Mahabharat 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 28th November 2013 Written Update

1. Karn and Kunti meet. Karn wishes to take blessings from Kunti, He offers her his respects, Kunti says that he and Arjun are the best archers. He corrects her, he is better that Arjun. The Pandavas also arrive. Karn and Pandavas (read Arjun) get into an argument.

2. Arjun says that they can never take his place as his place is with Duryodhan. Sahadev joins his brother to taunt Karn. Kunti asks him to show respect as Karn is like his brother.

3. Bheem says that Karn is a brother just like Duryodhan is and he knows what kind of brothers they are. Yudishtra asks everyone to maintain the respects in their speech. Karn warns Arjun that he will be the end of Arjun one day. The brothers get angry, take their mother away. Bheem crushes the flower that was offered to Kunti before leaving, Karn leaves in the opposite direction

4. At the king’s court, Dhiritrastra welcomes his sons lovingly. We get a glimpse of Dushasan. Dhritrastra expresses his happiness at how Duryodhan has turned out much to the annoyance of Bhishm pitamahan.

5. The Pandavas also come there and Duryodhan and the five pandu putr get into an argument again at who won the competition.

6. Duryodhan says he is the best as he won against 4 of the pandu putr. Bheem comes forward and says that maybe they should have a competition again as what happened was just a trial.

7. Dhritrastra says the competition is over. Bhishm pitamahan joins him and says him that in fact they were all happy to see the skills of the princes but this competition will in no way decide who gets the throne. He puts a full stop to the issue inspite of Sakuni’s instigations.

Precap: Arjun is performing with a musical instrument, Duryodhan and Karn make fun of him. We also get a glimpse of Subadra.

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