mind and he mentally patted his back. He looked at his family who was happily talking and smirked, all of sudden he started coughing badly gaining everyone’s attention.

Riddhima ran towards him and rubbed his back while Siya gave him glass of water, just when he was about to take glass from her it fell from his hand because of coughing.

‘Ansh kyaa hua tumhe tum Theek to ho?’

Asked a worried Uma while rubbing her back softly.


He said while still coughing.

‘Yeh tum fine ho!! Itna khaans rhe ho aur tum fine ho.’

Shouted Riddhima worriedly and again give him water. He took it from her and drank it in one but still he didn’t stopped coughing.

‘Maa..da..di… aap log… riddhima.. ko.. lekar jao… kuldevi ke mandir main… hun Meri tabiyat kuch Theek nhi…hai…’

He said while coughing. Riddhima looked at him concerned and kept rubbing her back

‘Main kahi nhi jaa rhi tumhe chhod kar vansh. Dadi, massi aap log chale jao.’

She said with teary eyes while Vansh smiled in his mind obviously, ‘I’m proud of you sweetheart.’ He thought to himself.

‘Arey Riddhima hum bhi nhi jaa rhe kahi, vansh ki tabiyat Theek nhi hai aur hum aese usse chhod ke kese jaa sakte.’

Said dadi and Uma together while Vansh looked at them weirdly, ‘arey Maa dadi mujhe apni patni ke saath time spend karna hai, jaiye naa,’ He said in his mind.’


He shouted still doing the acting of coughing while everyone looked shocked at him.

‘Dadi, Maa, aap l…og meri… wajah…se apna… plan…Ca…nc…le.. MA.. t kiji…ye…’

He said looking at them sadly while they too looked at him with sad face.

‘Haan dadi aap apna plan cancel mat kijiye, vese bhi in kuch Dino main bohut kuch hogyaa isliye aap logo ko bhi fresh hone ki zurarat hai. Aap log jaiye vaise bhi main hun naa main vansh kaa dhyaan yaha rehke rakhungi naa.’

‘Are sure beta.’

I’m 100% sure massi.’

She said and smiled a bit.

‘To Theek hai fir, tum keh rhi ho to hum chale jaate hai.’


Shouted Vansh in excitement while everyone looked at him with suspicious eyes. He looked at them and again started coughing.

Everyone saying them to take care went from there to their respective rooms to take their bags.

After picking their bags everyone gathered in hall. One by one they hugged Riansh and went from their bidding bye to them.

Vansh looked at riddhima and smiled sheeplessly. He holded her from her upper arm and pulled her to himself. Riddhima looked at him and smiled as he hided his face in crook of her neck sniffing her intoxicated fragrance.

‘I have missed your fragrance very much Riddhima.’

He said while nuzzling his nose in her neck making her moan. She encircled her arms around his neck pulling him closer.

‘Now your coughing has stopped Mr. Actor Raisinghania.’

‘You knew Riddhima.’

‘Aur nhi to kyaa, acting kyaa sirf aap kar sakte hai Mr. Raisinghania. I has saw you smirking when everyone got ready to leave leaving us behind.’



‘To mauke kaa fayda uthaye Mrs. Raisinghania.’

‘Zarur Mr. Raisinghania.’

They smiled at each other and captured each other’s lips for a soulful kiss. Vansh sucked, licked and bites her lower lips while she too did same with his upper lips. He pressed her br*ast over her blouse making her moan and he entered his tounge inside her exploring every corner of her mouth.

After 10 minutes they broke the kiss for because of lack of breath. Vansh smiled at her and leaned to her ear level giving her a packet.

‘This is a dress I bought for 3 days back I was waiting for an opportunity to give you this and finally I got it.’


‘Hmm… abb tum yeh pehno and be in my study room in 10 minutes. Baby doll.’

He said and licked her earlobe making her shiver and moan. She shyly nodded and ran from there to washroom blushing while he chuckled at her cute antics.

Vansh was eagerly waiting for Riddhima in Study room. Just then he heard knob opening of the door and he snapped his head towards the direction of the door only to stop his breath as he saw his little wifey in hot green dress he gifted her which barely covered her thighs and he gulped seeing her angelic beauty.

He looked at her tip to toe as she moved her legs s*xily walking towards him she encircled her arms around his neck while he kept his hands on her waist. She tip toed and kissed the corner of his mouth making him loose his senses.

How I’m looking?’

‘Drop dead gorgeous baby doll.’

Quickly holding her closer he smashed his lips against her, kissing the hell out of her, making random patterns on her waist he walked behind still kissing her, as they got hit by the book shelf all books fell down with a thud. She looked at him as he entered his tounge inside her exploring her.

His hand got the way of her hips and he clutched them tight while she jumped and encircled her legs around his waist while they kept kissing each other sensually.

Breaking the kiss he attacked her neck sucking her neck hard making her moaning mess. He picking her walked towards the table of study room.

‘Jump!’ He ordered and she obeyed. He again kissed her pouring all his love, lust and longings for her in the kiss while she too kissed him with same intensity. His hand sneaked to the zip of her dress and pulled it down.

Her dress fell from her shoulder revealing her bosoms covered with her black bra to his hungry eyes. He licked her cleavage and opened her bra as her tits jumped out from her bra as if they were waiting to get free, he smirked in satisfaction as he saw her breathing heavily and he absolutely loved how here chest was doing up and down because of her heavy breathing.

He pinched her waist as she flinched a bit, his smirk got wider as he saw her bosoms jingling together. He took one of her twins in his rough hand and other one in his mouth.

He sucked and bites her one nip*le and kneaded the other one, his other hand went to her panty and touched her clit over her panty and smiled at her wetness.

Leaving her first nip*le he gave the same torture to her second one while she kept moaning his name like a prayer.

He placed numerous wet kisses on her waist leaving no place to be untouched. He rubbed her soft legs and kissed her feet. He went to her inner thighs and licked her flesh while her hand went to his hair and he clutched them in a fist.

He pulled her panty in slow painful pace and took a quick glance on her wet pu**y before thrusting a finger in her pu**y.


She moaned our loudly as he entered all his fingers inside her doing in and out making her lost in pleasure.


She shouted as she hitted her first orgasm, he pulled out his fingers and replaced it from his mouth and licked all of her delicious juices, while the whole room was filled with her moans.

He hurriedly undressed himself and hovered upon her, placing his lips against her and kissed her softly while entering his hardness inside her soft place while she clutched the table tightly as he thrusted inside her slowly and sensually.

Her eyes got moist due to pain, he cupped her face and kissed her forehead and then her eyes, cheeks, and again kissed her lips calming her.

‘You are tight love.’..

He said while moving inside her fastly hitting her g-spot making her go crazy.


They shouted together as they hit their climax, he collapsed side to her and pulled her closer and cuddled her tightly.

Her hand went to his member and she slowly caressed the tip of his cock making him groan in pleasure he was getting from her soft hands. Slowly and softly she rubbed his cock and in no time he cummed all over her hand. She smirked at him and licked her finger tasting his cum.

She looked at him and smiled seeing his closed eyes, she hovered upon him and kissed him passionately. She entangled their hands together and layed upon him while he smiled and encircled his one arm around her waist.

‘I love you!’

‘I love you too sweetheart.’ He said and kissed her eyes.

‘No, one can ever separate us.’ She said and kissed her clean shaved cheeks.

‘Not even God.’ He said and pulled her naked body closer to him..

‘Because Riddhima & Vansh are inseparable. That’s why they are riansh.’ They said together and smiled at each other hugging him tightly she hided her face in the crook of his neck seeking his warmth.


So it was the end of the EPILOGUE along with this story.

As you all wanted Vihaan to be Vansh which was your opinion I made Vihaan as vansh.

Thank you so much guys for loving my this stupid story so much. I didn’t knew that you’ll will this story this much that we will hit 1k+ votes in a short time. Really means a lot. ❤❤❤

Those who wanted me to write more part of this story, I want to say every journey needs to come to an end and here’s the end of this journey too.❤✨

But no worries Every end is a new beginning ✨😌.  So read my other stories and enjoy❤❤.

Do vote and comment ✨💫.

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