Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with kinjal tells umang that she loves him now and they should start it a fresh. Umang takes vermillion and comes to kinjal and tells her to put tika on him and tie the rakhi . He further tells he loves radha only and they should move on now. Kokila , gopi and madhu are shocked to see that there plan has backfired. Kokila and madhu returns to leave when gopi notices a picture of umang with her bhabhi . She clicks a picture of it and goes . Umang sees all of them and smirks.

At home kokila is discussing the matter with hetal . Rashi is secretly listening to them when molu starts crying . She then comes with baby to hall . Kokila tells her not to tell it to urmila as she’s supporting umang. On the other hand in urmila’s house they all think that umang is right . Later the night gopi asks kokila if she too thinks that umang is right . Kokila says she’s still suspicious about him. Gopi shows her the picture and kokila tells from the potryal of the picture it doesn’t looks like she’s his bhabhi . Kokila tells the picture will expose umang . Madhu calls kokila and tells they think umang is right and tomorrow they are going to bless them . Kokila says if she thinks like that its fine and gopi ahem will join them . Gopi asks why she agreed to it and kokila says they have to be like that till the truth comes and she and ahem by going there should try to find out the truth.

Rashi calls urmila and tries to her about kokila and gopi going to umang’s house. Urmila hangs the phone saying that not to tell her old news. Umang’s bhabhi comes to radha and tells her that the parents will soon accept their marriage and after that they both can stay together. Umang too agrees and they leave. In morning his bhabhi is cooking food when umang comes and praises it . She says she always cooks food he likes . Radha comes there and they both get shocked . She gives the arti plate to them.

Gopi’s father and mother opens a bag full of dollars. Urmila balmes him saying its fakes notes and a billionare like umang wont need and accept them . Jayanti bhai says that its dollars and can be converted into rupees. Urmila says do whatever they want as umang is not accepting it. Gopi’s parents get them exchanged and urmila is shocked. Jayanti bhai says its 11 lacks and thats what he have saved the entire life for radha’s wedding but since its not happened they will give as blessings to them. Urmila snatches the bag and says she”ll not give the money. Jitu bhai says to leave it.

Madhu tricks Urmila by taking Umang’s and in end takes the money.

Gopi and Ahem come there. Gopi tells Madhu if they are ready then can they go to Radha’s house for shagun. Madhu says they are ready and asks her to give her 2 minutes to bring shagun thaal. Gopi says in her mind, ” maa is so excited to go to Radha’s sasural” and she asks kanha to help them in revealing Umang’s true face to everyone.

Precap- One photo is missing on the wall that Gopi saw yesterday. Gopi wonders why Umang removed that photo only in a day from there.

Update Credit to: Muskii

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