Do Dil Ek Jaan 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 29th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with MachMach coming to Raghu. He asks Raghu are you buyign rakhi for me. Raghu looks at him and he becomes quiet. Raghu tells MachMach which one do you like. He says take this and …… Scene muted…

Noor asks Ishaan to get up so that they can go to attend tuition classes. Rasika comes back home and apologizes to Aaji. Aaji gets furious on her and says don’t act clever. Aaji asks her to go back home. Antara comes there and asks Aaji to forgive Rasika. Antara says its over, now forget it. Aaji says you can forget it, but I can’t. Rasika cries. Aaji says Rasika is acting. Aaji says I know Rasika very well. Antara tells Aaji about her dad’s words on families and relations. Antara says Rasika is part of our family, if you don’t forgive her, where will

she go. Antara says do you want your family to break? Aaji tells Rasika what will you do to get my forgiveness. Rasika says anything. Aaji says hold Antara’s feet and say sorry as you have hurt her a lot. Rasika is shocked.

Aaji says your attitude has to be lower, and apologize by heart. Antara says no need. Aaji says she has to be sorry, she should realize her mistake. Rasika says yes, its because of me that everything happened, I can apologize to you. Rasika tries to say sorry, Antara stops her saying you are elder than me, please don’t do this. Rasika cries and says I? was feeling jealous by you. Antara says this family is yours, no one can take your place, you will always be a part of this family. Aaji asks Rasika to leave. Rasika leaves and thinks this insult, Aaji made me touch Antara’s feet, I will never forget this, I will show her one day.

Aaji says Antara I m annoyed with you. Antara says you are looking good in a yellow saree. Aaji praises Antara and smiles. Arshad is teaching Ishaan. Noor says till when will we hide this from Antara. Ishaan says till she comes to know. Antara sees Noor and Ishaan at Arshad’s shop. Arshad says my mum will be annoyed as this bakery is on her name. Antara calls Noor and says look here. Antara asks her what are you doing there with Ishaan. Noor makes excuses. Noor says you focus on your work, I will call you later. Arshad asks them to sit as Antara did not know about them yet. Antara is on the terrace and Raghu comes there. They have an eyelock.

Raghu and Antara have a talk. She says maybe it will rain now and takes the clothes off the rope. Raghu helps her. Raghu says listen to me. Antara says let me do this fast. Raghu is being tied by a thread as Antara revolves around him. Raghu holds her hand and brings her closer. Mera Mahi Tu… plays in the background. They look at each other and are lost in their eyes. He tells her about the thread. Antara looks at her dupatta’s thread. (The scene is very romantic.) Raghu and Antara have a dance on the terrace undoing the thread tied on Raghu.
Antara falls on Raghu. He holds her up. Antara removes the thread from his jacket. Antara starts leaving with the clothes. Raghu says look up.

Antara looks up. Raghu says was this necessary, its not raining. Antara leaves. Raghu gets a call from Arshad. Arshad says maybe Antara has seen Ishaan here, we should tell her. Raghu says Antara will not leave me if she comes to know that I have sent Ishaan to you for tuition. Rasika hears this and thinks she got some news. Rasika comes to Antara and says can I help you. Antara says no Kaki. Rasika says don’t call me Kaki, call me Rasika. Rasika says ist Rakshabandhan today, did you tie the rakhi to your brother. Rasika asks did he not go to tuition. Antara says I teach him at home. Rasika says Ishaan gets tuition from Arshad. Antara is shocked.

Rasika ignited the flame. Antara thinks about Noor. Antara says I will be back in some time, I have some work. Rasika says ok go, Aaji is sleeping, I m here for her. Rasika is happy that she won, and laughs. Noor is worried that maybe Antara doubted on her or Antara came to know about them. Noor takes Ishaan with her. Antara comes to Noor and confronts them. Noor is shocked.

Antara thanks Raghu for doing so much for her and Ishaan. Raghu smiles.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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