Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s place
Randeep is rendered speechless at bani’s idea of placing the call to manpreet. He has no option but to talk. Manpreet reprimands him for reaching there too, and asks him to come home straight away. Randeep makes a smiling face, while bani asks him if the confusion is clear now. Bani tells others that there was a plan to go but then it got cancelled, as manpreet has to leave the village with her family members. She apologises that he came so far and still would have to go alone. He makes a smiling face and takes their leave. They ask him to come again. he turns around to face soham, stenly and leaves. soham is tensed. randeep looks back and eyes bani, and leaves. Bani goes inside, and rajji too hurries inside, while soham is tensed

for bani.

Inside, rajji finds bani shivering and scared. Bani reminisces about her ordeal. Bani thinks that they have come home now, and what to do if she should tell everyone, or what to do. She is surprised when rajji comes in saying that she was right. she asks bani whats wrong, and if crying is going to solve everything then she should. She asks her to face the problem, rather than run away. She again asks bani whats the problem, and if she isnt happy there, or someone said something. She hugs her and asks. Bani breaks down in front of rajji, and says that ranvir tried to force himself on her. rajji is shocked. Rajji asks her to be quiet as if anyone else got to knwo, there would a huge trouble. She tells her the entire incident. They find soham, on the door, who’s heard everything. Soham is furious and leaves, while the tensed girls run after him. bani asks rajji to go and stop soham. Bani is continuously trying soham’s number but he doesnt pick up. bani is tensed whether rajji caught him, or if soham went to parmeet’s place, or what happened. she decides to call again.

Scene 2:
Location: on the road
soham gets on the bike and starts driving frantically, remembering bani’s confession. ranvir too is thinking in the car, that to get victory over bani is going to be mkore enjoyable now. Rajji runs barefoot after soham to stop him, even after falling down and being bruised. Soham stops ranvir and asks how dare he touch bani. ranvir replies rudely as to whats his relationw ith bani. They get into a violent fight, where soham loses his cool. Rajji is running after him, and hopes that things dont go out of control. She finds him strangulating ranvir, and he loosesn the grip.Ranvir runs and flees. Rajji explains as to how vilolence is going to injcrease bani’s problems instead of solving them. She takes him home.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s, bani’s and parmeet’s place
Angad highly compliments simran for her taste of the lassi. They discuss as to how much rajji too has learnt in the kitchen. Buaji comes and asks why haven t they returned yet from the function. Kuki says that maybe soham got her top see a film. Buaji reprimands her for talking like this. A knock on the door, and buaji opens the door to find soham and rajji on the door, and instantly begins to reprimand them for being so late. angad and simran notice that soham is injured as if he’s in a fight. They all get concerned and ask what happened. Buaji turns to rajji and asks that she should say if he isnt. Rajji looks at soham and then finally says that some goons were after them, and were teasing her, and hence he beat them up. They are all tensed. Buaji says that its their fault only, for roaming at midnight. Buaji blames rajji for all this, and asks her not to stasnd there and instead treat him well. Buaji wonders what else is there for her to see.

While rajji is cleaning his wounds, he is still haunted by bani’s cries. Soham says that he wont leave a person who’s so low level. He says that he would have killed him, had she not come in between. He also blames bani for being silent that making him take advantage. Rajji says that any girl in her situation would have done the same, as a girl can tolerate anything for the respect of her in laws. soham says that she should have told someone atleast and thinks that even parmeet isnt here, and she’s going through all this alone. They get bani’s phone and rajji picks up. Bani gives a barrage of questions. rajji tells that they are at home, and is about to tell of the fight, but soham picks the phone and says that she doesnt need to worry. Soham says that he has tasught such a lesson, that he wont even look at her. bani thanks him and asks him to take care of himself. rajji sees soham and is tensed.

Bani is sleepless, when manpeet calls her up and asks about her and apologises for ranvir, and says that this wont be repeated again. Manpreet says that she hasnt been able to fulfill her promise of not letting ranvir irritate her. She asks if ranvir has left as she hasnt reached home. Bani asks if they have returned to the house. Manpreet, not wanting to give way to her lie, says that she called home and found out. Just then, ranvir arrives bruised, and bani hears ranvir’s phone. She asks manpreet as to whats happening. she asks her as to why did she lie that she has gone outside. Manpreet is unable to say anything. Manpreet says that they are here only, and will take some time to reach home. bani asks why did she hear ranvir’s voice. manpreet says that its the driver and that he is hurt. she says that she would talk later and cancels the phone. Manpreet eyes ranvir angrily and goes inside. Bani wonders why does it feel that manpreet is lying and is hiding something. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Bani comes to rajji’s house, and finds rajji tensed. She says that she was trying soham’s phone but not getting through. she says that she was getting tensed for them, hence came over here to meet them. bani asks what happened and if everything is alright. rajji says that nothing is alright. She says that soham is in jail. Bani is shocked and asks why.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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