Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: parmeet’s place
Parmeet is reprimanded by the NGO members, who have come with police, accusing parmeet of domestic violence, and threatening to file a lawsuit against her for he same, while the entire family is surprised, as bani stands with the wound on her head. they are shocked when they find that its rajji who has brought them here. Rajji tells bani that she is here now, to solve the problems of her sister. parmeet denies doing so, but the NGo people say, that bani’s face is testimony to that. they ask him to be arrested. Parmeet says that he wants to talk to a lawyer

bani says that she doesnt want to file a report and implicate parmeet, while rajji tries to explain her otherwise that such cases would inncrease more, if she doesnt stand up for the truth today. balbir comes and asks whats happening. the NGo members tell him. balbir pretends to be surprised and asks for some drinks. the NGo sternly says that they arent here to drink, and seems that all are implicated in this. Balbir tells them that what happened isnt nice, but it wont happen again. The NGO says that he would have to apologise to bani in written. Balbir readily agrees, to solve the matter. he turns around to parmeet and asks him to ask for forgiveness. Parmeet is defiant that he wont do any such thing. The NGo ladies ask him to be arrested. As parmeet stands stoically while he is handcuffed, balbir tries to deal with the ladies, but in vain. Bani asks him to ask for forgiveness or they would take her. parmeet says that she doesnt need to pretend, as he knows that she called them. balbir comes to him and asks him to understand the sensitivity of the matter. bani too continues coaxing him. he turns to her and finally giving it a thought, he says that he’s sorry. Balbir asks the Ladies if they heard. the NGO ladies ask him to sign it too. Parmeet frustratedly does so too, while the entire family stands tensed. balbir thanks the ladies, and sternly eyeing bani, leaves for his room. Surjit comes and thanks the ladies, who leave asking surjit to take care of bani. Rajji tells them that they would come in some time and that they should carry on. The ladies comply. Sujrit turns to rajji and bani, and eyeing them sadly leaves herself too. Bani turns to rajji with sad eyes. She asks whats she doing here. rajji says that her new job is with them, but didnt realise that this would be her first task. Rajji is distraught and asks how was she led to this. bani narrates everything that happened in delhi. rajji asks why didnt she tell any of this to her. rajji asks that she never hid anything from her, then why now. She asks bani if she kn ows what she is going through, looking at her in this condition. She says that they may have changed homes, but she is still her friend and her best friend. she says that had she sent soham that day, then this wouldnt have happened. bani asks her not to think like that. bani says that she didnt want to tense her and her family.

As parmeet comes down attending a call, much to bani’s scare

rajji tells him that they may hav given them bani, but that doesnt mean they deserted her. She says that she is always by bani’s side, and if the next time, he tortues her, she wouldnt listen even to her sister. parmeet smiles evilly and leaves. rajji turns to bani and asks her to tell the next time, something like this happens. Bani asks her not to tell this to the family. rajji promises. They hug each other emotionally. Rajji leaves hastily while bani stands tensed.

As bani sits idly later, surjit joins her, and says that she knew that she didnt want this, but she couldn t bear this, and hence called for the NGO ladies. She apologises that she didnt know that

Surjit says that she doesnt want her to leave again. bani says that

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Buaji is told everything, while the entire family discusses it with her. Buaji is tensed. she says that she was wrong, in thinking by her heart, instead of her mind then, as she should hav thought that a relation based on lie, wouldnt sustain long. Buaji says that she would rectify this mistake of hers. She decides to get soham remarriedd. all are shocked, especially soham, as he turns to others. Angad and simran ask if she’s serious, as this has never happened before. Buaji says that there’s no usse in carrying this burdensome relation. She says that rajji did what she wanted, now its their turn and they shall get soham divorced with rajji, and get her married again.

Scene 3:
Location: Bani’s place
Biji is getting tensed for rajji. bindal says that its her first day at work, and hence would be a little late. just then, rajji enters tensed. Bindal calls her inside. She makes a smiley face and comes and sits beside them. bindal asks her about her first day. rajji says that she did a nobler thing today, and tells what she did, without giving the details. Biji says that its a good thing.

Precap: As rajji comes face to face with soham, she asks him sternly whats he here for. Soham says that he would go only after having known the answer, as to why she left the house. Rajji is speechless, while soham doesnt budge, and is determined to know the answer.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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