Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
As manpreet sees the wall that needs repairing, along with a servant, and as she passes the wall, where rano scribbles, she gets a phone call, and after attending to it, she finds rano’s scribbling keeping an account of the days that she has spent outside. She wonders who has done this. The servant says that he doesnt know. she sends for the watchman, and as her phone slips on the ground, she finds a scribbling that says, Balbir Kab Aayenge. she understands that it was rano.

Inside, Manpreet says that shs didnt even know that rano was somewhere around, and that she knew that rano would be waiting for balbir, as bahus of this house are destined for a wait, and wonders if rano and bani’s wait would ever be fulfilled.


Location: At the station and soham’s place
Both rano and bani are sitting at the station. Soham comes and finds them both sitting. He gets rajji’s call, and asks why did he leave her. He says that he had to come early, hence couldnt wait while she dressed up. He doesnt pay attention and says that he would talk later, while eyeing rano and bani, tensedly. Soham comes to them. Another train comes, and bani and soham frantically search for parmeet, while rano prays that all’s in the Lord’s hands now. Even after much search, when they dont find parmeet, bani wonders why he didnt come. Just then, she gets a hand on her shoulder, and she happily turns around hoping that its parmeet, but is sad and tensed that its soham. He asks if she’s sure that he had to come today only. bani says that maybe he’s coming by some other train. soham tells her that its the last train for the day, and asks her how long she’s going to wait. Bani is sad and tensed. rajjo too resignedly sits at the platform seat, and opens her trunk and takes her wedding album out, and starts going through the photos, sadly and with tears in her eyes. As rano wipes away her tears, eyeing the wedding album, she is shocked to find an NRI, getting down, with a suitcase bearing Canada’s tag. As the person calls for a coolie, and turns around to face her, she is shocked beyond disbelief to see the its her husband, Balveer, who’s actually returned after 20 years. The person smiles at her. Rano is confused and clears her eyes, to be sure that it isnt a dream or a hallucination. The man starts walking, along with the coolie behind him. Rano is surprised beyond imagination, and happily gets up recognising him. She waits for him to come upto her, thinking that he, her Balbirji finally came to her. she is shocked, when he walks past her and out of the station. She collapses on the platform, unable to believ that she’s come finally. Bani and soham come and ask if she’s okay, while she happily proclaims that her Balbir ji has returned. Soham rushes out while soham goes out of the station. Bani asks where is he. Rano points a finger behind her, and a photo of him in the album. Bani too leaves after him. She stops Balbirji, and he surprisingly asks who’s she and how does she know his name. He asks whats she thinking about. Bani asks him to come along. Balbir thinks that she has him confused with someone else. The crowd gathers around, and he finds himself very awkwardly facing them. He says that he doesnt know her and hence cant go with her. Bani says that he knows that person very well who she’s taking him to. He is surprised and finally decides to humour her. As he comes inside with bani, and walks past rano, bani points her out to him that this is the person she wanted him to meet. Balbir is surprised to see her, while bani is very happy. rano is overwhelmingly happy.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place
Seeing rajji lost, kuki asks whats bothering her, insistently. rajji says that she’s tensed wondering why didnt soham take her, and also tells about the weird talk. Rajji says that she’s habituated to this behaviour. She says that she’s worried as to why this behaviour is causing her problems. kuki says that she’s in love with soham. But she assures her that its after all love only. Rajji says that in real life things like these dont happen. Rajji says that they cant be in love, when they are friends. Kuki says that she’s lucky, that she is in love with the man that she married, and friends too. Buaji calls for kuki. As kuki leaves, rajji says that even if its love, its one sided, and destined to be like that, as soham’s love is someone else.

Seeing rajji pacing around, kuki asks whats the problem. rajji again explains the phone call. Kuki asks her to call again. rajji says that she cant call again and again. Kuki says that its not a big deal, and that she loves him, and they are friends now. rajji is in introspection.

Scene 4:
Location: At the platform
Bani tells rano that she got her Balbir back to her. Bani happily points out to balbir, that its his rano, while rano waits happily for him. Balbir eyes rano, and asks who’s she. Bani asks how can he now know her or recognise her. He says that he has never seen her before and doesnt know her at all. Bani is confused and tensed while rano is shocked. Bani again asks how can he not know his wife, who he married 20 years ago. Balbir says that she’s gone mad, and he doesnt know her. He gets to leave, but bani says that he cant do this, and reminds him of the promise that made rano wait for 20 years. She tells him about the taunts and torture that she faced, but she never lost hope. Bani asks how can he not recognise his own wife, who is dressed in the same dress, that he married and left her in, and it may hev lost its sheen but her hopes havent. balbir still maintains that this isnt his wife. soham comes and knows from bani that this is Balbir, rano’s husband. Soham and Balbir are tensed. The screen freezes on Rano’s hopeful face.

Precap: Bani says that he never fulfilled his responsibility, and that maybe this relation meant nothing top balbir, but for her, this relation was all rano had, her last hope, her last reason to live. while bani sternly reprimands him, Balbir is speechless and tensed, as a crowd gathers around…

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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