Chanchan 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Chanchan 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 29th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dada ji praising Kaumudi. Ranjana thinks she will be the winner at last. Dada ji calls Manav and asks him to work harder as there is only some time left. He says Chhan Chhan and you have to win. Mokut, Manek, Manthan and Manav are working in the office. Ruplai comes there and says I was passing by, so thought to visit you. Rupali says I have to leave but we will meet soon. Manav says my deal will be finalised. His brothers say we are proud of you. Manav thinks of giving surprise to Chhan Chhan by meeting her at her office. Kaumudi brings medicines for Matilal. Dada ji says its because of you that Matilal became fine and free from medicines. Kaumudi says but the doctor said… Matilal says ok I will take the medicines. Kaumudi says who are the best jodi in your opinion.

She says I m asking because I can’t do this further. Matilal asks what happened. Kaumudi says I m feeling that we are breaking apart in order to win. Kaumudi says I don’t want anything bad to develop in their hearts. She says there is someone who does not want me to go ahead, whats the need for this competition, where love is not growing, only jealousy is growing in the hearts.

Matilal and Dada ji are shocked to know this. Kaumudi says keep me out of this competition. Matilal says you have to go through this, you have to do this for yourself and your family. He asks her to be patient. Kaumudi leaves. Manav comes to Chhan Chhan’s office and asks for Chhan Chhan. He meets Vineet.and asks him why he is wasting the flower like this. Vineet says I m trying to find some answers, I want to know what to gift to my special someone. Manav helps him. Manav messages Chhan Chhan. She smiles getting his message. Chhan Chhan messages Manav that she will try to meet him. Vineet gifts Chhan Chhan. She says I can’t take this. Chhan Chhan makes an excuse and leaves. Ranjana comes to her room and shouts on her husband. He asks her what happened. Ranjana says my hands are paining. Manek says shall I apply the balm on it.

Sanjana talks to Manthan about her day. Manthan says I respect Kaumudi bhabhi but everything is fair in love and war. Sanjana says I felt the competition is good in the beginning but now I m not feeling good. Manthan thinks he has to do something now.
Manav says Chhan Chhan that he is very happy. She asks the reason. Manav says my tender will be passed, then my deal will be finalised. He says I brought a gift for you. She says even I got something from my office. He says your gift cannot be better than mine. Manav is shocked to see Vineet’s gift. He asks Chhan Chhan who gifted you. She says there is someone. Manav says I know him. Chhan Chhan is surprised that Manav knows him. Manav says his name is Vineet, right. Manav says I met him when I came to your office today. He says he gifted you this because he is in love with you. Chhan Chhan is shocked and says no this cannot happen. I have helped me. Manav says Vineet told me and I helped him in selecting the gift.

Manav says now you won’t work in that office. He says quit the job. Chhan Chhan says what are you saying. Chhan Chhan says papa says we all have to help our husbands. She thinks its a misunderstanding and says I can’t quit the job because of you. Manav says but……… and gets upset. Mokut thanks Kaumudi saying I m here because of you. Mokut says we will feel happy if Manav wins, I will feel bad if I lose as I m the eldest son. Kaumudi says we cannot make relations once they break, so we have to sure to win the hearts before winning the competition. Mokut praises her. Chhan Chhan asks Manav are you jealous. Manav laughs on Vineet. Chhan Chhan calls Vinnet a genius. She says he is not handsome. Manav says you can’t work there.
Ranjana hears this. The next morning, Manav asks Chhan Chhan are you going to office, I will drop you. Chhan Chhan says I will go myself. He says I will drop you. Chhan Chhan leaves alone.

Manav gets a call from Rupali. She says our deal is finalized. She says lets do the formalities. She says I want to invite you to my company’s annual party. Manav says I will come for sure.
Manav tells this to Manthan. Manthan asks him why are you upset. Manav says its personal. Manthan says tell me whats the problem. Manav says about Chhan Chhan and Vineet. Manthan is shocked. Manav says I asked Chhan Chhan to leave the job but she did not listen to me, how can I let her work there in that office, I explained her. Manthan says this is a sensitive problem. Manthan says you think and take every step. Manav says what should I do. Manthan says do what Dada ji told us. Manav says I got it, thanks. Manthan thinks Manav is busy in his personal life, so what will he do professionally.

Manav brings a gift for Chhan Chhan. She says I can’t take this. Manav says if Vineet gave you, then you would have taken it. Chhan Chhan says you are insecure because of Vineet.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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